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Author Topic: SC's Story Emporium! Now With Superhero Cravings!(M/F or Futa)  (Read 1002 times)

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Offline TheSithChickenTopic starter

I've been mostly inactive for a long while thanks to a combination of things but mostly illness. Long story short my kidneys are bastards and have decided to pelt me with stones. Lots of stones. 14 in a 3 month span kind of lots. Make that 21 22 in a 5 month period. My partners - a more understanding pair you will never find - understood my desire to wait till I was no longer pissing out hellrocks inflicted upon me by an angry god. Suffice to say this tactic - while noble in intention - ultimately proved futile as the realization came upon me that waiting for me to be healthy was like waiting for Trump to tell the truth. It's not gonna happen.

So fuck it. I am just gonna come back, start writing, and relieve some stress.

What I Am Looking For In A Partner:

Literacy - I need a partner who has at least a moderate grasp of the English language. I'm not expecting perfection. I'm not perfect and I'm going out on a limb to say that you probably aren't either. Spelling and grammar just have to be in the ballpark. You don't have to write a novel but let's not do a one liner.

- Talking to me about our story lets me know you're interested. That you're excited. That gets me excited. Excitement gets my muse up and running.

Understanding - My health is not great (see above) and my posting rates will fluctuate. Sometimes I can respond multiple times a day. Sometimes I will only be able to respond once a week. Just depends on how badly my body screws me over at any particular moment.

Massive Craving:

Note: This is my biggest craving at the moment. I will consider other of my ideas but this is the one setting my brain on fire at the moment and as such will get preferential treatment.

Thanks to the excellent new Spider-Man reminding me of how fun and dramatic and interesting superheroics can be I found myself with a fiery, burning desire to play a superhero story. Something fun and adventurous that can veer into darker territory with its villains - and, of course, some hanky panky along the way. Work hard, play hard, and all that. So I am going to list what I want below.

Established Universe - I want to play with an established comic universe. Preferably Marvel, DC, or Image (mostly because I just know those the best) but I am open to almost any comic universe as long as I can read up on it.

OCs vs Canon Characters - I would prefer to play an OC custom made for our story. And I would prefer that you played a canon (though this is very much up for discussion and I am really open about who you want to play). Bonus points to anyone wanting to play Black Cat. Seriously. I have a... thing for her.

New to Power - I want to play someone new to their power and really explore that transition from human to superhuman. That doesn't necessarily mean young. An older man can get mauled by a radioactive badger as easily as a younger man. That also feeds into this cultural transition for the character from bystander to a member of this community of superpowered individuals that he has seen on tv all his life.

Tone - I want a story that can go from light hearted to dark. I want to test the characters. Let them be heroes. Let them fail and learn. But I also want them to have fun.

Kink and Sexy Times - Because everyone deserves some kink and sexy times ...and I could use an outlet in those avenues right now thanks to medical issues making those activities problematic.

Favorite Comic Book Lines - X-Men, Spider-Man (regular and 2099), Justice League, Batman. Just to give you an idea of the kind of comic adventures I am thinking of and comic lines that would be fun to play with.

Brownie Point Heroines - People willing to play these heroines will receive brownie points: Black Cat, She-Hulk, Power Girl, Catwoman, Harley Quinn

Inspiration - Comic Hotness Pt 1, Comic Hotness Pt 2, Comic Hotness Pt 3, Comic Hotness Pt 4, Comic Hotness Pt 5, Comic Hotness Pt 6

What I Am Looking For Here:

Smut - I am looking for adult stories here. The sexual element is meant to be a strong theme in the characters relationships. Not the only theme for the story though.     

Fun and Adventure - I do want there to be more to the stories than sex and despite me saying fun I do not necessarily mean light. I really just mean interesting.

Monstergirls - This has been a craving for a while. See KS's excellent Monstergirl thread for inspiration. I'm open to most.

Taboo - I would like more chances to explore taboo concepts (incest, shemale, etc)

Note: Feel free to ask questions or suggest pairings. Mix and match. While I will have some pairing and story ideas I am more laying out the kind of thing I would like to play. Consider the stories and imagery as inspiration.

Note: Please don't message me with a single sentence.

Note: Red denotes which part of the pairing I wish to play.

