Strong sub M looking for a gentle and loving dominant F or TG

Started by Rustic, June 25, 2018, 11:40:43 PM

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What I play: I play strong male submissives. They’re not crying “sissies”, or doormats that get walked all over. They’re strong independent males, who just have a submissive side to them. They crave to serve, and to treat a woman the way she should be treated.

Who I’m looking for: I want a dominant female (or transgender) character lower on the “domination scale,” if you would. Where 10 is an evil sadistic torturer with leather outfits, and 1 is the sweet girl next door who makes the first move. I’ve played too often against sadistic female doms, and I want something with a bit more depth and caring. I don’t care if you’re male, female, binary, or anything else, just as long as you play females in a realistic way, and not as a porn/fetish star.

I'm also a fan of romance, and would love to incorporate this whenever possible, if it works within the story.

So the best way to describe it, is a female led relationship, or a female who dominates but cares for MC. She may be playful, and she may even take things to an extreme level (optional), but only as part of the play. Mostly it's just about taking charge.

The following is scenarios I'm craving, and more scenarios will come in the future. If none of the scenarios speak to you, but you like playing a female (or transgendered) dominant, feel free to contact me regardless and we can brainstorm something else. Or if you already have an idea, even better!

A Younger Man

She's a neighbor (age 35-50), he's a young man (age 16-20).
I want there to be a big age gap. She helps tutor him (or
teaches him piano? Spanish? French?), and in return he does
work around the house for her. Sexual tensions begin to build
with gazes, touches, teases, light flirting, and soon enough it
reaches a climax…

This is where it gets complicated. Maybe they're in relationships
(or not), but it's obviously something they want to keep secret
and hidden. From his parents, from friends, from society...

Also what happens when feelings start getting mixed up into it?

This can be mixed in with other kinks as well if you want, including
some light BDSM and chastity, but all of that is optional.

Yeah it’s cliche. But I love realism, and while this could easily be
played more like a porno, instead I want to explore more of the
emotional side, the building feelings, the danger of being caught, etc…

Got Milk?

Tags: Lactation, breastfeeding, romance, drama, vanilla/kinky sex,
breast worship, light femdom (optional), other kinks possible

Note: this is not about infantilism. I don't want MC to
pretend or think he's a child and wear a diaper. This is
only about Breastfeeding and the relationship surrounding
it. It's inspired by real life adult nursing relationships (ANR).

She's a girl who's begun lactating. She's not pregnant, and
Doctors don't know why, but her breasts fill up quickly.
So she needs to release them regularly.

The problem is, her pump is broken, it's late at night, and the pharmacy
is closed. So MC, a long time friend of hers, who's hanging out at her
place (who's also a bit drunk) makes an interesting proposal…

Alternatively, it could be MC who has a condition where he needs to drink
human breast milk several times a day/daily. He finds a woman online, or
a close friend (who induces lactation), who can provide a steady supply for him.
Yet again, the pump breaks, and a proposal is made that forever changes
the dynamic of the relationship.

I know this is a niche subject, and sounds very kink heavy, but I want to
explore the relationship. I don't want this to just be about breastfeeding
with no emotions. I want awkwardness, admiration, caring,
jealousy (perhaps--if one or both are in a relationship), drama…

PM if interested, don't post here. Check my signature for my O/Os.

More to come.