Started by Sabby, January 27, 2009, 11:45:15 AM

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Okay, very sleepy and a bit delirious from workies, so I hope this makes sense, but I wanted it up before I went to bed.

Very simple idea, and I wanted it kept out of my larger Ideas Thread. A very shy, geeky but oddly cute girl frequents a comic and collectibles store. An equally shy and cute boy also frequents it, but neither have worked up the courage to talk. Both are invited to a party, and enjoy their first drinks, which has a slightly silly effect on the girl, who ends up falling asleep in his arms.

After that, a grindingly slow, awkward and timid relationship forms, with the two dorky lovers stumbling together through their first kiss and eventually their sex lives, though it will be more focused on romance.


This sounds adorable, and like something I'd enjoy. :)


:) can I has girl?


I too would enjoy this.  It sounds great!