Down the Rabbit-Hole... (Lovecraftian RP Requiring a Female)[VAN]

Started by Ferran, January 25, 2009, 02:06:31 AM

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Howdy! :D I have a real hunger to do something dark and spooky, so I thought it would be a good idea to put this up here...

I'm looking for a single female, if you please :)

Malcomb Holland knows a secret.

And he's only too willing to tell it. The trouble is, nobody wants to hear it. Nobody other than his psychologists and shrinks, that is. But they only want to hear it so they can scribble it down on pointless yellow paper and file it away in some pointless rusted file cabinet under a pointless tab marked "Holland, M - Schizophrenia". And Malcomb is so very tired of telling the secret to them. They don't truly wish to grasp his meaning, they only wish to hear his words, shake their heads at the peculiarity of Mr. Holland's exasperated fervor, and go on about their day. But still Malcomb wants his secret to be told. Someone will listen. Someone must listen. For time is running out, and it will not be long before the vast and incomprehensible forces that lurk just beyond human perception will tighten the noose...again.

Malcomb found himself thrown in Grady Memorial Mental Hospital for flooding the internet with his incessant spam and incessant pop-ups filled with fatalistic omens and eerie predictions. Malcomb was truly, horribly surprised by the public's reaction, for in gaining the knowledge of his secret, Holland lost what semblance of normal perspective he had once possessed. So they threw him in a padded cell with a tight, white jacket, still sputtering his warnings about the darkness that is to come.

And now, five years later, Malcomb has all but given up hope. He dreads the impending coming of the sinister forces he knows so well, but also has accepted he is powerless to delay their arrival. Few in the world would pay heed to him, and none would listen to him if they knew he were locked away in an insane asylum.

But a new doctor has begun work at Grady. A young, idealistic, and open-minded woman who may just be able to see through the veil of madness that has been thrown over Malcomb Holland's mind...and see the horrifying kernel of truth within.

And if we are all very, very lucky...she will do it before it is too late.

This is going to be a very Lovecraftian sort of story, with emphasis on madness, darkness, and the horrible unknowns in the world. There will be a distinct sense of urgency in unraveling the mystery of Malcomb Holland, but also in deciphering which of what he says is truth, and what is paranoid delusions. Malcomb is certainly off his rocker in one sense or another, but that does not mean that everything he says is delusional, nor does it mean he is dangerous or not functional. At his core, Malcomb is a sweet, introverted and good-hearted man who simply wants to help mankind. He is a tragic character with little care or desires for himself, and instead tends to value the needs and safety of others, even complete strangers. Unfortunately, Malcomb stumbled upon something terrible.

My character would be a cute, semi-docile sweet kind of crazy guy, as opposed to a manic or psychotic sociopath. He means well, but after so much time spent with a great load of pressure on his mind, Malcomb isn't exactly operating at full capacity these days. Your character, however, would begin to suspect that perhaps there is something to what he says (at least small parts of it), and would eventually likely spring him from the hospital to help him avert the coming disaster he foretells.

But even then, is Malcomb really worth listening to? Little of what he says makes sense, and even less is based on what might be truth. Even if he had once known a dire and terrible secret crucial to humanity's survival, might it have become lost within the swirling torment of Malcomb's decaying mind? And those shadows he seems to fear so much...the ones that watch and scheme and plot...they're fake too, right?

So yeah...I think it would be great fun :D I'm open to a lot of different kind of female characters here, but she'd have to either be a nurse or doctor at Grady, and she'd have to be the sort of person who would give credence to Malcomb's babbling in time (or at least slowly come to the realization that he's not as crazy as he seems).

Also, please note that this isn't first come first serve. I have some standards about my RP partners (not to seem stuck-up), and this plot is pretty important to me, and I'd really like to it be written with a person of literary skill. For more details, see my O/O's, or other 1-on-1 plot ideas thread (in my sig). This would be a thread that would definitely consist of at least a couple paragraphs per post. It will have quite a literary feel to it, and I'd just like to write it with someone of notable literary prowess... Sorry if I sound haughty or somesuch.

Thanks! :D Please Send me a PM or reply here if you are interested. Also, please don't be shy about sending me your own ideas or suggestions relating to this plot! I do love a good brainstorm :)