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Author Topic: Entering Westeros (M and F characters within, looking for both F and M)  (Read 1847 times)

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Offline BeccaTopic starter

    For a long time now, I've been interested in exploring the different facets displayed in ASOIAF. The intrigues, the violence, the romance, the turmoil, the conflict of interests. I find myself most drawn to utilizing existing characters (CC) as opposed to original ones created by my partner and myself, but this is not a rule written in stone: If the concept is interesting enough, I'd certainly give it a try.

    The mood and situations depicted in the RPGs will vary greatly depending on my partner's preferences and the pairing.

    I mostly envision alternative universes (AU) for these RPGs. What would happen if this battle had never occurred, or if someone had been kidnapped, or if this or that character had not died, for instance, allowing us to allow the story to grow towards the direction we are interested in taking it.

    Thought I'll be giving a more detailed list beneath this first post, these are the characters I'm most comfortable playing, both male and female roles:

    Thank you for reading and if you are interested, send me a PM, please do not reply here![/list]
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    Offline BeccaTopic starter

    Re: Entering Westeros (GoT pairings and musings)
    « Reply #1 on: May 02, 2018, 04:39:21 PM »
    Sansa Stark
    Sansa has shown a large number of different faces through her life: From hopeless romantic and naive optimist, to jaded and broken, to strong and willful. I am interested in playing her in plenty of different situations and timeframes (always aged up to be at least 16, of course): Before she left for Winterfel, during her stay at King's Landing, as she travels with Little Fingers in disguise and in the North, before or after the Battle of the Bastards. I'm really open to different pairings and settings when it comes to Sansa, though here are some basic pairings just to give you a few examples of what tempts me:

    • Tyrion Lannister
    I find their relationship shows some real promise, though it was not really explored. What would have happened if they remained married, if they were forced to escape together, if she grew to appreciate his advice and started seeing him in a different light, perhaps growing jealous of Shae? Could Tyrion fall in love with the vulnerable lioness? Could she let go of her idealized concept of Prince Charming and open her eyes to a different kind of love?

    • Theon Greyjoy
    After she escapes with him, what if they didn't part ways? What if they remained together and didn't find Jon quite so quickly? Of course, the torture Ramsay inflicted on him would be a bit less harsh than in was both in the books and the shows to make this pairing possible. Sansa slowly bringing Theon back to his former self as they escape together, as she continues to grow in confidence, perhaps even convincing him to eventually return and take vengeance over the man who hurt them both so. Perhaps even returning with an army of their own, after reuniting with Jon or dealing with Petyr Baelish.

    • Ramsay Bolton
    Sansa Stark-Ramsay Bolton: Yes. It's twisted, it's dark, it's wrong, and yet I find myself craving this pairing. It could be a dark story, it could be a tale of redemption or anything in between. I am tempted to imagine an AU where Ramsay isn't the complete monster he is in the show. A man who had inherited his father's cruelty and grown to resent the world so fiercely his heart hardened. Would Sansa be capable of softening his heart enough to make him human again? A very... twisted human, but then again not an irredeemable monster, a man capable of his own version of love.

    • Petyr Baelish
    Petyr's obsession with Sansa (and her mother, as well), has always been oddly fascinating to me. Another kind of twisted romance, a desire to possess rather than love, to control with manipulation and through the need of a young, vulnerable young woman. Such a story can go a number of different ways, from Sansa being corrupted to a more pure love growing from the seeds of obsession which have been festering in Petyr's soul ever since he was refused by the Tully.

    • Jon Snow
    After their reunion, after losing so many beloved family members and friends, after going through hell and back, they find one another in the safety of their ancestor's keep. They haven't seen each other in years, since they were nothing but children, and now they have grown, they have matured, and perhaps they don't see each other merely as brother and sister any longer. Or half brothers, anyhow.
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    Offline BeccaTopic starter

    Re: Entering Westeros (GoT pairings and musings)
    « Reply #2 on: May 02, 2018, 04:39:35 PM »
      Daenerys Targaryen

      Daenerys, much like Sansa, is utterly fascinating when it comes to character growth: She began as a meek, broken thing, realizing the fire which burnt deep inside her after losing everything she loved, became the queen of thousands upon thousands of people, freeing those who had been slaved through centuries. Finally, upon her return, she finds love once more, in the hands of a man who might have been her enemy.
      Once more, any of these periods of time are interesting to me, as well as a few more AU ideas, such as:
      • Being captured either before her marriage to Khal Drogo, along with her brother or alone, or perhaps during her journey around the Free Cities
      • As Queen as Meereen, meeting a deserter, escaping the war in Westeros (Say, Jon for instance)
      • Being captured as a child, and growing up in the North, as a ward, much like Theon
      • The Targaryens managed to put a stop to Robert's rebellion and though a somewhat peaceful resolution is achieved, the mad King is murdered in the attempted siege. Rhaegar and Lyanna, thus, inherit the throne Jon growing up to be the heir to the throne. Dani would have grown up in the Red Keep instead of being taken to the free lands across the sea, growing as the princess she was meant to be.
        How would this change everything in the social and political circles of Westeros? How would this have affected the Houses?