Story Ideas

Compromised Teacher
Who: Student/Teacher
Inspiration: Persona 5 and

This is specific set up with a lot of options on how to use it but the core of it is this: YC (your character) is a teacher (whether high school or college is up to you and your preference in my character's age) who has ended up indebted to very bad people (who is a question for us to discuss) and has been forced to pay it off by working at an escort agency. The maid get up is just my preferred costume for her. MC (my character) is one of her students who happens to end up employing that escort service and getting her sent to his home. Now this is not meant to be a one shot. It is meant to be a long lasting storyline.

Now here is the twist: MC isn't quite what he seems. Just what is up for discussion. He could be a vigilante using her to get close to the people she owes money (or perhaps she is brought in as a party favor as he is infiltrating the organization). Maybe he is something supernatural that has a hard time forming long lasting relationships. Something to keep this from just being slice of life as I get awfully bored of realistic things.

A Different Kind of Flash  *Super Mega Craving*
Who: OC Flash/OC or AV (Alternative Version) of Canon DC Woman or Canon DC Woman - I am pretty open here. If you have an idea not on my list feel free to toss it my way.

I want to do a take on the Flash tv show inspired by season 2. Infinite Earths but each sharing one thing in common. The explosion and the creation of a speedster. So I want to explore one of those alternate Earths. I don't care if it's Earth 5, 6, or 36. The idea is simple. A new world, a new Flash, and a new story-ish. The idea is very open ended so I will lay what I am thinking.

Eric Daniels was an athlete once (preferably a fighter of some kind - boxer, kickboxer, mma fighter, etc) but a car wreck ended his career early. So crippled he turned towards his actual majors from school. Ended up a psychologist and a criminologist walking on a cane. He was good at his job and enjoyed it but there was always a part of him that yearned for combat. Yearned for his old self. Wished he could step into combat one more time. Then the night of the explosion happened.

Basically I want to write a Flash who isn't a clear cut hero. I want to write a Flash that has more of an edge. One that straddles the knife edge between hero and villain. See how that changes things. Maybe this story's version of the Reverse Flash is trying to guide him down a better path or stop him before he loses it? How interesting would it be to see Zoom come up against someone willing to get bloody to fight him? Maybe your character is the one who acts as his balance or your character could be the one pulling him from the straight and narrow.

Lots of ways to take it. Lots of ways to play it.

A New Beau *Super Mega Craving*
Who: Harley Quinn/Kirk Langstrom aka Man-Bat
Why: Man-Bat is very underappreciated and Harley would find the humor in making her new beau the Man-Bat as a dig at the Joker's obsession with Batman.

Harley is on the look for a new beau after leaving Mister J for insert whatever reason will make a good starting point for us and if that beau gets under his skin a bit all the better. She knows that the Joker is trying to get his hands on the Man-Bat serum being sold by the illustrious ex-Miss Kirk Langstrom. So she decides to introduce herself to Kirk Langstrom by breaking into Arkham Asylum and approaching the sometimes crimefighter sometimes ravenous beastman with a partnership. I imagine he would be initially unenthusiastic - Harley is a well known crazy person after all - but he couldn't bring himself to let his serum fall into the Joker's hands.

From there on the story almost writes itself. A burgeoning relationship, both of them dealing with their exes, battles with the Joker, probable interference from Batman, and all sorts of fun. Once it's over it's a great place to start other stories. Maybe bring in Harley's bestie Poison Ivy. Whatever works for us.

A Man Without Fear
Who: OC/Any of the Gotham City Sirens (Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn)

Michael Morgan was a meek, forgettable bundle of wasted talent. Brilliant, athletic, and filled with promise - and rendered a mass of paralyzed mass of neurosis thanks to a home life that could generously be described as a credible attempt at recreating Dante's Inferno. Fear ruled his world so it seemed almost fitting when the Scarecrow attacked the building he was working at and trapped him in an elevator with enough fear gas to kill a man and left him to his own hell. Surprisingly he didn't die but he did not survive unchanged.

