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April 14, 2021, 11:20:42 am

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Author Topic: Constant discovery through wordplay!  (Read 538 times)

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Constant discovery through wordplay!
« on: April 13, 2018, 07:40:31 pm »
Hi there! I'm Writersblockade, and this will be constant work in progress. Much like me! I've been on E for a chunk of time, on and off, and found that I've done this kind of thing rarely. Normally I'm hitting people up about their ideas and adding my input to it, but I've found that I have a few stories that I'd love to bring to life, but aren't requested often. I'll likely adjust as more ideas are added. Feel free to pm of you think we're compatible, and as usual, please do not respond in thread. Thank you one and all!

I'm opening this up to everyone, because that's me trying to expand my comfort zone, so please be a little understanding of that. It's all in my head lol, but I'm a stubborn bastard.

Ons and Offs – My roleplay preferences cover most of this, but I've realized that it can be a little more complicated and circumstantial. I have played out themes that I would normally stay clear away from in real life, but I've listed my normal hard Nos in preferences. I'll  likely break down and make an official o/o lol

Themes – Fantasy, Sci Fi, Modern, Period pieces (Civil War, WW2). I love superhero stories, but enjoy a Russo Brothers bend to it that makes a hero less cartoon – like and more real. Hard to explain, but Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier is the high bar I shoot for.

Stories – Fragments of an unsound mind, and not fully formed! So, you know…keep it casual

•Wolverine: The Long Night – okay, so I heard the podcast trailer for this, and just thought it would be awesome to show Wolverine (MC) in a mountain -man mode. Distancing himself from the world after his escape from the weapon x program, Wolverine wants nothing more to do than live a quite life and manage his demons in solitude, until people show up dead in the woods he's made his home, with marks on their bodies that could have very well come from him. Now a village that was his one link to the outside world is up in arms, and the deaths have attracted the FBI. Now the race is on for Wolverine to find the killer, and clear his name. Unless, of course, he is the killer.

Main character to play against would be up my partner. It can be the federal agent, a villager, or somewhere in between. We can keep NPCs low, or go into minor world building!

•Strike Back: The Chaos Initiative - There's fewer things I love more than a kickass female, so if you want to play one, here's your chance! This is an idea I've toyed with from time to time, and would love it if I could find someone to work with. Redacted reports and clandestine missions beckon! Sector 20 has lost one of their own, and there's very few options available to fill their spot on short notice, but did it really have to be my characters ex? Can the two keep things professional and keep old wounds from compromising the mission? With lives in the balance, and Chaos on the rise, we should hope so!

Fun for the whole family
So incest can be interesting. The social dangers, the chance of discovery from spouses or parents, the access making family gatherings so much…harder. Anyway, it can get as smutty as we want, from slow burn comfort, to worn out springs in the guest room!

•My house, my rules: The good news. Your father has found someone, and he's been nothing but happy ever since. The better news is you've met his love interest and approve. The problem… she also has a child, and they don't like to share. Ever since you've all moved in together, they've been nothing but mean to you, but a chance meeting in the bathroom changes all of that. Now they can't take their eyes off of you, and have been nothing but kind. Honestly, them being mean was less creepy.
This could be done in a few ways, depending on who we want to be the meanie. If someone wanted to play opposite a futa, I'm happy to oblige. A double futa pairing would be fine as well

•Mom's a Cam what!? Life has decided to drop all of my character's family issues on their heads at once. His father is still the home's primary bread winner, but even with cutting costs, the bills keep coming. My character's going to school, and still manages to work to help make ends meet, but mom came from a household that believed in the old school idea of a women's place, and never did anything more than being the best  homemaker she could be, but in wanting to help, she acted on impulse to do something… different. Who knew she'd be such a hit? Under the guise of her “home business”, so has helped right the ship, but as my character cruises for late night depravity to ring in the weekend, how do they react to an add that features his mother as he's never seen her before, and how does he handle wanting to see it again?

If we want, we can explore how the shifting dynamic affects the household, and how the wife's newfound empowerment creates a new world order of sorts. If someone wants to either throw an interesting spin on this, or just one shot it, let me know.

Out and about – stuff just because

•Hot for teacher  - always love stuff like this. The setup allows for a good of tease. MC is the jock…THE Jock. Since his sophomore year, any scout that came to their school came for him first, but he had a problem. The poor guy wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. That's where your character comes in. A young teacher in a new school (or established veteran, your choice), you're tasked to bring the school the glory it deserves by getting their greatest athlete to a powerhouse university. The incentives are promising enough to forget you have morals, and you have an ace up your sleeve. The jock already has a crush on you. Selling the sizzle to leave no student behind? That's damn near a community service!
As a johnpersons fan, I'd love an interracial twist on this, but it's not necessary.

 That's it for now, gang. Stay classy out there!