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Author Topic: Rp girls little rp corner!  (Read 4400 times)

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Rp girls little rp corner!
« on: April 24, 2018, 05:38:37 AM »
all stories are open. I wish to focus on more detail in my replies now.

happy reading and happy games lovelies.

Hello I'm rp girl! *pops a party popper!*yay welcome to my little add!

I hope you find something you like! Please refrain from answering in this or reply wait for me to rp you then remove your coment as I may add a story under your coment and someone may not see it.

As for details in what I expect from you. I expect you try please I ask nothing more how ever with in earson if i write a lot and the responce is "hmmm" "..." or "k" I will be a little hurt.

I often place secenes in extream solos to be safe.

Just a quick image thread

Now onto the characters

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

here are just a few elves I can play if you want more elves you can simply just ask


Reaper (fandom Black Butler but also can be for a general story)
Witch(fandom Harry Potter but can also be for a general story)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Humans(no images too meany)
And more

I would love to RP and get to know you better I can provide info for you on characters and will happily do so.

I have two requests to take note of

1. I am dyslexic but only to a minor extent.

2. My grammar is far lacking due to my school life... I am not touching it here, however it is still there and I do try my tiny heart out. This is something you will have to pm me about and sit down and take in, and it is far better for me to explain one on one then in a thread. Please don't let this discourage you from RP or just a chat. Even just a small hello to test the waters of how I write and you wil see it is not that far impairing.

One that note to my roles.

sweet sweet smells
Vampirexhuman(ideally you play the vamprie. But roles can be reversed)
It has been years now since vampires stoped drinking human blood. They now drink animal blood or blood substitutes their powers faded with the lack of human blood.

Since that time they have become more known in human culture how ever they stil aren't entirely welcome. (This is a prefered brnanch of the role how ever it can be changed) You are a young man in a well known collage. Sweet enticing smells have been fillong your nose. They come from a girl in one of your study classes. She is young(just 18) and ignorant she is the source of the smell.

It's her blood. You have come to the time in your life where you would start feeding of human regularlly and sertain blood types appeal to certain vampires much like how some humans like one food item and not another.

How will be handled? Will they become adicted to the taste of blood?

Elves and orcs

Ok here is an rp I did with elves and orcs I did I hope to re do this rp and bring it back Credit dose go to backlash84 though for creating the idea and thanks for letting me use it!

Nothing more needs to be said safe for the fact that this is the all to common role with a twist. The orc is a lesser orc or half orc. You take your pick. This role is based off the slow coruption of a small elf. The role is set in a fantasy world where the slave trade is wide spread and greatly acsepted. This role is prefrred to be talked over in pm.

What could go wrong?

the hunter

Hunter role this can be changed to most role in the blacks please fill the race or thing you will hunt or just read bout hunter at ____ this the other blanks not concerning you are to be filled with the race of your hunt. role can go with the elven characters the pirate the reaper the witch demon and fairy ((although she is not open for smut))and angel if you can make it work

You are a famous ___ hunter you have never failed your hunts and are quite known for keeping quiet and clean no more mess than needed to be made your new client has called you/ requested a meeting you are called to hunt down ___ she is said to be a hard to find but easy keep down. You are told "you can keep her alive or kill her just get to get her out of you my way. You can even keep them as a pet slave or maid or just kill them just make them go I want them gone"

What will you do with your prey and the reward?

A terrible mistake

This takes place in a fantasy world typical here I will play a elf other races can and will be played on request warning this is not a faint of heart roleplay or a horndog roleplay yes there will most likely be sex but this is a plot based two

The idea of the mistake is how the king/elders son handles his options and the my characters actions

The kingdom is in a time of fear and pain. They are at war a terrible fate is to become of the kingdom should nothing be done about it. Thankfully the king has an idea his daughter. She is far from acting like what she should as a young princess. She slips out at night and will explore the kingdom she had a weapon a bow/staff.

The kingdom was under threat from orc/dark elves or blood elves/demons/vampires/or any darker race compaired to a light race i.e blood elves to high elves. The kings/elders son is unmarried and with out any servants of his own. The plan is to give the kings/elders son a 'toy' to amuse himself with. She will be the peace offering and shall hopefully bring the kingdom to an uneasy peace at the best.

Sadly it's not going well, how do you contain a girl that just wants to run?

half blood prize

A new craze is sweeping the world/s halfbloods are seen as great pets and slaves. Half bloods are only hald demon half another race typicly elf. Making them atrong and long lifed but, submisive quite and mostly well mannored.

This idea I plan to play the half blood can but I can be the human if you wish. The idea is that the halfblood it adjusting to the new life.

Can you contain a pet that dosen't behave?

broken wings

A new 'pet' is being sold! Adversized simply as 'angles', "gods gift to humans!" they aren't but people beleave they are. They are humans that have been geneticly changed to grow wings! They are varried in only a few ways(aside from personality!), their wings eather work or they don't.

Angels with broken wings are comcidered worthless and are adoptibal. Where as an angle with wings that work is a highly marked pet that will be sold to high prices.

Angela once had wings that worked. But she didn't like being treated like an animal tread fouly and unfair to what her behaivour was so she started pushing her limits. They couldnt get any worse to her. Sadly one day she pushed to far and it came at the cost of her wings. They became broken and bent.

