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Started by Haneul, May 19, 2018, 04:14:51 PM

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Hello y'all! I'm Haneul, but if that's too much for you, you can also call me 'Hani' for short. I am a twenty-something year old goddess from the South. I am a working woman, but as one, I have a somewhat sad life of only having time for work and some time to spend with loved ones. Yet with the little bit of time I do have, I love roleplaying, something that I've been doing for 10+ years now. After finding out that my previous rp site was going through some major issues, they had this site as a suggestion and I have to say I am happy that I have joined it. If you're interested in some more
information about myself, please read the following.

I am probably the definition of a Gemini; I'm all over the place sometimes and depending on what I'm feeling, I could be in a 'good' mood or an 'evil' one. Often I am told that I can be a bit random, if I get off topic please do not be  afraid to pull me back into the subject at hand. Also I'm a very curious person, so be prepared for interrogations, friendly ones, of course.


*Due to work & family events, I do have a tendecy to get back to replies on the weekend or a week later. So please do not constantly harrass me for a reply, when I have the time I will reply as soon as I can.
But please do not be afraid to message me about anything else, whether it's casual convo or random convo.


☯Do not godmod my characters unless you have permission from me to do so.
☯Please don't constantly bombard me with replies about when I will respond to a roleplay we have, there are times I am very busy and times I am not. Asking me after about a week has passed since your last reply is fine, because I may have forgotten and apologize for that.
☯Now if I do lose interest in our roleplay and want to drop it, I will let you know instead of disappearing on you and please offer me the same courtesy if you plan to drop it.
☯Just because I drop the roleplay, doesn't mean I don't like roleplaying with you. So please don't think that I have lost interest in you, it's just because I've lost interest in the plot or I'm just having serious writers block and can't think anymore due to my brain slowly wanting to explode.
☯If you are messaging me about roleplays, I would like you to at least have something in mind to talk about instead of messaging me 'hey!' or 'wanna rp?'. I'm not a huge fan of vague messages like this so please give the message a little bit of pizzazz.

✙Someone who can write at least a paragraph to multi-paragraph reply.
✙Someone who will take the time to actually plan out a story that we can both enjoy.
✙Someone who will respect what I do and don't like and I will do the same for them.
✙Someone who will interact outside of roleplaying.
✙Proper spelling & grammar.
✙Someone who enjoys both adult & non-adult roleplaying.
✙Someone who has patience.
✙Someone who writes in the third-person.
✙Someone who writes 80% plot and 20% smut. (I'm a story over smut kinda girl, so please don't suggest something that's just going to be smut.)

~I prefer are mxf and mxm, but I am willing to play fxf if the plot is really interesting.
~There will be times I post multiple times a day then there will be times I am only able to post once or twice a week.
~I use manga/anime/realistic fcs if asked to present a picture for characters. I am not particularly good at picking real life fcs, yet if it is something you prefer I don't mind. Just keep in mind, I don't like using real life fcs because they tend to be overused.


Forbidden Romances
Arranged Marriage
School Life
Modern Day
Stockholm Syndrone
Plot Twists

Futuristic (AI & Advanced Technology is fine, but futuristic worlds I'm not great at)

One x One - The basic each partner has one main character.
Double x Double - Each partner has two opposite characters to accompany the other partners characters.
(Mainly done with fandoms rps, but occasionally regular rps as well.)
One x Two - Single Rps: One of the partner plays two characters. (Generally tends to be twins or friends of some
kind) Group Rps: Three partners.

OC x OC - Original Characters in the fandom setting.
OC x Canon - Original Character and a Canon Character.
Canon x Canon - Canon Characters only. (I'm not a huge fan of this one, but depending on which fandom
pick, I'll let you know if I do it for that one.)

If you'd like to know which canon characters I play or I'd like my partner to play, please
message me and I'll give you a list to the fandom you're interested in.

*When it comes to mxm as well as mxf (if you are a lady/liege asking me to play a male), I do not mind playing dom characters, but keep in mind I also like to play sub characters as well. If you would like to double, I am very open that. Please don't ask me to play the same role over and over, it gets really boring for me when there is no switch.

*I am fine with murders/accidents to an extent, I'm not good at writing descriptive bloody scenes,
but I can do my best at it.


Dom x Sub
Vampire x Vampire
Vampire x Human
Royalty x Assassin
Royalty x Commoner
Royalty x Royalty
Royalty x Knight/Servant
Angel x Angel
Angel x Demon
Angel x Human
Demon x Human
Demon x Demon
Fallen Angel x Human
Werewolf x Vampire
Werewolf x Werewolf
Werewolf x Human
Pirate x Civilian
Pirate x Pirate
Doctor x Patient
Criminal x Police Officer
Criminal x Journalist
Assassin x Target
Assassin x Assassin
Closeted x Open
Alpha x Omega
Omega/Alpha x Beta
Troublemaker x Prep
Professor/Teacher x Student (HS/College Only)
Incubus/Succubus x Human
Mafia/Yakuza x Civilian
Mafia/Yakuza x Mafia/Yakuza
Mafia/Yakuza x Police Officer
CEO x Office Worker
CEO x College Student
CEO x Client
Step-Sibling x Step-Sibling
Kidnapper x Kidnapped
Celebrity x Civilian


One Piece
Classroom of the Elite
My Hero Academia
Assassination Classroom
Tokyo Ghoul
Black Butler
Yu Yu Hakusho
Ace of Diamond
Blue Exorcist
Elegant Yokai Apartment Life
Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma
Kuroko no Basket
Love Stage!!
Kateyo Hitman Reborn
Death Note


Sherlock Holmes
Game of Thrones
Fast & Furious
Harry Potter
Pirates of the Caribbean
Tomb Raider
Fifty Shades of Grey
Beauty & the Beast (modern/historical)
The Breakfast Club (modern)



Plot 1
Character A is the only child of one the most well-known yakuza leaders. Although they were born into the world of crime, Character A is the only one in the group who doesn't associate with their father in any of his crimes. Aware of what their father does, due to being forced to listen in on meetings, Character A continues to express their desire to live a normal life. Not listening to what his child has to say, their father begins looking for a marriage partner within the other groups of yakuza leaders, whether it be an heir/heiress or even the second in command with an outstanding background in the group. He is determined to keep his child in their world.

