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Author Topic: Sticky Stories of Love (Seeking female/male/futa from any)  (Read 424 times)

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Sticky Stories of Love (Seeking female/male/futa from any)
« on: April 14, 2018, 03:10:30 AM »
About Me:

A nineteen year old human being. Have interest in literature, acting, biology and romance (read: incidental therapy). Generally I'm a fan of avant-gardism, and nice, weird settings, but tend to tone down for erotica. People are already weird enough inside.

Am male, though in any earnest context I'd feel weird promoting myself as more then the owner of some testes (two, I think...).
Enjoy writing binary-gender characters for the exposition. Might start writing with trans or non-binary characters at some point, but I'd need/need-to-give a primer. Unless I wouldn't need a meta understanding of the character (o.0).

Have little experience in thread based RPing, at least of a free form variety. Am interested in writing on few RPs at a time, and happy to write with anyone who can generate a suitable character. Active... sometimes. At least once a week, probably for a couple of hours.

My main (rather random) tie in with erotic writing, for me, is an obsession with euphemism, and the idea of characters being afraid to ask for what they want. Am fixated by characters overcoming taboos, or basic social boundaries to please others or themselves.
Pain or physical discomfort for either partner isn't really my cup of plasma, and view  sex and relating concepts with a certain amount of sacridity. Not interested in waste stuff, and neither find the idea of grunginess/'lewdness' sexy, or anything in sex inherently 'lewd'. Would mainly be confused by characters seeking to put emphasis on their own, or others, apparent lewdness. Love getting into the stick details, but tend to do it in a more dead-language kind of way.

Themes and Styles:

Probably be able to put up with three disjointed exchanges of dialogue/skin per post, at the very most. Would like finding ways to get more stuff in a single post though...  Tend toward prominence on continual, almost finical descriptions of visuals and other sensations. I want more feelings, not more words. Like to play around with fairly simple but varied characters (mostly young adults), and prefer simple settings, or complicated ones outside the 'bottle' in which the scenes take place.

In relation to characters, I'm particularly interested in RP as a form in which I can focus more on character writing. Trying to keep multiple characters consistent while also thinking about plot and everything involved in others, solo forms of writing tends to turn my brain into candy-floss. Enjoy the heightened ability to write as character you can get from more improvised, short posted RP.
That said, I'm not a fan of directly ex-positioning many of a characters thoughts, especially in an RP where the same happens for multiple characters. Its fun to use dialogue, body language or really any other method to hint at things, and I have a harder time finding a character lively when their mind is dissected in front of me.

One RP theme I'm particularly attracted to seems to be more romantically oriented story lines with one character falling for the other on first interaction (during, or even a considerable amount of time before the beginning of the thread), and emphasis on the individual becoming romantically and/or sexually frustrated. For more *ahem* direct situations (meet and mate/greet and eat/gather and... lather?), I'd expect substantially shorter threads. Also interested in threads where the characters openly dislike each other initially, because I apparently have nostalgia for that kind of thing, and find character development fascinating.

Plot Ideas:

Probably better to PM me if interested.

Females with Females
Name: Neighborhood Watch
Format: Free-form. F/F. Modern magical setting.
My Character: 18/19 year old female. In-conventional, and tough. Job with a secret organization...
Your Character: Slightly older. Seemingly well raised female, who might happen to bit of a voyeur.
Plot: In a conservative town, YC has been left to house-sit while the rest of the family is on vacation. She realizes the previously unoccupied house has had somebody move in. Just one woman her age, in that big house, alone like her. Well isn't that weird! She also apparently likes to sit by open windows... YC tries to start polite conversation, checking the mail, or gardening, but MC mostly brushes her off.
YC starts to be 'concerned' openly monitoring MC. She sees weird stuff, smoke, flashes, um... swamp gas? Ball lightning? Is she having a ritual in the bath, or...? MC turns out to be a member of a supernatural cult, stationed YC's neighbourhood to monitor and remove mysterious, benign entities. YC manages to find out, and convinces MC to be accompanied on night patrols. MC is increasingly concerned as to why YC benefits from snooping around and watching people with her, but also starts to enjoy her company, and associating her with security. Romance eventually blossoms...
Overview: Weird Acquaintance > Strained Partnership > 'Why Not' Romance 
Likely Include: Supernatural weirdness. Spying on people, and intruding on intimacy. Direct f/f action, eventually.
Partner Requirements: Willing to switch roles, depending on how much of the plot and whatnot you want to take on.