If the right person got hold of her thry could take her and fix them.

Will you try mend this poor pets broken wings, knowing that they once used to work?

the woman from the north
In the north there is a kingdom raising strong worriors the longer their hair the stronger they are. The hair gets trouble some to control so its often kept in dreaklocks or braids. The northern kingdom is always more then happy to lend out a soilder to help a kingdom in need. How ever most kings, queens, princes and princesses don't expect to meet a woman with ash white hair that falls three inches passed her rear, how ever that's just what they meet.

How will a world dominated by men protecting the crown react to a woman doing just as well?

bad boy blues

A classic and tad clechie, none the less fun!

The role ideally goes that my character witnesses something she shouldn't, such as her boss maybe oweing a gang some money and they come in and threaten her boss, meanwhile she hides in the pantry or fridge or under the bench.

Of corse as the story gies she is found, and they have the idea to rid her of their worries but a beter idea comes to play.

This story can take a few turnes she can become one guys plaything or she could be a plaything for the whole gang. Its up to you.

angels can be bad!?

This story is well its up in my head but the plot isnt fleshed out....

Basicly an angel has been sent down to settle a demon who is messing with humans for fun. The way that this plays out though is that the demon become a pet to the angle some hoe and this is never over looked.

In this game rules are thing that are made to be broken but others get a blind eye and others get punished.

Its who you are that changes how you suffer. Who are you in this world?

princess I live to serve

This is a story of eather a guard and a princess or a prince that the princess meets.

She will soon turn 18 she already has meany suitors that are trying to woo her. Most she ends up turning theor emotions to one of bitterness. In truth she dosent like the suitors meany are old enough to be her father or older. She wants someone more her age.

She onlt wants to go through the ordeal or marage once and marrying someone much older then her leaves her meeding to marry again sooner or later due to the unfortunate fact that life is a shot lived thing.

One night she will eather meet a guard of a similar age maybe a little older or a prince with similar age perhapes a few years older.

jist a pirate prompt im begging to try
after pillaging a village you want to claim a prize. You send your right hand man to collect her expecting her to come willing was a miss step as she readily faught with your right hand man and it was never expected that the cheifs daughtwr would be so fisty

shamlessly stoled from dominatpoet.
Demon protector.
It was supposed to be a simple thing. Do a bunch of crazy drawings, get some animal blood, chant a few verses of something in a foreign language, and she would conjure up a demon that she could control. At least, somewhat. She'd have to offer herself up to him and all to have him do her bidding once, but it would be more than enough to get revenge on those jerks. However, something seemed to...backfire.

The demon was supposed to exist only until her deed was done and he took what he wanted from her in payment, until he was satiated. However, before any of that could happen, he started complaining about being stuck in her world now. Somehow, the ritual was botched, and while he was summoned, he was intrinsically tied to her. So now, he's stuck on Earth, AND he's stuck following her all the time.
There are numerous ways to play this, it could be overly smutty and rapey, or more hilarious and dubious non-con, turning to romantic as time goes on.

caught in the cross fire
I have no idea how to explain this but here goes.
This is the clichie hero villan and damsile in distress. But what if the poor damsile gets caught in the cross fire and instead of the villan fleeing and the hero saving her the villan helps her as our hero flees?

The kings pet

This role dosemt have a set scene but I have a starter Ive planned out a little. I dont know what I would play yet as I could 3asily play a demom a dragon elf and so on so ive just written (race)for now.

The little (race) was baught as a pet for the king. She was baught to kneal infrount of him, she trembled and kept her head down as she trembled. She didnt know what to do. She was baught into the market yesterday  already baught. The gard had a tight grip on her lead that was held to her neck. She looked like she was struffeling to keep an even breath.

PROUDLY STOLEN from songbird

I call this one "The Revenant". 8-)

Can you imagine it? A warrior slain before his time, his fealty and his heart pledged to the lady who now finds herself a helpless captive in her enemy's hands. Many men have loved before, and many men have died before, but not like this, and not for her. A pact with Death is struck, and the warrior arises, an unkillable engine of vengeance and devotion, slaying all who stand between him and his one true love.

But Death never gives away her favors for free. What price will our warrior and his lady be forced to pay in exchange for his life and her safety?
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Re: Rp girls little rp corner!
« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2020, 08:22:55 PM »
I have a basic idea for a furry rp thats been bumping around in my mind. I was hoping someone would like to help me flesh it out. It would take place in an office scene.

I also have a hazbin hotel idea that would ideally call for alestor or amgel dust to be my partner but anyone works even oc^_^
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Re: Rp girls little rp corner!
« Reply #3 on: April 26, 2020, 10:56:08 PM »
heres a new ref Im lookimg to play as I have a role but its not fleshed out enough to post here.

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Re: Rp girls little rp corner!
« Reply #4 on: July 24, 2020, 02:08:51 AM »
I stole an idea from song bird so theres a new idea!

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Re: Rp girls little rp corner!
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Monthy bump time

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Re: Rp girls little rp corner!
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Monthly bump aand I added an image thread!

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Re: Rp girls little rp corner!
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Monthly bump my babies!

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Re: Rp girls little rp corner!
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Just a monthly bump on my old thread. I wanna re haul this at some point but I dont know how to

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Re: Rp girls little rp corner!
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Boop boopity boop just a little monthly bump