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January 25, 2021, 07:52:31 AM

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Author Topic: Regal Code || Cyberpunk || FxF/Futa 1x1 Search || Serious Only  (Read 399 times)

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Offline la dame en noirTopic starter

500 years into the future, it is an era of technology that humans could not imagined. It is beyond comprehension and imagination alone. They have expanded beyond limits and exceeded beyond expectations. One thing is certain, humanity will always be weak when it comes to relations. Still primal in the ways of labor and basic rights for all living beings; whether synthetic or not. However, compassion is the strongest emotion out of anything living and breathing existence out of this vast universe which is endless beyond our grasp. On earth, organic beings have found ways to use technology to ease ways of living, while also enhancing their physical and mental capabilities in ways only their ancestors could dream of.

While those outlooks may seem positive, it's only for the reach and upper middle class to enjoy. In the slums, people fight and splice for what they want. Gangs are violent and vicious and giant corporations exploit the urban cities to gain the upper hands, making the poor fight among eachother for the smallest amount of credit or meal.

This is a pretty generic Cyberpunk background, but is inspired by a lot of things. I want different ideas, but I have a few.

1. Inspiration from the picture above: The girl in the picture(you can name her), is from the slums - very violent and unforgiving. Has a rebellion on the rise, she wants to liberate her people and her city from the corrupt government. MC(a detective/cop) is given the assignment to investigate and stop it before it gets out of hand.

2. What's real? A programmed synthetic, life-like, android is task to patrol the urban city of Argent - the city known for its high crime, illegal sex work, and drug dealing. An unlikely love story.

Do you have your own?

Here are a few my expectations and O/O's < this is a link

Characters: My characters - well, ALL of my characters are black women in some way. I am comfortable playing black women and my side characters tend to be of several different backgrounds. If this isn’t something you’re into, then please do not waste your time PMing me, hoping that I will change my mind - I won't. Plus, it's incredibly rude.

Dedication: If I feel that our game isn’t going anywhere, I will most likely get bored and not say anything for a bit. This mostly has to do with me trying to find some way to revive it. Please do not make me do all the work.

Planning: I will admit, I’m not a huge planner. If I have laid out a plot, potential characters etc - I will not get into the small details and how things should go. It’ll make the game boring, predictable, and eventually I’ll say “fuck it”.

Writing/Grammar: I am not the best. In fact, I know I’m not. Grammar was always a struggle for me, but I’ve always been good with my writing. I am working to improve this as well. As long as you’re not giving me unnecessarily long sentences, misspelled words or the wrong words - I will be fine.