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Author Topic: Looking for Fairy Tail RP + Other (M seeking F)  (Read 1262 times)

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Looking for Fairy Tail RP + Other (M seeking F)
« on: April 28, 2018, 03:23:03 PM »
I'm looking for female rp partners to do a Fairy Tail based rp. I play either sub or dom and if you have any questions then feel free to ask!

Altough I accept topics as well, I prefer to rp in PM and my post lenght are always between 3-5 pharagraphs.

General Rules

I. Be kind.

II. You may choose up to three girls (18+ only)

III.  I mostly prefer to rp OC's. However, I can combine it with some Canon as well.

IV.  You dont have know the entire series/characters you choose, but some basic knowledge is certainly welcome.

V.  Accept my rules and I accept yours. Now I wont force you of course to play girls or to do kinks which you dont like, but please accept my decisions if I refuse to do something I dont like.

VI. OC's are welcome.

VII.  If you have any problems regarding quitting or if you feel uncomfortable with certain things then please let me know. I wont bite if there are things you dont like but please let me know so we can try to make things right.

VIII.  Dont ask me to do a rp which I havent got in my list.

IX.  Have fun!

Girls I like to play against


Notice that all the plots below are pre-made and that they mainly meant to be extended with your own imagination. Also, these plots doesnt necessary have to be played. Also, if you want to play any of these plots with another girl (either Canon or OC) then feel free to ask.

General Plots

These plots can be played with any girls.

Fairy Tail Brothel

My idea for the plot was a simple change to the Fairy Tail guild; it would also be a type of brothel as well as a mage guild, this service isn't well known, and can only be accessed by asking Mira at the bar a code-phrase, but when the phrase has been asked, the girls would become available for 'business'. The customer (me) can ask for three things when asking for one of the girls; a 'Simple service' (Which is the customer gets to cum once, then they're done), A 'Full Day' (It's exactly like it sounds like, the customer gets the girl, or girls, that he chose for an entire day.), or finally; 'Mission'. (Accompanying the girl of your choosing on a mission, where the customer is able to make them do kinky and slutty things as they travel, or even in the mission itself.)

A guilds revenge

MC was a member of a dark guild and thanks to the guild Fairy Tail, lots of members got arrested by the Magic Council. Seeking revenge, his master gave him a 'special' job to find and kidnap Fairy Tail girls, tying them up in a room and fuck them by using a magic perfume.

Grand Magic (Sex) Games

For this plot, I will rp both Canons and OC's.

Each year, the guilds of Fiore will compete against eachother into a serie of games for which they will fight for the title "Strongest guild of Fiore. Now the idea for this plot is that the main theme will be sex so all guilds will be involved into series of sex games. What these sex games are, we can think of that together, but imagine thinks as escaping a magic dungeon and try not to be fucked by monsters or a game in which two partners need to find eachother and the first couple who cums wins. Just samples, but you do get the point.

For Erza

I'm looking for a good Erza RP's. You can either rp her sub or dom. Below I have some plots which I like try out, but if you any ideas of your own then feel free the share them!

Conquering Titiana (Credits goes to Dirty Reflection for creating this plot)

Erza Scarlet is known far and wide as Tatiana, the Fairy Queen. She is mighty in magic as well when you feast your eyes upon her. She is called Erza Scarlet because of her scarlet-colored hair and her fiery temper. There's something so captivating about her that she is vyied by so many people. Some of them are her friends, some her enemies, and some just complete strangers. It's true that people wish to conquer by any means necessary. Sometimes this requires teaming up against her. Men and woman want her body and want to hurt her.

And it just so happens that, one day while out on a mission, Erza Scarlet will have met her match. There's a bounty out for her - a rape bounty. It's simple: whoever can rape her and get her to admit she loves being raped will each earn the prize of 10,000,000,000 jewels. And it should be really easy since, recently, Erza's magic hasn't been working like it used to. One could even say that, when she passes by a certain alleyway, she will be rendered magicless. Perfect chance to strike, no?

An additional bonus to this is that Erza can also be mentally raped. Maybe someone films Jelal fucking someone else? The possibilties are endless.

In the grip of a book

What the story of the novel is, we can think of that together. For example, it could be a story in which Erza and MC will experience a sex slave life in which Erza would be the slave and MC would appear to be her master.

As mentioned by Levy in OVA 1, Erza has a secret love for smut and erotic novels. Now lets say that one day she decided to buy a new novel at a sex shop and asking the shop owner for the latest releases, she will get a novel for which the shop owner said to be very populair. However, mc also bought a copy of that and once reading it, it turns to contain a magical portal which will throw Erza and MC into a magical dimension, making them experience the novel in a way they wouldnt dare to imagine and the only way to get back is to play out the whole story in which they soon find out that its not so easy as they think!

A terrible mistake!(?)