The doctors at Gotham General explained that the overdose of the gas and the replacement of the oxygen in his brain for an extended period had caused a certain amount of cerebral damage. In this case it burned out his ability to feel fear. For Michael they may as well have told him that he was now a different person. Out in the world again he found himself unsatisfied with his old life and he starts looking for a new one. One that made him feel alive and got his heart pumping. He threw himself into cage fights, did parkour over the urban wasteland of Gotham, and learned everything that he would have been afraid to before. Eventually his eyes turned to the real excitement in Gotham. the world of costumed criminals and vigilantes.

How he gets involved depends on who you would like to play. If it's
maybe he decides to steal something she has her eyes on and they meet on the job as it were. If it's Poison Ivy maybe she tries to control him and they discover that what keeps him from being afraid also keeps him from being controlled and that intrigues her. If Harley... who knows? She's as crazy as she is hot. The point is I am flexible.

A Little Piece of Home
Who: OC/Power Girl *preferred* or Wonder Woman or Fire or almost any DC Heroine really

Eric Daniels was always a sickly man from the time he was a child. Prone to illness at the drop of a hat exacerbated by exposure to the sun. His case baffled doctors in Central City for years so all he really received was treatment for the symptoms. He seemed doomed to a hermit's life barely able to enjoy the activities he loved best until the day the Justice League battled Metallo in downtown Central City. In the midst of this Eric made a heroic move to save insert whichever female hero you want to play by pushing them out of the way of Metallo's kryptonite blast and taking the brunt himself and he is rushed either to Star Labs or the Wtachtower for treatment.

There they discover something miraculous. He's not human. Never was. He was Kryptonian. The reason he had been sickly all his life was trace elements of kryptonite embedded in his body during his journey to Earth. Under careful watch the doctor's surgically remove the embedded radiological materials and treat him for radiation burns and radiation sickness thanks to Metallo. In recovery he strikes up a relationship with insert whichever female hero you want to play and then must face a new life as a superhuman.

There is a lot of room to play with here. Where we take it after the origin story, exactly how powerful he is (radiation can do damage at a genetic level resulting in him being less than unstoppable Space Jesus in power), etc. I just have always wanted to play through the change between a man and a Superman.

Stone Blind

Who: Blind Man/Gorgon
Where: Fantasy World, Greek Myth based
Inspiration: *shrug*

Idea: YC is a
. Feared and deadly and forever barred mortal company because all those who meet your gaze turn to stone. Your home is a garden of statues braved only by the most foolish of mortals, fellow monsters, and emissaries of the gods - till my character comes along. A blind man separated from his caravan and lost in the wilderness. One who neither knows your nature nor is susceptible to your gaze. Honestly all he cares about is not dying in the wilderness and being eaten by wolves. At least at first.

What I see here is an interesting romance between a monster separated from humanity by her nature and a man separated from society by his disability mixed with Greek myth. Gods and monsters and schemes and heroes. What would she do for the one man who can and wants to be in her presence? What would he do for the woman who saved his life?

Princess Doesn't Mean Saint

Who: Human Knight/Elven Princess
Where: Fantasy World
Super NSFW Inspiration:

Alright this idea is definitely more on the sexual side than most of my ideas and I purely blame the artist (whose work I have linked to above while somehow absolving my libido of any involvement here). This one really is meant to be more of a hedonistic thrill ride with some adventure and a little comedy. Just something fun for as long as either of us would like to.

MC is a knight of great repute. Honorable and brave and all that jazz. Someone considered to be trustworthy by all. So when the elven princess (YC) decides to come to the capitol of the human empire - ostensibly to establish diplomatic relations - and he is assigned as her guard and guide. Only she is here on safari. Looking for the human (or other demihuman race - I'm flexible) men (and maybe women if you're interested - variety is the spice of life) rumored to be more ...virile than elven men. Basically the idea is for a sexually aggressive (ie forward, non-passive - and not violent aggressive) elven princess using a long term diplomatic mission as her personal spring break or Vegas trip.

Her Shield and Her Spear

Who: Orc futa/elf princess
Where: Fantasy World
Inspiration: This!

Idea: The war between the Orcs and the Elves has finally come to an end after long years of brutal combat. As part of the agreement each side exchanged one of their champions to serve as guard and advisor to the other side. For the orcs this meant sending her - a champion unparallelled to serve as the Elvish Princess' shield and spear. She was also a futa and that fact would turn out to be right up the princess' alley.