      Some possible pairings include:

      • Jon Snow
      At Winterfell, at the Wall (with Dany being captured, and instead of sending her to Winterfell or executing her, they decide to punish her for life, sent to the Wall to act as an indentured servant), at the Free cities or even just before or after their meeting at Dragonstone. They are, in my opinion, a pairing which allows for a lot of different options as far as the relationship dynamic goes, and I'm always open for an RPG featuring the two of them.

      • Robb Stark
      Either with Robb or Dany as prisoners of each other, as Daenerys as a ward of the North or even an unusual marriage arrangement, I'm open to this pairing.

      • Jorah Mormont
      Oh, I know, cliche, but I'll give it a try if anyone is interested.

      • Oberyn Martell
      An alliance to destroy the Lannisters after everything they've put their Houses through would not be unthinkable, and Oberyn's sensual, libertine attitude would be a fun match against Daenerys' fire.

      • Margaery Tyrell
      The Tyrells aren't above making alliances with anyone they believe would give them the edge, and Margaery is a bright, cunning Lady. She would know how to play her cards even around dragons. I believe it could be an interesting dynamic to explore.
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      Offline BeccaTopic starter

      Re: Entering Westeros (GoT pairings and musings)
      « Reply #3 on: May 02, 2018, 04:50:11 PM »
      Margaery Tyrell
      Beautiful, devious, witty and quick to alter her alliance when the tide changes, Margaery is the ideal partner with whom to play The Game. She manipulates those around her to her benefit, and yet is fiercely loyal to those she loves. If a man or woman is lucky enough to win her love, she might help them win over the world.

      The pairing I'm most interested in with Margaery is Tyrion Lannister. I believe they are a match made in heaven. They are both bright, charismatic and survivors. Beauty and the beast sort of relationship could easily grow from either an arranged marriage neither of them are too happy about at the begining or a torrid love affair after they find one another.

      I'd also be willing to consider:

      • Daenerys Targaryen
      As I explained in my Daenerys post, I believe these two could create a rather unique an interesting alliance, and perhaps even allow a peculiar romance to bloom. The two of them are quite different from one another, one despising the game the great Houses have been playing for centuries, the other having grown to learn how to manipulate it to her liking.
      • Robb Stark
      An arranged marriage could have easily been made between her and Robb instead of Renly Baratheon
      • Jon Snow
      Perhaps Margaery survived the wildfire explosion, maybe she managed to escape in time, and traveling in hiding, may resort to the only real opposition still standing to the horrid Lannisters apart from the Martels

      I'm, however, open to other pairings for Margaery, so let me know if you have any other ideas of your own!
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      Offline BeccaTopic starter

      Re: Entering Westeros (GoT pairings and musings)
      « Reply #4 on: May 02, 2018, 05:34:37 PM »
      Myrcella Baratheon

      Though I'll admit I was initially as interested in Myrcella as an option, I have grown to realize there is much-unexploited potential in this character. She is naive and sweet, yet grew up to become a determined, willful woman, who realizes more about her surroundings than those around her might guess by looking at her pretty appearance. She is, however, ultimately an optimist, and doesn't realize people are about to betray her until it's too late.

      Aging her up, she could easily be paired with Robb Stark, perhaps being kidnapped to use as leverage against the Lannisters. I'm not opposed to trying out what the relationship between Tristain and herself would be, or even one of the Sand Snakes.
      A tale of corruption or of love might grow between Robb and herself if she were to be held hostage at Winterfell, and the same can be said for Jon Snow should she not perish at the hands of Elaria.
      Genry would be quite an interesting match as well, if anyone were interested in focusing on a tabbo, incest relationship.

      Another option to be discussed would be a sand snake, going an f/f route
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      Offline BeccaTopic starter

      Re: Entering Westeros (GoT pairings and musings)
      « Reply #5 on: May 13, 2018, 08:02:47 PM »

      Ah, Missandei. I believe she is a wholly underappreciated character. She is bright, beyond brave, knows nineteen languages and is an absolutely stunning beauty. Her past as a slave and her transition into a free woman and one of Daenery's closest advisors and friends lends itself to an interesting character development.

      As for pairings, though I would not be opposed to trying the traditional Missandei-Grey Worm relationship, I would rather enjoy attempting a few other options. Dany-Missandei is an option, as well as Jon Snow... And as for other possible pairings... well, I'm open to suggestions, so do tell me if you have any in mind!
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      Offline BeccaTopic starter

      Re: Entering Westeros (GoT pairings and musings)- M looking for F
      « Reply #6 on: June 08, 2018, 09:24:43 PM »
        Jon Snow

        First a bastard, then a Crow, then Commander of the Night Watch and finally Lord of Winterfel. Jon Snow has truly grown and evolved through the many phases of his young life.
        Being raised in the North by Ned Stark, he carries himself with an immovable moral compass and a true sense of honor. Being constantly berated and looked down upon by his stepmother and having to carry the Snow surname when his -alleged- brothers and sisters got to carry their father's certainly pushed him to build an armour around his most vulnerable core, trying to keep himself as strong and distant as the ice the Wall is built of.