The idea of this plot is that MC either needs to make himself her sex slave or make things other way around that she will become his slave.

MC has become the latest member of the guild Fairy Tail, but one day he is blackmailed by a gang of dark wizards which forces him to go to the Fairy Hills and secretly take nude pictures of the girls. If he refuses, they would plan to hurt Wendy and expose his terrible dark history. Getting caught though, Erza decided to punish him by making him doing chores around, soon being her slave. Or not?

The board game (Based on Sexual Pursuit)

This is a sort of an other version of The grip of the book

MC and Erza are pretty good friends, not too close but neither too far away. One day, Erza got herself a board game which appears to be said to 'bring people closer.'. Being curious she decided to ask MC to play the game with her, yet that the game turns out to contain some mind control which will do them things what the 'cards says to do."

The bargain

The idea for this plot is that Erza trains a sort of apprenctice but that they both get involved by a faul bargain from which I have a a writing example below:

The two men were standing front of a huge black door and within a few moments…. the tallest male was about to summoned as he had just returned from a rather importnant mission. “Oh man, I cant untill I pushed my cock inside that red head!”, said the younger man. “First!” answered the other. “I dont know yet if the lady wil approve my plan and second, you should worry about the consequences if the plan should fail! And third, if one cock is going to taste her first then it will be mine! So shut about it!”, giving the younger man a dark glare but through his great annoyence, the other seemed to completely ignore him.

“First, I will squash her giant tits together and shove my dick all the way between them untill it is completely burried! And then I shall slowly guide the mushroom head towards her mouth and once it touches her lips, I shall put it down all the way down to her throat! I might even consider blew my loads all inside it! And once I take it out, I shall lick and eat her pussy till she squirts all over my face! And then I’m not even imagining how great it would be once my meat   would go down all to the base when I push it all inside her pus…”,      “Oh would you shut up!!!”, the tallest man shouted, being about to slap him but just before he could hit him, a guard stood in front of the gate and said: “Sir. The lady wishes to speak with you!”, making the man to quickly pull his hand away and sighing he quickly nodded at the guard, yet… that he grabbed the other man by his shirt and said: “I shall try my best to get the ladies approval. But after that, you will keep this quit okay?!”, letting him go and following the guard, he would find himself in a giant dark room and seeing the woman sitting on a what appeared to be some kind of a throne, he bowed in front of her yet that he noticed that at the right wall of the chamber, he saw a naked girl being tied up, her mouth being gagged and getting a sight at her  her pussy, he could there was as iron vibrator being pushed inside it.

Quickly paying attention to the lady though he stood up while the lady answered with a stern voice: “Speak!”, ordering the man to report about his mission and nodding at her he said:  “My lady.” managed to find the boy you are looking for yet that we have a sort of a wee problem now..”    “Which is?”, the lady answered, her voice sounding like she certainly doesnt wish to hear any bad news.  “Well…”, the man continued. “We find out that he is a member of the guild Fairy Tail, which is quite known as an infamous guild in the kingdom of Fiore and since he is kinda being part of the family there, it will be quite difficult to capture him since the guild will obvious try to rescue him once they find out we got him. But that is not even the worse part. You see, it also turns out that  he is under the care and training of a pretty strong S-class wizard named Erza Scarlet.”

“Erza Scarlet you say?”, said the woman suprised. “You mean Titania? Oh yes. I’ve heard about her. She quite got a reputation. Slew 100 monsters during the Grand Magic Games in X791 and she also turned out to be the seventh guildmaster for a quite a short term. So yes, I know what you mean by telling me you got a wee problem. But do know that this doesnt changes anything of what I ordered you to do. Capture him. Make him my sex slave and make also sure he will tell us all the secrects which his father left behind! So I repeat it clear. This   doesnt    change    anything     okay?! Go now and make sure you give hand him over to me within two weeks. If there is anything you require then feel free to ask me now” said the woman, giving the man a dark glare again but before she could dismiss him the man replied: “Well…. The last thing is actually where I want to talk about. You see, my men and I wish to have Erza as our sex slave.”

A few seconds of silence followed and as the woman bursted out in laughing she said: “Erza as your sex slave. Good luck with that!”, wanting to dismiss him again, but through her suprise the man seemed to be serious about and looking straight at her eyes he continued: “No. I’m serious about it. think about it! Titania as our ultimate sex slave. If you only imagine what we could do with her! Organizing sex parties, letting her do everything we want!”

“You sure you want to try capture him? I must still say this wasnt really our agreement, plus you are aware of what will happen if you fail?”, asked the woman. “Yes.”, replied the man. “I know what I’m doing and I’m pretty prepared to do anything to let this plan succeed!“. Another silence followed finally the woman stood up and said: “Very well then. I give you three weeks time. If you manage to capture both the boy and Scarlet then the red headed babe is all yours. But if you dont manage to succeed delivering the boy then you will forget about my promise and I might even exclude you from our clan. After all, you know all the risks so no matter how many guys would sin for a body such as Scarlets, the risk is all yours!”.