Alternately we could do this with an elven prince and his orc bodyguard who could be a futa or simply a beautiful orc woman. Similar themes. I just really like the orc/elf pairing. Mix it up with some politics and racial tension and you have the basis for a fun story.

It's pretty straight forward in setup. The complications come afterwards. Tensions left over from the war, their relationship interfering with any potential marriage she is supposed to participate in, potential war, etc.

The Princess and the Rat

Who: Skaven (Ratman)/Princess (human or elf or the like)
Where: Fantasy World
Inspiration: Warhammer Fantasy Shadow of the Horned Rat, Vermintide, and

Idea: YC's father's kingdom is failing. A plague kills it's citizens, monsters plague it's nights, and no art among those at his command can seem to stem either. That is where
comes in. He is a warlord among the Skaven - their version of a king - and one with strange ideas and desires. He comes to the king and makes him an offer. He will cure the plague and chase the monsters back into the shadows where they belong for land on the surface, legal status among them, and his daughter's hand in marriage.

Blackpaw is strange in many ways. He does things other skaven would never think of doing. Makes plays that they never considered but the thing that has always set him apart from his youngest days has been his desire for the soft pink flesh of the surface dwellers. Now he is meant to care for the Princess in his own way. He wants her to want him as much as he wants her but this can be negotiated to our mutual satisfaction.

This idea is rather straight forward actually. That's the start. Where it goes from there is up to us. Does a rogue faction try to assassinate the rogue Warlord Blackpaw? Will another Warlord declare war upon him? Will someone try to draw him into the politics of the realm? This has all the foundations of a political dynasty plus the undertones of objection to interracial marriage - somewhat legitimately with the reputation and actions of his species.

The Dragon and His Princess

Who: Dragon/Princess or Prince/Dragon
Where: Modern Day Mid-Apocalypse or Fantasy

Idea: The first post of the linked thread explains it wonderfully. In the modern age dragons awake. Most are little more than cunning beasts but they are led by the Great Dragons. Beings of intelligence and powers. The true monsters of myth and legend. They plunge the world into war beating back humanity at every turn till the Battle of New York when the Great Dragon Vermigen laid siege to the one of humanity's greatest cities. On the first day the world watched in terror as New York burned. The second day they watched as two Great Dragons battled as a second attacked the first and in a great battle slew him. After the victor went to the media and the world learned that the Great Dragons could speak.

His name was
and he would help humanity fight the other Great Dragons - for a price. Like all dragons he had a lust for treasures and Princess'. But a Princess was not some mere royal title to them. A Princess was not an escort. Not some high priced whore meant to keep him happy. They were companionship. They were restraint. Confidant and caretaker and - yes - often a lover but such a bond naturally led to such things. It was the way of things and not one without benefits for the Princess. They were protected and cared for. Showered with affection and given the right to speak with the dragon's voice.

YC (your character) is the soon to be chosen Princess. How you come to be in contact with dragon can be discussed. The example in my link above was an FBI agent who recovered part of his hoard while investigating a dragon cult and was tasked with returning it to him.

Alternate Version #1 - The Fantasy Option

In this version your Princess is very much just that. A princess. Perhaps it is even a political marriage to seal a treaty between the dragon and the kingdom or even a generational "sacrifice" to keep the dragons peaceful.

Alternate Version #2 - The Prince Option

In this version you play the
looking for her prince.

The Lost World

Who: Native/Shipwrecked woman or Shipwrecked Man/Native F or Futa
Where: Tropical, Barbaric Fantasy

Idea: Another fairly simple premise. Your ship wrecks on strange shores. A jungle land of great temples, strange creatures, obsidian edged weapons, and foreign gods. The story is about your character and your guide/rescuer. Maybe they have to rescue the other survivors. Maybe they have to defend all the survivors from bloodthirsty tribes who's gods have demanded their death. Maybe they have to travel to the Courts of Night to bring someone your character lost in the wreck back from the dead. Or it could just be a survival story centered around the relationship between your character and mine. Or we could spin it and make your character the guide and mine the shipwrecked survivor.

