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June 24, 2022, 05:46:09 pm

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Author Topic: [M Seeking F] [E-mail.Messengers.PMs.Chat]  (Read 654 times)

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Offline aouser626Topic starter

[M Seeking F] [E-mail.Messengers.PMs.Chat]
« on: May 15, 2018, 04:24:58 pm »
Hello, welcome to my RP request thread.

If you're interested in my Ons/Offs thread, then please click here, it should answer a few questions including the question of what my kinks may be.

So, what am I after? Well, if you've read the Ons/Offs thread... I am largely seeking a female dominant RP while being open to switches in the context of power struggles, which can be quite fun. Of course, a large majority of the female population generally prefer to RP the submissive role (my assumption, moving on...). However, what is the extent to this assumed rigidity? If you're genuinely intrigued in playing the role of a more assertive female character, perhaps take a look at the suggestions below, and see if anything might catch your eye  :-)


Baroness's Mystery - Open
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
There is a rumor that the Baroness is slightly beyond this world, in fact, the rumor has persisted for... centuries. Of course, the rumor claims that the Baroness is a vampiress, which is the only logical conclusion concocted by the peasant class considering the Baroness's age and her unrelenting youthfulness.

An aspiring academic from an academy of a faraway land, however, after learning of this rumor, has since developed many, many questions - curiosities floating in his curious mind. The only reasonable thing to do in order to satisfy his curiosity is therefore an investigation, he concludes, yes, he must investigate this ridiculous concoction. But... he is just a scholar, not an army of gallant knights, and the Baroness intends to keep whatever secret lurks within her castle...

Sub Male  x  Dom Female
Recommended settings: [[fantasy]]..[[horror]]..[[mystery]]
Recommended kinks: [[D/s]]..[[torture]]..[[worship]]


Dynastic Struggle - Open
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The unquestionable patriarch is diseased, killed in a previous battle whilst defending the grand walls of his precious city, sacrificed in a pyrrhic victory. Now, the crown awaits its next deserving candidate, the deserving candidate who must reunify and relink the disintegrating political cohesion of the royal court, plagued with political intrigue and division. Several extended families, all with royal lineages that could be traced to the royal blood of the former patriarch, are plotting discreetly and quickly.

Our story will follow a pair of potential candidates, male and female. Perhaps, the story might follow the contention between a young, inexperienced man and his much mature, developed "step-aunt"? Or perhaps, between a young man and a young woman who grew together as an inseparable pair with the distance between them growing by the day, only to turn against one another as political and sexual tension flares.

Switch Male  x  Switch Female
Recommended settings: [[adventure]]..[[romance]]..[[tragedy]]
Recommended kinks: [[blackmail]]..[[incest]]..[[seduction]]


The Colosseum - Open
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
They destroy and conquer, subjugating all under them, The Imperial Empire. Such a powerful and monstrous war machine, thus, as a consequence, there comes many slaves used for many purposes, including a purpose of which is that of pleasure. Among the many options of entertainment offered to imperial citizens is the infamous Colosseum, the grand amphitheater, the host of many games, and deaths.

Indeed, the Capital is the center of many stories, both blessed and tragic. In this story, however, we shall follow the increasingly intertwining lives of an Elf and an Amazon. Forced to fight in the Colosseum in creative sports for the enjoyment of the citizens, how this story might progress and the consequences of this uncharted story is entirely up to us.

Switch Male  x  Switch Female
Recommended settings: [[action]]..[[fantasy]]..[[romance]]
Recommended kinks: [[erotic wrestling]]..[[humiliation]]..[[smothering]]


Thank You