The Terrific Tales of Jonni Future

Started by Le Immortelle, July 09, 2018, 02:37:32 AM

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Le Immortelle

I have always loved the character Jonni Future that appeared in Tom Strong's Terrific Tales from America's Best Comics. She's this homage to Flash Gordon/Buck Rogers/John Carter and old school pulp stuff of the sort. I would love to play Jonni Future as she goes about her intergalactic adventures in a campy space opera which is a homage to all the tropes. I would love to have a partner who would be interested in playing her humanoid cheetah sidekick Jermaal Van Pavane or even an OC if you'd wish for the same. It's an open ground on that front.

Here's wiki link to Jonni Future which gives a pretty good idea about character. The background is rudimentary and we can develop this in any way we see fit.

Thanks for reading.

Le Immortelle

Bumping this as it has been over a month, any takers?