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May 17, 2022, 12:10:30 pm

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Author Topic: Light and Dark themed ideas  (Read 791 times)

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Light and Dark themed ideas
« on: May 02, 2018, 01:40:03 pm »
These are just some ideas I wanna try out, though do know:

1. I don't do full smut. Gotta be story in there, without it, I'm not doing it.

2. Gotta be a good post length, above three paragraphs. I do not like RPs that are one liners, very annoying.

Anyway, here are the ideas:


This one is actually quite simple: Two people fall in lover together, but one of them discovers that they are bisexual. They are attracted to both genders, and throughout the RP, Muse A is discovering more and more about their sexuality. They could be cross dressing to see what it's like in women's clothing, they could date someone of the other gender, completely open in terms of how to go about the discovery, but it's about the person they're dating going along for the ride.

The character you play can be whatever you like. Though if you want to explore a man's homosexuality, for that I wouldn't mind having it more Male X Female, because I'm not yet comfortable writing up gay sex scenes. Still, I'm willing to explore that if it's a Male X Female thing.

Psycho Killers:

Now this one is a favorite of mine: Muse A is a psychopath or sociopath, while Muse B is a normal person trying to live their life. Through meeting Muse A, B is slowly but surely developed into a psychopath or sociopath like A is.

This is quite open as to how that plays out. Could be a normal person who is infatuated by A, they could be pretending to be normal but when they meet A their darker side comes out, they could already be psychotic and just don't now it until they meet A, as well the plot could be them as teenagers in high school, teens in college, adults living in the city, they could simply be friends with benefits or they could actually fall in love because they actually do share an emotional attachment outside of intercourse.

It's all what you chose to do with this setting.


This plot is one I really would like to try since I find something cute in it. Three people meet, they become friends, they realize they actually love each other romantically, but because this is a rather socially unaccepted thing, they don't know what to do. But they try it anyway because they enjoy being this love triangle that isn't dramatic.

Definitely a fluff piece, just with three people in a high school or college setting. All up to you on that front.


Continuing the pattern of light then dark, this is simple. Muse A is kidnapped and tortured by Muse B, but either through Stockholm syndrome or manipulation, Muse A falls in love with their captor. This won't have rape, so sorry to disappoint, and as well, the kidnapped is going to be male because I've never been comfortable writing that out with a woman being kidnapped.

Think of this as revenge on the male gender I suppose.

Farm boy:

This is more a character than plot. Young farm kid who was raised outside of town starts school and is obviously socially awkward and isn't very good at making friends. Someone pity's the guy and a friendship starts. The dark part of this is the kid was sexually used by his older sister, so expect some emotional scenes to happen where he clearly has issues.


Muse A and Muse B are trapped inside a large mansion like house with no way out, but thankfully they have plenty of food and water. What they don't realize is the house is being controlled by someone, so they experience some strange things. Ghosts, monsters, sudden lusting, sudden hotness, sudden coldness, whatever it takes to break them down unless they figure out how to escape. It's not so much them being kidnapped, it's more they're just in unfortunate circumstances.

Broken Love:

This one is sad. Two people hook up for the night and want to make a relationship out of this. Problem though is that both of them are very flawed human beings who shouldn't be together, as the relationship goes toxic within the first few months. However, they love each other and try to stick it out, only to keep hurting each other as time goes on. How this ends, I don't know, but it might not end well.


I'm giving women a lot of chances to be dominant with these plots. Lol.

Muse A is a submissive male who falls for Muse B because Muse B is either manipulating him into this through his personal feelings for her or she's blackmailing him, all depends. Either way, you have a chance to mess around with this guy, so go nuts with your fetishes.

The Older, the wiser:

This is a simple one: Muse A is a young teen who just moved in across the street from Muse B, who is an older person, and the two spark up a friendship turned romance. Older generation falling for younger generation, a true MILF love story. Lol.

Mentally Ill:

Now we come across the three I's. Muse A is someone with, let's just say, mental illness. He has the mind of a young child, but the body of an adult, he's like a puppy in need of an owner. Either Muse B is a doctor wanting to help him, someone who finds him and tries to nurture him, or they're both in a mental hospital and the two spark a romance. Plot's again left up to you on where you wanna go.


Muse A is badly injured, Muse B nurses him back to health. And, of course, he has amnesia. What are the chances! New life, new love, (he's actually a serial killer who somehow managed to get amnesia.)

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Re: Light and Dark themed ideas
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2018, 10:43:15 am »
Question: what are bump posts for and, Iā€™m still very interested in Broken Love. 😊

Offline Wade AmoreTopic starter

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Re: Light and Dark themed ideas
« Reply #2 on: May 04, 2018, 02:16:02 pm »
Bumps are usually for getting your thread more views by having it be the most recently posted topic. Get more eyes on it in case it's been buried by other topics.

But if you'd like, I'm happy to try the broken relationship.