Alone on the Argo

Who: Human male/Alien F or Futa
Where: SPAAAAAAACCCEEE! (And, no, I have no idea why I wrote it like that)

-Argo Expedition Day 1
“Lost…I am well and truly lost…This is co-pilot…well I guess it doesn’t matter ...since no one will hear it. I am the only survivor of the TFS Argo. We got caught in some kind of anomaly while on the way to Pluto from a mining op. in the Asteroid belt. The Argo was thrown out into the unknown by some anomaly, the other cryo-pods have lost power, leaving me the only survivor aboard. I have given my fellow crewmembers a star burial. Luckily with their deaths my food stocks might just last a full year, our cargo is also intact so it may just prove useful to me. But the main point is that I am lost, far from my home system, with little chance of being found or even surviving.

The stars around me do not even match anything I know, none of the star charts help. But I am nothing if not headstrong, so I will set a course based on what stars look close enough to the charts from home, and hope I find at least a world I can live on. Considering I am the only person on this ship

"I Hereby Dub this..uhh.. The Argo excuse me I'm going to the bathroom to cry for about an hour and hope that there is a god who is merciful out there. Hey, at least the Entertainment logs are still working, so I can die to some good tunes."

-Argo Expedition…day 37.
We are not alone…I have known this for twelve days now, having seen alien wrecks and salvaging tools from their derelict hulls for anything of value. It seems there may be some type of common or trade language among them and I have managed to build a basic vocabulary into the ship’s computer. Hell I even found a strange laser gun of some kind, though I haven't used it. If the need came to it I planned to use the mining lasers on the ships hull as weapons but so far I haven't encountered any living specimens, only corpses that I scanned and put into the ship's log incase I make it home.

I have been keeping my ship powered down and staring up at a gas giant. There is some kind of battle occurring between two opposing forces, it has been rather violent on both sides. One of the ships went critical and exploded, wiping out the other one and its small fleet as well. I watched all this from afar in the safety of a small moon in both horror and fascination. "

"It has been three days now since the battle, there is only one life sign in a small pod of some type, and its flying straight out into deep space. If there is a survivor, they may be lost in deep space forever before help even arrives and rescuing them is only a small detour from my planned course......fuck it.

I’m going to rescue this alien…lets just hope it understands I mean no harm, and that it doesn’t devour me. "

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Offline TheSithChickenTopic starter

Re: TheSithChicken's Coop (M/F or Futa)
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2018, 11:46:28 PM »
Original Plots:

Victorian Nightmares - Steampunk Victorian Horror. Inspired by Bloodborne, Nightmare Creatures, and Frankenstein. A madman has melded science and occultism to unlock the very spark of creation hiding within humanity. A maker of monsters. Aleister Crowley meets Hydra. Our characters were "guests" of his. Burdened now with Lovecraftian Superpowers or Psychic Abilities or the like they must confront the evil growing in the heart of the Empire.

It Walks Among Us - My character does his best to look like just another guy. Maybe he has a low profile job or is a student. Keeps to himself but isn't a hermit. Dates some but nothing serious. But he has a secret. He's not human. Maybe he's something predatory feeding off of those nobody would miss or the last of some ancient species or an angel banished from the heavens or an old god weakened by long years without worshippers or something else entirely. Someone learns his secret.

That's where your character comes in. You learn what he is - and are absolutely fascinated by it. So what follows is kind of a blackmail scenario as he is forced to deal with someone who knows his secret. Think of it as a really fucked up courtship. Then your character gets to enter his world. A world of monsters and hunters. Maybe some who won't like their relationship.

Sorcerer's Academy - Two students at a magical college dealing with life, love, and the certifiable madness that comes with such a place. Less Harry Potter and more High Fantasy. The kind of magic, the world, and the school are all things we would make together. A very flexible idea.

Sex, Drugs, and Dragonslaying! - Imagine a world built on the ruins of this one. I'd call it Post-Apocalyptic but our world is their ancient past brought to an end by the rise of the dragons. An endless variety of them under the command of the Great Dragons. Now humanity lives in a steampunk, alchemy driven world where Dragonslayers are celebrities. Whined and dined by nobles whilst courted by the rich. Bards tell tales of them in song and over the vox broadcasts. Priests tattoo alchemical runes made with dragon's blood on them to grant them a measure of their power.