Name: Lighting the Sober Hearth
Format: Free-form. F/F Modern
My Character: Outgoing, earnest young woman. Involved in partying, necking with relative strangers, and has at least a couple incidents of casual sex (f/m) under her belt, but also a sense of moderation, and views on 'what's really important'. Guess she's going through a productive and recreational heyday.
Your Character: A more calculated and reclusive young woman. Studious, she can occasionally be deriding, though more often just distant. A closet lesbian, who happens to find MC just as appealing as the rest of the world.
Plot: Both fledglings involved in university, the two share an apartment, and something of a common-wealth. YC is largely the planner and MC provider of morale, high-spirits... and a little bit more on the night the RP would start. Coming back a tad earlier than expected from a party, quite drunk, she gets in the way of YC's plans ('finishing that project, and getting a little 'MC free time') Having had to return from a party that was broken up by misadventure, MC has the surreal experience of going from the excitement, to a low light apartment, near silent, and with YC being more irritable and cold than usual. YC is annoyed at MC for putting her in this situation, afraid the less inhibited MC might say or do something that will cause her greif, and her alarm only grows as MC, left hungry for physical contact, starts to get flirty. Not-publicly-acceptable levels of flirty. Commence YC trying to do right by MC, whilst fighting her own increasingly inflamed desires. She eventually breaks, of course, perhaps giving in in increments. RP would probably continue to the 'morning after' as well, and I'm not sure how it would end.
Overview: Long Term Unrequited Attraction > Having Sex
Likely Include: Pretty much any vanilla f/f sans toys is possible. Probably no positions a sozzled young lady couldn't manage :p
Partner Requirements: Feel like YC might be a tough character to do, especially responding to what she has to put up with in a legitimate feeling way.


Futanari Goodness
Name: Stowed Stowaway with a Stow-Away
Format: Free-form. Futa/M. Low fantasy, voyage ship.
My Character: Mysterious, young-adult futa. Mistrustful and street wise. Virgin, but eager for sex, which she's never had the convenience of seeking.
Your Character: Son of a wealthy merchant, male of similar age. Kind hearted and civilized, with a pure, poetic flair for romance. Virgin, and innocent to anything other than m/f-missionary, but curious. And somewhat awkward, of course. 'Little too idealistic' vibe.
Plot: A ship has set to sea, on its way to the new-country where industry thrives, and any misfit or miscreant can start a prosperous new life. Incidentally, this ship was just intended to carry the families, servants and physical goods, of a a few successful merchants. Innocently wandering the ship one day, early in the voyage, YC is surprised to find a young woman in raggedy clothing hiding below deck. He promptly smuggles her into the private restroom beside his cabin so she can avoid capture, and take a split of his meals. After all, who is he to deny a willing and able young lady a life in the colonies? He is of course, also motivated by an intrigue in MC, perhaps over developed romantic senses. They are immediately subject to sexual tension, and its not long before he accepts that she's the most endearing  person on board, and tastefully starts trying to woo her. Her nature is revealed before too long, and along with her own interests, promptly tests the depth of his romantic feelings. And eventually the depth of his romantic thro... never mind.
Overview: Lodging > Constant Intimate Tension > Progressing Sex Acts
Likely Include: Start with kissing, dry-humping, and progress to oral, mutual masturbation, deep-throating, and breast/buttock-cleavage 'penetrating'.
Partner Requirements: Able to pull off high-breed merchant's son.