Character B is a new police officer, who has been working on cases specifically on yakuza activities lately. Although new to this work, Character B is really making a name for themselves in the force for understanding what yakuza groups are up to next. Little does the force know, Character B is actually a former yakuza leaders' child. Just like Character A, Character B wanted out of the family business and got what they asked after challenging their father. Once they won, they were given a whole new identity that erased any association with that group. Character B still keeps in contact with their family like their mother, but they are living a normal life and is currently dating their superiors' child.

Upon getting bored with paperwork, Character B decided to accompany a fellow officer on their daily rounds in the city. Character A had finally snuck out of the compound successfully to enjoy the city, they end up in trouble with a thief who steals something from them. Character B is there to witness as well as arrest the thief before returning Character A's belongings back. The two seem to have some strange attraction to one another but are quickly interrupted by others.

The two characters are completely unaware that behind their backs, their fathers' are currently arranging for their families to become one, whether their children like it or not.


Plot 2
Character A is the heir of the largest kingdom in the world. They come from a long line of alphas, is an alpha, and acts like any other member of their secondary gender would. At the age of thirteen, they chose a mate based on scent alone. Character B is from a smaller, more humble kingdom. They are an omega, though far more feisty than most others, and it's with great distaste that they have to admit they're betrothed to the high king's heir/heiress. B is transported to the kingdom when they turn twenty-one, now that Character A is back from their travels and studies, and they couldn't be less happy. Character A had once promised Character B, upon their first meeting, that they wouldn't leave their side, would write to them every moment they could. Over the four years, that Character A was gone, Character B never received any form of communication from the other and has since grown bitter about this arranged marriage.

When Character A greets Character B at the castle gates, the omega wastes no time in clocking the alpha in the jaw. Trouble ensues from there.


Plot 3
Character A is a member of an organization that is determined to change certain events in history. The organization has developed a way to send their members back in time to change the history of the world. Luckily for Character A, they are sent back to the Victorian era to investigate the Jack the Ripper case, which is a case that fascinated them since they were young. Upon arriving they meet with another member of the organization, who sets them up with an identity as well as full background for them to work off of before being sent off to work on their assignment and thanks to the organizations' technology, their identity is implanted into those who are to have known them.

Character B is the main investigator on the Jack the Ripper case and is completely stumped over the whole case. Having a close relationship with Queen Victoria herself, Character B is invited to a party in order to celebrate the returning soldiers of a victorious battle that would result in big changes for London. After Character B has been enjoying the party for some time, they are asked to speak with the Queen who has some news for them. Meeting with the Queen, she introduces Character A as a well-known soldier who aided in their victory against the enemy soldiers and demanded that Character B have them join in the investigation. Not pleased with the new addition, Character B politely agrees with the Queens' suggestion and doesn't question her any farther.

When the two speak for the first time outside of the presence of the Queen, Character B expresses their honest opinion on having Character A on the case, but Character A decides that they just have to prove themselves to the other in order to complete their mission. They often bump heads, while on the case, but when feelings start welling up inside Character A tries to ignore them all when they know they can't stay there forever.


Plot 4
Character A is the younger sibling of a man who was sent to prison for murder when they were 11. At the time of the month-long trial, they continued expressing their brothers' innocence because he wasn't there the night they say he was. Not believing their testimony, their brother was sentenced to death row. When their brother received lethal injection after all the denied appeals over four years, they were devastated to lose their loved one.

With a grudge that only continues to grow, Character A learns of all those involved in the crime as well as the ones who sent their brother to prison, plotting their demise. The sibling grows up to be a very powerful person, becoming the ceo of a major company, but this doesn't stop them from going through with their plans.

When the first murder is committed, Character B, a young detective is given the assignment and learns of the first victims' past from a senior detective, who doesn't immediately think the past has anything to do with the crime. Soon when many victims start showing up related to the previous 'closed' case, the young detective begins to get suspicious and starts investigating the old case closely.


Plot 5
Character A is the child of one of the most dangerous man in Russia and an alpha. It is their job to take over the mafia once their father is gone and there is no way out for them. They were born into this. Character B is not familiar with the country --- they're only in Russia to attend school --- and know nothing of the dangers that lurk around every corner, while also being an omega. A runs into B while heading to a rather important meeting and is struck with something they've never felt before. Yearning. A knows that they can't love anybody outside of the mafia world, that it would only end in hurt, but A can't help but ask this intriguing person out for lunch. B declines. A does everything in their power to find the other and once A does, A woos B into accepting a dinner date.

As the relationship grows, danger levels begin to rise and A feels the crushing pressure and guilt that comes with keeping their involvement with the mafia a secret.


Plot 6
Character A is well-known around the college that they attend. A's in extra-curriculars, several advanced classes, has a large group of friends and is generally nice to everybody. A's perfect. Character B is a loner. Quiet, small, and easily-defeated, there isn't much B will try for fear that they might fail. B's only in college to please their emotionally abusive parents. It's odd when A starts being nice to B and at times B thinks that A might even be flirting. A popular kid on campus? Flirting with them? Unlikely. Then A is asking B to come over to their house to do an assignment together.

What B doesn't know, is that they're not going to be leaving for a long time, if at all.