Crush-F/M..maybe some F/F [UN]

Started by traci80, January 22, 2009, 02:25:49 PM

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Hope you like this RP idea..

Traci is a 20 year-old college girl who goes to school in her home town. She lives off campus with her best friend, Dawn, who is 19. Dawn is taking the semester off and planning on returning to school in the fall. Traci's sex life was making out with Dawn now and then and her own fingers. Dawn had different guys visiting her bedroom. Most were paying. Traci didn't want to deal with a boyfriend with softball going on. As the season was coming to an end Dawn's 16 year-old brother Dylan began coming around to beg his sister for some weed. The siblings were potheads. Much to Traci's surprise she started to develop a crush on the boy she used to refer to as the brat. She had never been into younger guys before. Not only that they were so different. She was a jock in college. He was a skateboarder in high school. And like his sister he was a bit of a dumb blond. Dawn was a slut and Dylan needed a kick in the ass. Traci tries to keep her crush on a leash. She doesn't need either one of them knowing her attraction to Dylan.


Sounds like a good idea, got more info on the characters?
I'd love to get involved if i get approved lol