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March 20, 2019, 02:17:19 PM

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Author Topic: A few more ideas - (M lf f writer)  (Read 302 times)

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A few more ideas - (M lf f writer)
« on: May 30, 2018, 01:17:56 PM »
This is a series of ideas that I think could make good stories. They’d all need a fair amount of discussion and expansion before we started writing but should form a good first step of the final story. If you see something here that you like the look of, or if something written here brings up an idea for you, then drop a PM in my inbox and let’s see what we can put together.

1)   Is it really a bad end?
A female explorer (YC) embarks on an adventure of some sort (details TBC depending on the world we pick). As she goes along though everything from the people she meets to the animals, plants, and whatever she’s adventuring into/for turns out to be sexualised to the level of the average Hentai game. The idea here would be to have her change both physically and mentally from the various lewd things that happen to her as she travels (with or without her consent)
Possible Endings:
She finds some way to reverse the changes and returns to a relatively normal life
She gets trapped in one of the situations and lives the rest of her life there – BAD (but probably rather fun for us at least) END
The final artifact/spell/whatever she was searching for, rather than helping her, increases the changes even further (effects etc TBC).

2)   We are not a cult!
One or more young women (YC) end up stranded at a large self-contained and remote compound run by a strange group. They’re adamant that they’re only a community of likeminded individuals, and that they’re only trying to help the women, and that there’s really nothing to be worried about – but they are a cult that thinks it has just found its two newest members. This being E I’m guessing that the cult will be largely sex based (either vanilla or something more fetishy – open to ideas), with the aging ‘Father’ of the group happily retiring while his devilishly attractive son takes on more and more of the leadership and management roles in the organisation.
Possible Endings:
YC accept the teachings of the cult and happily take their place in its ranks
YC rejects the teachings of the cult, fighting them at every turn, and is forced into a place lower on the totem pole (specific details depending on the cult we create)
YC manage to escape after a forced initiation ceremony, but find that the cult reaches further than they thought, local governments/police etc might help return the errant ‘members’ of the cult

3)   Kinky Alien Invasion story no. 1304092
I know it’s a little overdone but I do rather enjoy stories of invading aliens that either use sex as a weapon/tool of control, or who want to turn Earth into a ‘breeding world’ of some sort, maybe a more sexual version of Predator (Sexual Predator, lol). Details open to discussion of course, but it’s a cliche for a reason :p

4)   Parasites
I do quite like the idea of a woman being slowly trained, and even altered, by a master that nobody else can see. Whether it’s an alien bug that crawled up inside her while she slept, a high-tech virus that infected her sci fi brain implants, or a wizard/demon that’s not quite possessing her. The image of this woman having to try to continue living her normal life as everything changes for her is a lot of fun.

5)   Some people don’t like heroes
Thought of this one after re-watching the Captain America: Civil War film and paying a lot more attention to Zemo. The idea here would be to have a normal, non-superpowered, antagonist single out a female super hero and work to either enslave her or somehow condition her to want to submit to him. I’d prefer a slightly lower level setting/characters than the Avengers here, and with characters we thought up for this (I’m not a huge fan of fanfic). If nothing else just think about all the fun powers a sub might be forced/told to use on herself or to please her master. 

6)   Non-kinky cyberpunk story
As the (working) title suggests this one is a lot less kink and sex focused. I do quite enjoy stories set in a slightly lower tech setting. Think less ‘Pink Mohawks’ and more ‘Black Trench-coats’. Cyberpunk as written by le Carre rather than a Brosnan era Bond for the less Shadowrun literate (n.b. this is not a shadowrun pitch, no magic or dragons please). There’s all kinds of possibilities for settings, characters, plots etc here so this is less of a detailed pitch and more of a call for anyone who’s interested to get in touch so we can set something up.

Each of these ideas is still in a pretty basic state, if any of them grabs you send me a PM and let’s talk it through.
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Re: A few more ideas - (M lf f writer)
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2018, 03:45:34 PM »
Just adding a few new ideas

7)   A whole new world
“This is Captain J. Hargreaves, broadcasting on official channels for sanctioned purpose. At this time my vessel is in orbit of stellar-body: S9812-X, an unexplored system with no claims registered. I have logged the presence of four planets in orbit of 9812X, 1 of which appears to meet standards for Class-A designation, habitable. As no prior claim is made regarding this planet let the record show that on this date I lay claim to naming and ownership rights of P9812-X-2, hereafter referred to by its new name ‘Arcadia’. As legal owner of Arcadia I appoint myself as planetary governor. On the first minute of Hour 1, Day 1, Year 1 of the Arcadian calendar I notify the Interplanetary Confederation of Worlds of the independence of Arcadia, in accordance with Extrasolar Colonisation Regulations. From this point onwards, all official queries and requests concerning resource extraction, trade, and immigration will be received on this channel. Governor Hargreaves, Out.”
This could become any kind of story, largely depending on the characters we played. Maybe Gov. Hargreaves has some … interesting ideas about structuring a society based on his kinks. Or there are any number of less kinky stories we could write based on a newly discovered world.

8)   A non-human female
A lot of the stories I’ve written here with a non-human protagonist are me writing a NH character with a human female sub on the other side of things. It would be interesting to go the other way, with a human male (MC) and a non-human female (YC). There are a huge number of possibilities here, if you’ve got/had an idea about this then I’d be happy to talk it through and see if we can make a story out of it.

9)     Even wizards need to practice
In this particular medieval fantasy world magical body modification is the height of fashion; kings, lords, and guildmasters gladly pay through the nose to have a wizard sculpt and improve themselves and their wives, mistresses, daughters and courtesans. MC is a young and freshly qualified wizard in his late twenties. He started his training hoping to take part in grand adventures that would be the talk of entire kingdoms for years to come. During his training though he found that he enjoyed the training in bodily alterations so much more than focusing on getting the voltage of his lightning bolts to the right level, and if it's suddenly a very good way for a wizard to live a very comfortable life then so much the better. The problem with that is that this new industry revolves around innovation and precision, and well, he needs a test subject - someone to trial and refine his poultices, potions, and incantations before he tries to sell them on to an eager public. Guess where your character comes in. Maybe it was the only job she could find, maybe she's a bit of a fetishist and was overjoyed to find a way to be paid for indulging in her kinks, she's your character - you tell me what brought her here and how she feels about it. As this story is going to be based on weird transformations I'm prepared to be a little more flexible about my O/Os here, if you've got a weird as hell notion for something you want to do to a character (willingly or not) then let's see if it could work.
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Re: A few more ideas - (M lf f writer)
« Reply #2 on: June 19, 2018, 04:46:36 AM »
Bumping with new story.

I wouldn't worry about it.

MC has moved to a small and rather secluded town out in the boonies. He's got a job at the local museum, it's a small collection that tells the story of the town but it looks like an interesting set of objects and the pay is fantastic. As he settles into the new office and new house he starts to notice something ... off. The town's doing very well, he hasn't seen a single person who didn't live at least a middle class existence - but that wasn't it. The people here seem not just happy, but beautiful, and slightly ... off. There's a large 'invitation only' event every week at the town hall (a striking Art Deco building in the main square). Does it have something to do with the rings that each of the men seems to get when they turn 18? Granted, he's not a PI or anything like that, but this is too interesting and worrying not to investigate at least a little. 

I'm more than happy to discuss ideas you might have for your character, or what exactly is happening in this town. Maybe it's some kind of cult hidden in the town hall. Maybe it's *just* something a bit more Stepford. Are the stories buried away in the museums archive true?