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Started by Cecily, January 24, 2009, 06:32:55 PM

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So. I'm looking for RP's - I prefer to roleplay over PM's, but I'll also do it over forums, as well - I'd rather not use IM's or emails for this.

It's been a while since I've made a thread like this, so excuse me if I seemed scatterbrained and disorganized.

Just a by-the-way: if you send me a really lazy, short PM that has lots of spelling or grammar errors, chances are I'm not interested. I hope that doesn't sound like I'm an elitist, but roleplaying is something that I do for fun... so if I don't think that I'd have a fun time writing with you, I won't write with you. :)

At this moment, I'm a little hesitant to start a roleplay that involves anything too far from realism. Mainly because I find that I end up doing a lot of the planning and brainstorming when it comes to fantasy roleplays, which I don't really feel like doing right now. However, if you're interesting in throwing an idea at me and help out with the brainstorming, I'd be happy to oblige.

A few general rules, you better read these, or else!   

*Be literate. If you send me a PM with horrible spelling and grammar, I'm not even going to bother to respond. People who are descriptive when they write are required - you don't need to write a novel every post, but even just a little bit of description makes things much more pleasant to read.

*Don't be rude. Be friendly! If you're an asshole out of character, I'm not going to roleplay with you. It might sound weird, but rude and arrogant people are a huge turn-off to me, even when it comes to roleplaying. This is probably the only OOC thing I care about, besides the obvious (IE: Being underage!) I like to make friends, and I wouldn't mind making some here, either.

*If you're a pervert, stalker, predator or creep, don't even bother trying to roleplay with me. I've dealt with enough people like that before. If you're going to flirt shamelessly with me in your first couple PMs, chances are I won't be impressed. The stories I write with others are serious to me, so if you are planning on filling them with more sex than story, I'm not interested.

*I like to be descriptive. I don't think I'm a professional writer, but I can say confidently that I'm good at RP'ing. I like many paragraphs per post - I will give you enough to respond with a large post, so I expect you to give me the same.

I figured those rules will work for now but I may update them if I have any more bad experiences with finding roleplay partners. >_>

Anyway. I suppose I'll link my RH: If you've got any questions about the specifics there, feel free to PM me and ask. The things under favourites are not required, but loved quite a bit! One thing that is required under there is muscular partners. I have a huge muscle fetish - I will not play with any characters who are super skinny. The more muscle the better, really. :3

I prefer to play young characters. The usual ages of my characters varies, but I really don't have any limits. Anything under 20 is fine. Although I do prefer playing young characters, I'm not going to break the rules on a website. My characters tend to be cute, bratty, kind, curious and energetic. Of course, I'm willing to play different types of characters, but I'm not willing to play a nymphomaniac/prostitute, or anything similar. I hate large breasts (I know, it's weird), so all of my characters will have small breasts. Small, but noticeable.

Here are some pairings that interest me. Keep in mind I always will play the younger character in a pairing - or at least, the one visibly younger (For example, I could play an elf that is a hundred years old, but looks sixteen in human terms)

* = Craving
** = Really craving


Brother/Sister *
Father/Daughter **
Adoptive Father/Daughter

Modern Pairings

Babysitter/Girl **
Jock/Unpopular girl
Police Officer/Girl

Fantasy Pairings

Prince/Princess * (I have a plot for this one, but it's very special to me so I am going to be picky with it. I'm open to other plots, though)
Prison Guard/Thief


When it comes to incest, I just really enjoy the fatherly aspect of it. It feels special to me, so if you add in 'fatherly' or other such caring things to a RP with any pairing, I will be happy. So, if you're familiar with things like pseudo-incest, just know that I'm always up for that.

Those are just some ideas I have, although I'm open to many other pairings. I'll add more detailed ideas to this post later on if I see that people are interested in my ideas.

More Detailed Plots:

Taking place in Ancient Greece, a young Alseid nymph lives in a small grove. She is the lone keeper of the grove. Because she is a nymph, and often a bored one, she typically plays tricks on travelers passing by and talks to other creatures of the grove. Her few possessions consisted of jewelry made of flowers, items stolen from travelers - and like any nymph, a musical instrument... her choice was a pan flute. She sometimes meets other nymphs, but because she is the sole protecter of a grove, she feels that she cannot leave - and where would she go, anyway? This nymph is looking for someone to come to the grove and keep her company. But who will it be?

So, in this RP I will be playing the nymph. Obviously, Greek mythology and magic is present in this setting. The nymph will be very bratty and childish in some ways, and enjoys to play pranks on anyone who enters her domain. Now, what will happen in this story? Will another mythical creature keep her company? Will she be kidnapped and sold to the highest bidder? Will she come across a traveler and beg that he take her with him on his quest to slay monsters? There are many possibilities! Feel free to PM me, but as usual, I'd appreciate some ideas for a plot - any one-liners will be ignored. I'm a little picky with this roleplay, so if you try to impress me and put some thought into your ideas, I'd appreciate it. :D

Thanks for reading, and post here or PM me if you're interested. =) Even if you don't see a plot that you like here, if you think that I'd be interested in something you've thought out, feel free to send it to me - I love it when people send me their ideas, it's quite refreshing!


I'm new to the site and can't PM you as yet, but here is a roll that I hope you will like. Daddy daughter story. 

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