How the West is Won

Started by Bliss, January 23, 2009, 12:27:14 PM

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This is an idea I tried a while back; had takers for both sides of the coin but neither one panned out in the end.

I'm looking to play a historical wild west game, with one of the following pairings:

An Indian Maiden and a White Man
An Indian Warrior and a White Woman.

Scenarios/background can be worked out in discussion for either one; either way I forsee conflict, language barriers, cultural misunderstandings, threats of war/massacre, and perhaps eventual mutual understanding despite grave differences. In the case of the first pairing; the character of the white man is entirely up to my writing partner - a rancher, a trapper/frontiersman, an outlaw, a federal marshall, or a rich dandy. In the latter pairing, the woman could be a rancher's daughter, a lost traveler, or something else entirely.

Those of you who know me know that I don't put out 1:1 requests often, but as always when I do I reserve the right to choose, if I have multiple requests. Choices will be based largely on proposed ideas and writing compatibility. My games are not first come first serve, and so forth.

So... anybody interested?
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i love westerns. if you'd like can we discuss the white man / indian maiden pairing? i have notes for an RP and i would love to share them! do you want me to send them via PM?
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