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April 17, 2021, 02:57:45 am

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Author Topic: Game of Thrones and Historical rps (F lf M/F, exotic to extreme)  (Read 512 times)

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Offline KamikiTopic starter

Hey there, Game of Thrones has been among my favorite fandoms for some time now, but particularly in recent weeks I have been trying a bit too hard to find some partners. So I felt like wanting to dedicate a search thread to it hoping to find a bit more interest. ^^"

Since I even re-watched the show and dabbled a bit into the books, I like to think myself reasonably adept at understanding the fandom. By no means an expert, but I know my way around enough to include lore and more obscure things too beyond just the main protagonists and storylines.

Concerning pairings. Primarily I favor F/M but can do F/F with the right characters. I like to consider myself a switch in that I do have a tendency towards playing characters that tend to be strong-willed and independent, capable of taking charge where needed, but still do have a more submissive streak in the bedroom. Sexual content is appreciated but by no means mandatory.

Regarding content, as I noted in the title, I'm looking for the darker variety of stories, including elements of non-con, mental health issues, addiction or twisted romance. Where we both play ruthless survivalists with questionable morals that each see themselves as the hero of their story. In that sense I'd also prefer avoiding to shift too deep into a set dom/sub structure, but let things develop more naturally. With neither of our characters necessarily the good nor bad guy, but both simply pursuing their own goals, only their beliefs or morals or allegiances clashing.

My limits are pretty loose in that regard, in fact the darker aspects of the fandom are one of the main things that appealed to me in the first place. The political intrigue and action can be fun, but for me the best moments were the ones about personal drama such as the Red Wedding or Oberyn or Jon and Ygritte. So that's the kind of storytelling I'd prefer to focus on. Dark and dramatic and emotional. Especially if I could play some of my favorite canon characters that I'm already emotionally invested to begin with, which would make the whole thing much more immersive for me personally. ^^"

As far as specific characters go I'd be happy to play either canons or originals, though my personal preference is playing a canon (aged up depending on character). I'm open to playing opposite either for that matter, many of my most fun fandom rps have come with my partners being able to create their very own original character concept for example. Likewise I think that as far as original characters for myself are concerned, the sky is the limit really.

From the canon characters, the ones I'd enjoy playing most are Dany, Arya, Sansa, Brienne, Sandsnakes, Yara, Ros, Miranda, Meera or Margaery

And for the plot itself, I do have several ideas for each character, but am more than happy to hear suggestions or brainstorm something as well. Also, as far as the timeline goes, I'm open to playing both in the current season, or taking a particular scene from an earlier season and give it a new, darker spin. 

To at least give an idea of character pairings though, some couples I'd enjoy, with me playing the character on the right. I have concrete plot ideas for all those pairings. Asteriks are cravings.

- Ramsay/Anybody I listed*
- The Mountain/Anybody I listed*
- Oberyn/Arya
- Hound/Anybody I listed
- Euron/Anybody I listed
- Littlefinger/Arya+Sansa
- Miranda/Arya* (But can play either here)
- SansaxArya
- Night's Watch Deserter or Wildling/Meera
- OC/Anybody or two OC's
- Hound/Brienne+Arya

Also, a quick posting sample:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The air tasted wet and salty, typical for any town or castle near the ocean. She liked the smell of the ocean, it reminded her of Braavos, the port city where she had spent her months training to become a Faceless Woman. It had been arduous work, cruel, daily training from dawn to dusk, Jaqen and his acolyte beating the knowledge and history that usually took years if not decades to master, into her within little more than a year. During training Arya had suffered endlessly, often feeling like she'd die from exhaustion. But she had perservered, as she always did, her determination fueled by her her hunger for vengeance, to sentence those who have wronged her family and friends. She was the only one who could, all her brothers dead now.

Of course, there was Sansa still, the new Lady of Winterfell, but Arya's brief stint up there had been less than satisfactory. Sansa didn't have what it took to avenge the Starks, she was weak, playing her little game of politics but never getting anywhere with it. And Winterfell...once her home, had become a strange place to Arya to boost. Too many new faces, an uncomfortable atmosphere. It was a far cry from the warm and homely place it had been during her childhood. Or perhaps it was just the fact that she had grown up now and looked at it with different eyes, Arya didn't know. Nor did she care. Braavos was her home now, a home she'd likely never visit again though, having abandoned the Faceless Men to pursue her vengeance. Perhaps it just was her fate, drifting about forever like a vagabond, moving from place to place while following her path of revenge, a dark and sinister path where she had yet to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Frankly, Arya had no idea what she'd do after her vengeance was fulfilled and all her enemies dead, but that was for another time., not worth her concern yet.