Name: Dare to Frisk
Format: Free-form. F/Futa.
My Character: Young woman. Low ranking law enforcement. Rather stiff and status obsessed.
Your Character: Similarly aged futa. Conster, maybe? Laid back and mostly earnest, just sketchy enough to detain, but also possibly having worked as an informant at some stage.
Plot: Simple, metropolitan/tourist location in a modern, somewhat authoritarian setting. Two characters who don't really get along. And some handcuffs. I think you see where this is going. MC encounters yours while on duty. They know each other on sight by now, and almost have banter going on (futaness is at least suspected. MC is guarded, morbidly curious...). YC is obliged to follow MC around for a little while, and before too long a complex and unprofessional run in with a real criminal (some half deranged story-device sicko) leads to the two being bound at the wrist, and the criminal escaping with the key. MC can't stand to go back to her station to explain, at least without redemption, and as a result she forces YC to tag along as she tries to track down the criminal, staying in cheap hotels, or enjoying the weird "vacation" at better times. Relationship obviously develops, though after a fair few bumps.
Overview: Rough Relationship > Build in Trust/Forced Intimacy > Romance
Likely Include: Shared handcuffs. Bathing/Rest-Roomin' in company (little detail on the latter). Masturbating, one hand free, mutual masturbating. Oral, penile/vaginal...
Partner Requirements: None in particular.


Males with Females

Name: Friends with Deficits
Format: Free-form. M/F, might branch out.
My Character: Slightly petite female teen. Little odd, and brusque.
Your Character: Teen male. Has a thing for sophistication, and enjoys his (perceived) lack of insecurity.
Plot: Starts with YC and a close, long-time friend of similar build, at a masked ball type situation (pre-graduation party?). Both have a thing for being exclusive and well rounded, or at least the friend seems to, and YC sees him as something of a role-model. MC, who is a mutual friend shows up, and behaves even more clumsily and unconventionally than usual. YC critiques her, and she gets sniffy with him before leaving. YC and friend decide to switch masks to trick her. Which goes well until she insistently takes the impostor aside, references having 'helped him out' in the past and makes a startlingly tender request for relief at his hand.
Main theme would be YC being exposed to the undersides of his friends, how they make him think of them differently.
Plot would go as far as YC doing a sexual favour requested by MC, while mistaken for his friend, and some time later, YC being compelled to awkwardly ask MC for a favour 'out of the blue', probably as a result of feeling the need to have done something before school's properly ended, and generic sexual tension.
Overview: Weird Friendship > Act & Confusion > Soul Searching > Act Returned
Likely Include: Male and female hand service. Extreme social awkwardness.
Partner Requirements: Able to pull of chic on outside, under-cooked on inside.

Name: Conscientious Hedonism
Format: M/F. Free form. Modern. All scenes take place on campus.
My Character: 18 Year old male. Wallflower. Decently secure, but has a hard time understanding people, and especially the relationships practices he's exposed to.
Your Character: 18 Year old female. Runs a tutoring program. Stylish, nonconformist, and headstrong on her own views. Sees her offering of advice gracious, and is surprised when people don't take it.
Plot: High-school's nearly over, and MC still hasn't had a girlfriend, despite the booming market for partners. It certainly isn't because he's not all about girls. He just doesn't get couples. The way they seem obsessed with 'going out' and finding distractions from one another apparently, or spend more time broadcasting their feelings for one another than acting upon them, and God help him with the lack of directness. If you can't tell your partner how you feel about their calves, who are you going to tell? He finally gives in to his friends' insistence that he should join that 'Relationship Tutoring' thing between classes (after all, maybe its just him), but is shocked to find that not only is he the only person enrolled, but that its a gorgeous female student (YC) running the course. Her teaching turn out to be primarily rejection of the same conventions he is confused by, with the odd starling tidbit of sensual advice thrown in, all with more confidence and conviction than he could muster. Her 'classes' move toward physical intimacy, and its not long before MC has to relieve himself after classes (whereas YC prefers to warm up before them) and their already increasingly intimate relationship consumes the 'tutoring' time, with a bizarre amount of perceived righteousness.
Overview: Tense Relation > Lotsa Sex
Likely Include: Desk, floor and restroom sex. Oral, double-oral, masturbating, making out, vaginal/penile, teasing over long periods, being found, hiding unintentional orgasms/reactions in public.
Partner Requirements: Just character running. YC has to be alluring, and vaguely dangerous, but still relatable. I can write up a schema for her teachings per request, though they'll probably be pretty simple.

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Re: Sticky Stories of Love (Seeking female/male/futa from any)
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2018, 06:56:00 AM »
Thirty day bump, plus new scenes.