        I would like to give Jon Snow a try, to play as him against several ladies of Westeros. I could find appeal in different stages of his life, from his most innocent stance when he had just left Winterfell to the more cynical and nihilistic man he became after being brought back to life.
        The pairings I see working with Jon would be:
        • Sansa
        • Margaery
        • OC Free Folk Woman
        • Daenerys
        Much as with my Dany-Jon pairing, I could certainly go with different alternative timelines for this particular pairing, including Daenerys being sent to the Wall to serve as a wench and cleaning lady at the command of Cersei Lannister upon her capture only to convince Jon to join her and return to Meereen to regroup; Daenerys becoming a ward of the North and Jon having left Westeros in exile at some point after joining the Night Watch.

        I'm open to discussion to other possible pairings and AU, so if you're interested in playing a game opposite any of these characters, do send me a PM.

        A possible AU for Jon (or should I say Aegon?)

        The Targaryens managed to put a stop to Robert's rebellion and though a somewhat peaceful resolution is achieved, the mad King is murdered in the attempted siege. Rhaegar and Lyanna, thus, inherit the throne Jon growing up to be the heir to the throne. Dani would have grown up in the Red Keep instead of being taken to the free lands across the sea, growing as the princess she was meant to be.
        How would this change everything in the social and political circles of Westeros? How would this have affected the Houses?
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        Offline BeccaTopic starter

        Tyrion Lannister

        Impossibly bright, charismatic, and -much to his dismay- empathic to the suffering of others, Tyrion is truly a unique character. He tries to pretend he cares little about anything other than books, wine and whores, but deep down he is a man who has been hurt and rejected by his own family and those who were supposed to care for him.

        Though he despises his father, he also desperately craves for his approval and cannot refuse his commands most of the time, up until he finally was able to stand up to the Lannister patriarch.

        There are several pairings I consider would be interesting to explore, but I'll list the ones I'd enjoy the most playing him opposite to:
        • Margaery Tyrell
          They are both smart and charismatic, both fully aware of the game of thrones. One is a stunning beauty and the other is called an imp behind his back, and sometimes to his face.
          I think a battle of wits between the two of them would be greatly interesting.
        • Sansa Stark
          Though at first the red-headed wolf certainly was not happy about her forced marriage to Tyrion, I believe there was potential in that relationship. I would love to play a rpg begining at their wedding day and taking it from there, creating our own version of their relationship.
        • An OC alternative, to be considered!
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        Offline BeccaTopic starter

        Viserys Targaryen

        I would very much fancy playing an alternative version of Viserys. What if he wasn't completely useless and relied merely on his family name? What if he had trained since he was a child to become just as fine a warrior as his eldest brother? He would be a fine prospect to the Iron Throne, would he not?

        I am willing to keep his stubborn, hard-headed personality if needed or change it up a bit, making him more level-headed and wise. I do want him to be cleverer and far more skilled, though. I could go for a crueller, more demanding man or soften him up a bit, depending on my partner's preferences.

        This is the character I could see going well for a darker story, perhaps even dub-con if it comes to a pairing between him and Daenerys.

        A few options regarding pairings:
        • Daenerys: An incestuous relationship between the both of them, whether sweeter and more vanilla or darker and with some forcefulness to it would quite appeal to me
        • Margaery Tyrell
        • Myrcella Baratheon
        • Sansa Stark

        I am open to other options, though, so please contact me with your own ideas :)

        Offline BeccaTopic starter

        Petyr Baelish

        Cunning, Machiavellian, unpredictable, and ruthlessly manipulative, Little finger is a fascinating character. Though he appears mild-mannered and outwardly polite, he is a brilliant, shrewd man with little empathy and no loyalties.

        Though coming from a minor House, he escalated socially and politically until reaching a key position in the kingdom, becoming a wealthy and influential man with a web of informants and spies which can compete easily against Varys'.

        I am interested mainly in playing Little Finger against Sansa Stark, though I am open to hearing other pairing options!

        Ramsay Bolton

        Yes, he is a monster. Yes, he's a sociopath. But under the right circumstances, in an alternative universe where his heart was not completely and utterly corrupted, perhaps, just perhaps a redemption story would be possible.

        Think of it as an alternative, even more twisted version of the one Hundred and One Nights? His bride, instead of telling stories, gets pregnant. He needs that heir to secure his position, so he cannot utterly destroy her body and her soul without risking this security. Little by little, through those 9 months, she needs to find a way to reach his heart and soften him enough to be able to create a rapport to the man everyone sees as a monster, perhaps even become somewhat of a good influence on him.

        She has, after all, 8 months give or take, to make him come to care for her, because if she doesn't... well, she would be discardable by then, wouldn't she? It's a game against time and perhaps, just perhaps... she can win.
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        Offline BeccaTopic starter

        Mostly interested in playing one of the male characters, but am open to discussing any female ones as well.

        Open to discussing pairings not featured in this thread.