PG13 F for F Master/apprentice plot: The Beetles

Started by Ezuriel the Moth, April 12, 2018, 05:38:25 PM

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Ezuriel the Moth

Name: Beetriz
Age: 20
Gender: cis female
Sexuality: pansexual
Race: Longhorn Beetle Insectai
Height: 4’6”
Eyes: shiny blue green
Hair: blue with lighter streaks
Body: slender, pale grey skin, four arms and small, thin hands and feet.
Clothing: She wears a cloak that allows her to fly, styled like beetle wings. The cloak is blue with large white spots on the widest parts. Other clothing is a blue long tailcoat with the sleeves cut off and long grey trousers.

Personality: Takes her role in the Commune very seriously. She is kind, brave, and has a profound sense of duty.

Powers/Talents/Profession: She patrols and carries her whistle and switchknife everywhere. Part of the Beetle Order, A higher group of Insectai that protect the Commune from Arachnid bandits.

Other: NA


It was yet another peaceful early morning in the Commune. The insectai residents were just waking up, but Beetriz the beetle had been awake for hours already, on the night watch, protecting the Commune from villainous Arachnid bandits. She had been assigned the midnight-to-seven watch cycle, and was just about to buzz home and crawl into her beloved bed.

As a beetle, she was sworn to protect all Insectai. She was equipped with a whistle, a switchblade, hard leather armor, and a magic cloak that allowed her to fly like a real bug’s wings. She had six limbs in total. Four arms and two legs. Two long antennae protruded from her head. She was a Longhorn Beetle, an expert in tracking, watching, and flying.

She flew along the breezy currents, making one last round before she would meet with the next beetle on watch duty. She flew from Lower Half up to the gates. She peeked over the tall wall, making sure nothing was attempting entry, then buzzed into the watchtower to meet the next shift.

The shift change was handled smoothly, and Beetriz was soon sloughing into her home, greeted by the familiar sight of the one roomed abode. In the center, a low table with cushions surrounding it to sit at. In one corner, a sort of nest, a veritable mountain of more cushions and blankets. Against one wall, an iron wood-burning stove. On the cold stove, a kettle. The walls held a number of sepia photos, the contents of which were mostly of Beetriz herself, family and friends. The camera was a new invention that had come to the Insectai from the big city of Hive. It was a marvellous device, and Beetriz loved to take pictures with a camera of her own.

Beetriz beelined (or beetle-lined?) straight to the nest and fell into it, wriggling to settle herself and not even stopping to take her cloak or armor off. Too tired. Plus, what if there was an emergency? She couldn't waste valuable time getting dressed! At least, that's how she justified it to herself.

It was as if she had blinked. She fell asleep so quickly and woke with a start. She wondered what it was that had woken her up, when she heard it again.

A knock at the door. She grumbled as she rose from her nest, several things popping in loud protest as she stretched her entire body. She wandered to the door and opened it.

“Hello, Beetriz.” It was her commander, Kalla.

“Good morning, sir.” She bowed.

“At ease.” At Kalla’s words, she straightened. “I've come to ask you about something. You know that soon the next generation of Beetles are going to be trained. I would like you to participate.” she continued.

“You're asking me to take an apprentice? Gladly, but why me?” Beetriz’s antennae twitched with curiosity.

“You show more dedication than anyone I know, Beetriz. I'm sure you would mold an apprentice to be just as good, if not even better.”

“I'm flattered. When is the Bonding?”

“The last day of this month. Training starts the first day of next month.”

“Understood. Thank you for thinking of me.” Beetriz bowed again.

“Of course. I look forward to it.”


The end of the month came all too quickly. Beetriz would meet the other mentor Beetles at the Hall of Stag, wearing her finest regalia, a blue tailcoat with white trim and green leggings with blue boots.

There were ten mentors and thirty prospects, but only ten of those would walk away a Beetle apprentice. Beetriz may have been caught by surprise at the nomination, but she would do her very best to earn a chance to mold a young Beetle to become a great one. Perhaps even as great as the first Beetle, Stag.

The mentors were not allowed to meet the young ones before the trials, and Beetriz could hardly wait. Both sets of hands were wringing, and her antennae twitched in excitement as she waited in the holding chamber. She briefly wondered if this was how they did it in Hive. Probably on a larger scale, but similar otherwise.

Finally it was time. The mentors would have ringside seats to watch the prospects sparr, and the victors would be chosen by class. Beetriz would be choosing for the Scout Watch. How she longed to bestow upon a young bug that magical wing cloak.

The portcullis opened and the prospects marched out in formation with their little training cloaks. The prospects were all born in the same year, making them of one generation. Beetriz couldn't help but smile. They were quite cute at that age. She remembered fondly her Bonding, when she first earned her cloak. She scanned the small Insectai, looking for any of them that stood out to her.
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Ezuriel the Moth

A/N: Basically... Have you ever seen or played Owlboy? Its like that but instead of owls its bugs. Insectai, I'm calling them. Six limbs total (four arms two legs) like bugs. And different members of the society are different bugs. Mantises are scholars, moths are nuns, butterflies are nobles, flies and roaches are the serfs, and ants are workers. And Beetles are soldiers/scouts/watchmen. And one of those beetles is taking on an apprentice. They fight a common enemy... Arachnids.
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