Whore of the Horde [WoW][Betrayal]

Started by Dath, July 21, 2018, 09:47:39 AM

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War was always an inevitability, even after the Horde and the Alliance had spent so many times fighting together to deal with threats of a greater power than themselves alone they could never forget that fundamentally they were too different to each other to coexist. Within a war there would always be heroes, commanders of strength unparalleled by those of the rank and file. Having seen the fall of Elementals, Dragons, Undead and Demonic, Dath had risen into those higher echelons of legend. As a Night Elf Arch-Druid, she was a problem to the Horde.

The order to deal with her came from the highest heights, at least that's what was said. Deal with her. Use her.


Simply put, I'm looking for someone who will play out the following scenario: Dath is an Arch-Druidess of the Alliance. The Horde have had enough of being dealt defeat after defeat by her and so enact a plan to capture her. If that's where it ended, it would just be generic however I want her to be warped against the Alliance she served. Her personality to be left intact but her loyalties severely changed. She's now a spy, an assassin and a concubine for the Horde.. eventually leading forces on their side against the Alliance she used to server.

There's a lot of details to hash out of this, as such I'd prefer to do so in PM. Hit me up and I'll speak at length with you. Good day!