Our characters would be some of these dragonslayers. Maybe young ones working for fame and glory.

Craving Level:
* = Would be fun
** = Actively looking for
*** = Will love you for taking it up


Cthulhu Mythos*
The Hyborian Age*
Nightmare Creatures***
Legend of the Five Rings*
DBZ (preferable AU or with OCs)**
Warhammer 40k***
Mass Effect*
Legacy of Kain*
Manhunt (same premise with OCs would be awesome)***
Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra (OCs)***
Star Wars EU***

Fandom Ideas:

Dark Days - Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra, OC's

I do not have a lot for this idea at the moment but I like the thought of an Avatar gone rogue. One who is possibly mentally ill due to trauma or maybe a more spiritual illness. Maybe in the quickly advancing Industrial world managed to create a pollutant that damaged the spirits themselves and the backlash from the spirit world world affected the Avatar driving the Avatar to start a war. Our characters could have been some of the Avatar's training partners or even teachers. Could even start the story before she goes rogue and do a whole story arc to build connections.

Bonnie and Clyde - Manhunt, OC's, Extreme for violence, Just Dark as shit

If you're not familiar with Manhunt it is a game based around the concept of a Director setting Death Row inmates loose in a controlled environment filled with vicious gangs to film a snuff film. The first game is a brutal, atmospheric masterpiece. It's dark and tense and deliberately perverse filled with gangs that would feel right at home in an R-Rated Gotham. It is not a game for the faint of heart nor would this story be.

My idea is basically a modern day Bonnie and Clyde. Two lovers who went on a hell of a crime spree - just what that crime spree would be is up to us - and ended up on death row set to be executed on the same night. Maybe they even requested it. Instead of dying they wake up on set as it were - that could be a derelict walled off section of city that resembles a post apocalyptic hell or a privately owned oil platform 40 stories high and 80+ miles out from the shore buffeted by hurricanes or a jungle island ruled by tribal gangs and poisonous snakes or anything else we can come up with - and have to play the Director's game to try and survive while the wealthy and perverse watch.

We can play it straight as per the game or play with out own ideas. Maybe the wealthy patrons can pay the Director to send in their own specialized hunters like the Running Man but less cheesy and more maniac for hire. Storms could buffet the set. Gangs could go to war with each other. Outside infiltrators could be trying to expose what is happening. Our characters could go after the Director or set themselves up as the leaders of a gang. It's all up to us. I am open to everything from who we are (with the lone caveat that we are not innocent) to the setting to what kinks are involved to even pushing this to the sci fi edge and doing something with the same theme but a really different environment.

Star Wars Done Right - Star Wars EU, OCs

This is less a solid idea than it is a desire to simple do something interesting with the Star Wars setting and concepts. Like most I found the prequels excruciating. Like many I found the new movies at best disappointing - though not for a lot of the sexist or racist reasons that many SW fans have. I just thought them to be poorly written movies that squander a lot of the potential of the setting and concepts. So I am just wanting to try and do a story with more depth (and, let's be honest, more sex) than the movies have given us.

I am open to any idea as long as it fits certain parameters. However all other details are absolutely up for discussion:

1) I want to play Force wielder (either Dark Side or falling to the Dark Side and hopefully getting a chance to play with Sith Alchemy)
2) Neither of our characters are Skywalkers
3) No references to the new movies

Inspiration -

Quick Ideas

- Two Jedi who survive Order 66 and don't just go quietly into the night or hide.
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Re: TheSithChicken's Coop (M/F or Futa)
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2018, 12:57:22 AM »
The Kaladesh Inventor's Faire! - M for F/Futa/Monstergirl/Hafling/Damn near anyone

Isn't that awesome? A whole magipunk world that celebrates arcane science and invention with massive beautiful cities and a cool upbeat vibe to it. Now this is the teaser trailer for the new Magic the Gathering set Kaladesh but I don't care about that. Well I do but not when it comes to this idea. I just really want to play in the setting presented here in this video without outside influence.

I mean unless you are really into Magic the Gathering. Then sure.

