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March 06, 2021, 05:15:49 pm

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Author Topic: Land of the wolf - Fantasy - [NA] - Open to all  (Read 687 times)

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Offline BloodsoulTopic starter

Land of the wolf - Fantasy - [NA] - Open to all
« on: January 23, 2009, 11:55:39 am »
Seeing as it seems my approval is taking awhile I thought i would start alittle something to pass the time, anyone is welcome to join this little thing just looking for any experience level who likes alittle fantasy. Here is the hashed out plot I came up with a few months back I would like to explore in more detail, found it fun the first time I tried it out in a one on one roleplay.

Here is the intro -

Torrent rage, empty hollow feelings echoing in the assaulting wind as it battered at the heavy Iron gates of Ailfidre like an invading army.  Ages past these gates that were several feet thick and stood ten times the height of a man have stood and today would be no different. The wind no matter how fierce would fall like a gentle wave upon the mountain side. These storms have become more common as of late in this region.

The great kingdom of Ailfidre was founded on cliffs facing the crashing waves Crimson Sea. They ruled it with an iron grip, their navy second to none but with the need for boats to continue their reign of the water, the forests surrounding the city have fallen victim to the beast of industry. This progress has left the land barren and open to winds which now rage far too often with room to gain power.   The ancient forest retaliates in anger at its lost ground, sending powerful beasts and deadly magic to defend its home and the once prevalent harmony of the area long lost in the shifting sands of time.

The city is oblivious to this fact, its high walls built in the times of the Great War of old, continues upon its road to progress without a thought. At first glance, it’s the perfect society, civilized order, a monarchy that seemingly rules justly and a well fed and paid populous. At a closer glance with the proper eye one may see its true colours. Its citizens kept on short invisible leashes of political control, squabbling for the scraps that the royals let fall to their willing masses. An elite army of almost demonic soldiers and wizards at the kings control to rid the city of undesirable elements. This is all the while; the princes fight one another for the right to the throne, twins both equally blessed with right to the thrown while the frail King fails to keep his daughter from spending a weekly fortune on whatever she fancies.

The kingdom itself however is of beauty unmatched, a land that puts the hanging gardens of legend to shame. Those that dwell within may have given in to the lure of power and corruption but the city still stands. The layout of the circle is that of a twisting tower. It’s divided into three sections, the outer ring houses gardens, farm land and the great lake of Ishtar. Over the lake is the floating isle of the mages, a peculiar piece of land that overflows with greenery several hundred feet above the water’s surface. The only way to and from the place is upon the backs of the winged dragons they keep as pets within the desert outpost. The inner ring is a raised land housing the many towns and business with an elevation equal to that of the floating island. The Army of the serpent and the falcon bother reside on that level, each run by a prince and constantly bickering with one another. The grand Auction house is also present here, anything a person could dream of and some he could not can be found and purchased within its silken walls. The uppermost level is the Palace of the kings. Not a detail spared, nor a wall undecorated. Intricate carvings and statues are found upon ever inch of its walls; Ivy wriggles its way through the nooks and crannies to create a dreamscape of a building. Atop this grand architectural wonder is a gem the size of man glistening in the sun and moonlight, a beacon to those finding their way home.

From the edge of the forest this light can be seen but does not bring the warm that it does to residence, it serves as to a reminder of the presence of the enemy of the forest world. The opposing world meaning previous is the elder forest, ancient and vast. The sister city of Ancient Ailfidre lies in ruin within the heart of the forest, lost in the last great war. The forest's towering trees stretches from ground to what seems to be the sky should you find yourself beneath the branches of one of these ancients. Each tree within this world of emerald green vaster than most buildings and home to several species of life. It is a place of magic and mysticism; both beast and man walk within these reaches and sometimes a mixture of the two. Villages of each clan and species are scattered about its wealth of land, each proud and unique. Untold secrets and treasures lay in wait for those with the courage to find them. As of late however, only those that abide the forest’s will survive however, the times call for harshness, the time of strife has come to the forest and the balance is wavering with the human’s rise of ambition. 
This is the world in which we reside, and in which we must live to find our own path through life. This is where our story begins...

-My character in this-

Name : Soul

Age: Appears 25 actually age several centuries

Gender : Male

Species : Lyconthrope, Wolf that assumes human form

Appearance: 5' 11" , black long sholder blade length hair/furr, green eyes, fairly pale skin, always wears a large saphire pendant and a silver clasp style earring on left ear.

That's about all I want to reveal at this stage , Thankyou for anyone who reads this let me know what you think and what you want to roleplay as and if you want plot changed or modified. Very open to ideas. Lets have some fun and do remember non sexual, sadly not a member yet.

Offline Luna murakami

Re: Land of the wolf - Fantasy - [NA] - Open to all
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2009, 11:02:59 pm »
Sounds interesting...anything in particular you're looking for in a rp partner?

Offline BloodsoulTopic starter

Re: Land of the wolf - Fantasy - [NA] - Open to all
« Reply #2 on: January 23, 2009, 11:43:03 pm »
not particularly dear, just can put a few sentences together, speaks decent english and gives me enough information in a post to work with then I'm on happy guy *grins*. I'm just looking to have fun and hang out with this one for now.