Wrath of the righteous 1v1 wanted.

Started by Omnius, April 10, 2018, 12:57:08 PM

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I am looking to play in a 1v1 for the wrath of the righteous adventure path. I wish to play an aegis (dreamscarred press class)/Paladin (of arshea) gestalt, later multiclassing into highlord on the aegis side. My character would be played as a paladin of Arshea, very devout, more than willing to talk a problem out rather than fight but still able to smite the enemies of his god. He has a particular hate of rapists and slavers but would consider few completely incapable of redemption. My ooc goal is to build a harem of the various female npcs and enemies in the story, redeeming them as necessary (including the demons in the AP).