What I am imaging is simple in premise but infinite in potential. You and I playing inventors heading to the inventors fair seeking to prove themselves. That's it. Where we go from there is entirely up to us. Does an invention go haywire and create a real threat? Espionage like battles between inventors? Military or terrorist groups seeks to use one of our inventions for intentions? Invasion from another world? Political intrigue between guilds? Anything and everything is possible. I almost hear the Pokemon theme for this setting - I wanna be the very best/Like no one ever was - with young inventors leaving home to seek their future.

Who are we? Anyone we want to be. Races, towns, families, and histories are fully ours to play with. I just want to escape this world for a time to a world where knowledge and creativity and invention are celebrated. I want crazy magipunk vehicles and wondrous inventions and automanous works of art. I want a sense of wonder and adventure. Something a little brighter. A place where we can make a difference and explore a world so very different from our world.

And, being E, maybe some sexy shenanigans along the way.

Women I'd Love To Play Across From in Kaladesh:

Story Seeds for Kaladesh:

- Two inventors (rivals, friends, or friendly rivals) heading to the Faire to seek out fortune, fame, and fun. Basic and most versatile of seeds.

- A race team (driving something what you see at :48 of the video) competing to be the best. Sabotage, pulse pounding races, race fixing... lot of cool things.

- One of us is the invention of the other. A magipunk automaton with free will. Something to stir up some excitement. The kind of thing someone might want to steal the designs for.

- Two young geniuses who have been rivals for years. Always trying to one up each other but when it comes time for the Faire one of them comes to the other for help with their grand invention. See one of them has been working on a prosthetic heart for themselves and they need the other help implant and perfect it.

Mandatory Naughty Seeds:

- One or both characters are from relatively sheltered backgrounds before arriving in Kaladesh and finding themselves smack dab in the middle of the libertine celebrations. Drink, drugs, and debauchery as they struggle balancing the Faire with their new found appetites.

- Our characters are siblings who ran off together to the Faire to escape their home life. There - far away from the bad memories of home - they discover each other in new ways.

- One or both of our characters invent something that has non-perverted uses (a cloaking device, a machine for changing species and looks that can make monsters and futas - or go into almost any kind of gender transformation story, etc) and get caught up in the debauchery as they test it out for the Faire. Craving.

Honest Statement - I am open to almost anything here. I'm in love with the world and the concepts. You want to play clockwork woman, a halfling with a penchant for going fast, a monstergirl with a fascination for human men, a futa looking for love at the Fair or you want me to do those or be a monster or an anthro - that's all cool with me. I just want to play in this world. I want adventure and invention and creativity. In and out of bed.
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Re: TheSithChicken's Coop (M/F or Futa)
« Reply #3 on: May 16, 2018, 07:18:00 PM »
Random Imagery

There are no real ideas here. Just inspirational imagery. So feel free to look through and see if anything catches your eye. I am open to ideas. All images will actually be in my picture thread but categorical links will be here. All links are NSFW.

Badass Warrior Women I Would Love to Play Across From:



Badass Warriors I Would Love to Play:

Comic Book Characters I Would Love to Play Across From:

Futas I Would Love to Play With:

Star Wars:
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Re: TheSithChicken's Coop (M/F or Futa)
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Added Princess Doesn't Mean Saint

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Re: TheSithChicken's Coop (M/F or Futa)
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Re: TheSithChicken's Coop (M/F or Futa)
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Added Stone Blind

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Re: TheSithChicken's Coop (M/F or Futa)
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Updated with cravings.

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Re: TheSithChicken's Coop (M/F or Futa)
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Updated with comic cravings thanks to watching Batman Ninja last night and being woken up early today with those images stuck in my head.

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Re: SC's Story Emporium! (M/F or Futa)
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Bumped with a lot of additions.

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Re: SC's Story Emporium! (M/F or Futa)
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Bumped with my new Massive Craving.

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Re: SC's Story Emporium! Now with Superhero Cravings!(M/F or Futa)
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Updated with new inspiration for comic craving!

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Re: SC's Story Emporium! Now With Superhero Cravings!(M/F or Futa)
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Updated with more inspiration for and information on comic cravings!

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Re: SC's Story Emporium! Now With Superhero Cravings!(M/F or Futa)
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Monthly bump! Still looking for superhero stories!