For now she was focused on the task at hand, killing that dragon bitch who had holed herself up in this castle, having landed on Dragonstone with an army and dragons much like her forefathers so many centuries ago before conquering all of Westeros. But if Daenerys though she'd be able to replicate her ancestor's success, she could not be more deluded. During her travels, Daenerys had left a path of destruction and suffering in her path. She had killed the mighty Khal Drogo with sorcery and used his dead body to hatch her dragons. The remaining khalasar had split up and all went to raid different towns, bringing destruction to the innocents. After that Daenerys had made for Slaver's Bay where she had methodically torn open the old structures and replaced them with nothing but her own warped view of justice, playing for fun at being Queen for a couple weeks or months before moving on and leaving the city to her own devices and plunge into leaderless chaos. She had murdered the rulers of Qarth during one of their gatherings, burned the leaders of Qarth with her dragons and stolen an army of Unsullied, and massacred the entire nobility of Meereen to conquer the city and gain power.

The sons of the Harpy had been the first to rise in rebellion, but ultimately they had failed as well when Daenerys had flown off to meet the Khals of various Dothraki tribes just to burn them down in their own home and gain their armies. And now that dragon "Queen" had landed on the shores of Westeros, no doubt to bring further destruction and chaos.

Frankly, Arya would not have cared if Dany had laid waste to Westeros and crushed the wheel of the old foundations, those very same old foundations having brought herself nothing but suffering ever since her Lord Father Stark's head had been cut off. A new world would even have been preferable, truth be told. Had Daenerys not made the single worst mistake of her life, killing Jon Snow during peaceful negotiations, making one enemy too many. No doubt countless people wished vengeance on the dragon bitch for ruining their lives, but Arya was going to be the one to do it. Killing her brother...she had made the wrong enemy in Arya.   

Crawling silently through the dark of night, Arya crept through rocky crevices, moving ever closer. Dragonstone was a sinister castle, its t hick granite walls pitch black, its towers dangerously looming over the barren, rocky shores of the tiny isle it stood on, misty fog wafting past the towers, distant dragon roars making the very ground tremble. Only Harrenhal matched Dragonstone in terms of eerie atmosphere, and this place suited that dragon bitch perfectly, a sinister castle for a cruel witch.

Getting to the isle had been easier than she had anticipated, stealing the face of a random servant girl to get on board of one of the scouting vessels Dany had deployed to get an idea of what would await her should she land on the main shores. As soon as she reached the isle, Arya had slipped off, making it look as though the servant girl had fallen overboard at night, and continued on her own way towards the castle. That servant girl disguise had suited her well during the voyage, but it wouldn't help her in infiltrating the castle and moving about effortlessly once within. For that she'd need the face of one of the castle maids. It didn't matter whether a freed slave or dothraki handmaiden girl, all she needed was a familiar face to get past the guards and close to Dany's private quarters. Faceless Woman or not, there was no way she'd be able to get close any other way. She was an assassin, not a warrior. Stealth and assassination was what she excelled at, getting close to her targets and taking them out instantly with a flick of her knife. In terms of pure combat she was, while her one year training had improved her abilities significantly compared to her self-teachings during her Westerosi travels, still not necessarily a match for a veteran warrior having practiced swordplay for decades and growing up in a warrior society such as the Dothraki.

Thankfully she already had a plan, having used her time on board in order to ask around a bit. Apparently, to the very back of the castle, there was a well where servant girls frequently fetched their fresh water. Lieing in wait there for anybody to come close on their own was the ideal plan to get herself a new face and fake identity. 

Now beyond Game of Thrones, I also quite enjoy historical settings. Anything between ancient cultures like rome, egypt, greece or aztecs, over renaissance or vikings or medieval europe/asia or native americans to actual historical fandoms. ^^

And if anybody is interested, please pm me. ^^
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