A Silk Glove With A Firm Grip (Seeking dom F from any)

Started by Deante, May 12, 2018, 04:06:36 PM

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While usually I play the dominant partner, I'd like a break, so this is an open call for anyone interested in taking up the mantle.

The basics

  • Please communicate, let me know if you're no longer interested, if you can't get online for a while, etc. If something in the RP isn't working, we can stop or retool it. If I message you for the first time and you don't see anything that appeals to you, a "No thanks" is greatly appreciated over no response.
  • MC can be male or futa, but YC should be female. Your RL gender doesn't matter.
  • Reply length baseline is around 3 paragraphs.
  • Would prefer a partner who can usually post more than once a week.
  • The story to sex ratio depends on the plot. I can enjoy porny one-shots and longer works with more plot, but do like a healthy helping of smut.
  • Threads/PMs/Emails preferred for RP. I'm curious to experiment with Google Docs.

Important Note
Putting this up front since it seems to be a dealbreaker for most. I am only looking for play with non-humans. My preference is full anthros, but some other things are possible (such as drae, monster girls, etc). Not interested in kemonomimi (i.e. ears/tail); you'd have to really convince me.

Plot and Settings

Assisting Personally

My biggest interest is an office environment. Something about women in business-wear mystifies me. This does allow for some options (although keep in mind I'm not looking for blackmail/coercion/etc):

  • The classic boss / employee arrangement. Either YC as the woman in charge, or MC getting wrapped around the finger of someone lower down the totem pole.
  • Rivals, likely in the same company/law firm/etc.
  • YC is a high-powered workaholic who either doesn't have the time or inclination to leave the office much--which means she is very, very neglected. Rather than grab a company pen for her inkwell, she finds someone (via dating service, internet, recommended through a friend) to visit her at the office for clandestine break-time shenanigans.
  • Similar to the last scenario, but instead the company has in house "relaxation specialists". They're on the payroll and every employee gets a little time alone with them every x weeks. But of course, YC could either be pulling overtime hours with one, or higher one just for her benefit/the benefit of a small group.
Also all the above isn't necessary. You might be tired of anything remotely modern or just want to get away from reminders of work. For that reason, I'm interested in the following settings:

Sci Fi

How Much is that Subby in the Window?

In this setting anthros (or kemonomimi) are treated as intelligent pets, indentured servants, or at least second class citizens. MC is the anthro to your female human. Having sex with them is considered mildly taboo; like masturbation, people assume you do it but no one talks about it or openly acknowledges it.

  • Taking a stray: MC is homeless. Likely having been owned once, he still wound up on the street.
  • YC decides to purchase MC as a pet.
  • Tapping back into the previous idea, companies could keep anthros in dorms and have them do low-skill labor, finding it cheaper than full-time employees. YC could be responsible for training new ones or again, an exec looking for a free personal assistant.
Normally I prefer anthro x anthro or m human x f anthro over m anthro x f human, but it fits this plot theme.

Substyle, Kinks and Fantasies

Rather than offer a long explanation here in the thread as to the way I sub and the type of domme I'm looking for, I'd like to give a simple explanation and then we chat about it in PMs. If you look at a spectrum of "Soft/Nurturing/MomDom" on one end and "Harsh and cold Master/slave" on the other end, I fall somewhere between "pet" and normal sub. And by pet I don't mean puppy play, but the general attitude and style of Master/pet.

My F-list and O/O thread outline my general kinks, other interests, and faceclaims/inspiration images. But for this RP specifically there's some kinks I'd like to emphasize/explore: the biggest is rough physical domination (being pushed, pinned, bit, hair pulled, face-sat, light breathplay). Others are objectification, group service, and feminization/genderbending. Bondage/some S&M is fine. Limits as a sub are humiliation/demeaning, chastity/denial, or CBT.

I'm also going to highlight two optional kinks/scene ideas I'd enjoy: objectification and group service. Using a spoiler tag both because there's a NSFW image and to save a little space.

Fantasies, with visual aid


This example covers a lot of the ideas. Objectification here is basically being a toy for the amusement and enjoyment of others, MC's cock being played with while others almost ignore him. The glory hole/stockade element is hot, but not necessary, and while I like semen play, specifically drinking it isn't that big a deal for me. Now, the objectification doesn't go so far as to say that after MC made a domme orgasm, she'd push him to the floor and ignore him, his function met. Nor would she talk as though he were a disposable thing. Nor would she ignore his need for an orgasm. But, he is there to amuse her with his presence and pleasure, a sexual thing. She might stroke his cock while reading a book, or talk about him as though he wasn't in the room to another character.

Another elements is groups. Again, I know that running multiple NPCs in a scene can be tough. But I enjoy the idea of say, 2-4 characters passing MC around, either using him as above, or making him perform/service others, for the domme's enjoyment/to earn his climax/etc. Also this particular setup has multiple exceptions to my usual limits:

  • For the domme's enjoyment, MC gives men/futa oral, or men/futa use his ass. The case of being taken by men is the only time I'd allow a chastity device/denial; I'd rather just get pounded, no reach around, and then given an orgasm later.
  • The domme pegs MC, while at the same time, another character gives MC oral. Beyond this situation, I'm not too interested in receiving toys anally, or threesomes. ("Wait, threesomes? This whole thing is about groups!" Well I like multiple characters, but I enjoy it if they take turns, go one at a time, rather than double penetration (or whatever the case is being between two women). I also think "characters taking turns" is easier on whoever's running them, that way they only need to write the actions of one character at a time.)
Finally, I know it's quite late to mention this, but I switch. For a scene with MC and two other characters, i'd be fine with playing the "Domme's assistant"; YC gives mine directions, and he does them to a submissive NPC.

Wow! That's a lot. If you've read this far, I really appreciate it. If interested, please send PM rather than reply here.


Revamped the kink/substyle section, and added two in depth kink setup/scene ideas.


Added in the "How much is that subby in the window?" plot idea.






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It’s worth noting I have a new job that eats a lot of time. I could get a few replies a week. More on weekends. The next few weeks even more.



Bump. Kinda craving the “company owns created species the exec taps as her assistant”.