With that, she made a gesture that he could leave and while the man made his way towars the black door, the lady sat back in her seat and sighing deeply, she sank in deep thoughts before she turned to the guards and spoke: “Now you guards can do with the girl you want. Just make sure you dont cum inside her!”, making another gesture and with that, the girl who was tied up was suddenly being surrounded by lots of cocks and the last thing what the man could see before he left the room, was how the cocks filled all of her holes, making the girl screaming in both pain and pleasure!

“Go fuck her!”, he whispered to himself. “I’ll save my own cock for the best!”

For Mirajane

For Mirajane I require her most to be played sub. However, I do accept her to be dom as well.

A photoshoot?

A simple plot in which MC tries to lure Mira into sex.

Mirajane, who is still a model for the Sorcerer Magazine, has decided one day to go on a mission herself as some others promised her to take over to the bar for one day and checking out the jobs, she caught her eye on a very impressive photoshoot. Okay, some outfits seemed to a bit 'a bit to sexual', but still she decided to accept the job and once she arrived the company who would prepare the photoshoot, she signed a contract not knowing that the man who would take the photo's, would try to make things more then a photoshoot

My first sex teacher.

This plot would be a more of a competion in which two girls will fight for one guy.

It was an ordinary day and MC, who had recently fallen on (girl of your choice), couldnt hide his feelings anymore  and sitting at a table, Mirajane walked over to him asking what was going on as as always, she wants to help those out with trouble. Going to a place were they can talk alone, he told her he is in love and since he doesnt has any experience of dating he asked her advice of what to do. Not secretly knowing though that Mirajane has a crush on him, she offered him to have a dinner at his place so she can 'learn all the things of dating."

Cute Mirajane?

Kind, cheerful, caring, motherly towards people. That is what perfectly describes Mirajane! She is always there to help and take care for you and ever since her sister Lisanna Straus had died, her old cruel personality had been completely dissapeard!.... Or not?!

MC, who is a member of the guild for a few years now, one day asked if he could do something with Mirajane she likes as he thinks that its time she too should have to turn to do or help her with something she likes or wants to do and as she agrees, she invites him over to her house to help her with a 'secret desire she always liked to do'. Once there, she drugged him however and soon mc would find himself tied up in her bedroom, only to see how Mirajane would be dressed in quite revealing bdsm clothes and while she had a whip in her right hand she smirked: "Now obey your goddess!", as things turns out that he would be her boytoy and slave!
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Re: Looking for Fairy Tail RP + Other (M seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2018, 02:56:07 AM »
Other Anime/Video Games

Here is a list of other anime's/video games which I'm interested to do a rp with. I will add some more soon.

One Piece  (Nami/Nico Robin/Boa Hancock x OC)
Highschool DxD (Rias/Akeno/Xenovia x OC)
Dead or Alive (Kasumi/Ayane/Helena/Marie Rose/Leifang x OC)

General Pairings

Here I have some default pairings for which I will always try to do. This can be either anime or real life related and I can play either dom or sub. Bold is the part which I will play, but I can be convinced to play the other role instead depending on the idea you send me.

Teacher x Student
Master x Slave
Nurse x Patient
(Step)mother x Son

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Re: Looking for Fairy Tail RP + Other (M seeking F)
« Reply #2 on: May 28, 2018, 04:22:02 AM »
Real Life Girls:

Some real life girls I'm interested to do a rp with.

Jesse Jane 
Lisa Ann
Mason Moore 
Shyla Stylez
Jayden Cole 
Jessica Kylie 
Kendra Lust 
Nina Elle   
Nikki Mina
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Re: Looking for Fairy Tail RP + Other (M seeking F)
« Reply #3 on: June 12, 2018, 04:24:46 AM »

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Re: Looking for Fairy Tail RP + Other (M seeking F)
« Reply #4 on: June 26, 2018, 07:28:23 AM »
added link for Discord group.

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Re: Looking for Fairy Tail RP + Other (M seeking F)
« Reply #5 on: July 31, 2018, 03:25:03 AM »

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Re: Looking for Fairy Tail RP + Other (M seeking F)
« Reply #6 on: September 11, 2018, 07:47:18 AM »

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Re: Looking for Fairy Tail RP + Other (M seeking F)
« Reply #7 on: October 02, 2018, 03:24:05 AM »
Added new plot.

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Re: Looking for Fairy Tail RP + Other (M seeking F)
« Reply #8 on: November 26, 2018, 01:42:56 AM »

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Re: Looking for Fairy Tail RP + Other (M seeking F)
« Reply #9 on: December 21, 2018, 07:16:23 AM »
still looking for detailed partners.