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Author Topic: Cravings from Fade's Grimoire (Male/Fu x Female for kinky fun!)  (Read 947 times)

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Hello everyone! Just a casual and hopefully fun and interesting partner looking for some new roleplay! It has been some time since I've played here, so I am once again delving into Elliquiy to move once again from IM based roleplay (can be nice but is really aggravating to make rapid fire posts sometimes).

However, before we get into the gritty of it all, allow me a chance to lay down some specifics for ya'll.

First off, I am interested in the realm of purely M x F (I can play a shemale/futa for a shemale/futa x female). However, under no circumstances will I be playing M x M or F x F or be the female in any of these pairings. As such I associate with female roleplayers, it just works best that way thank you!

Second, I am a casual roleplayer. While if I got a lot to say and want to try a bit more to stretch my writing muscles, I typically make posts 1-3 paragraphs in length. As well, I am coming from a more rapid fire medium of roleplay as of recently so I might be a little less extensive with my posts. However, the point of all this. I don't like it when someone basically says (especially after approaching me), yea if you can't post this much per post I'll just ignore you. I don't mind some reasonable limits, but if you come in saying (6+ paragraphs minimum!) I will probably have no interest in replying to you!

Third, I want to know how both of us enjoy the roleplay! If you are having fun, like how I write, have anything in particular on you like I would love to hear it! I enjoy pleasing my partner most of all, so I like to do things you like! I also want to hear if something is bothering you, if I do something to make you uncomfortable, or you don't like the way the plot is going feel free to tell me! I will try to do the same as best I can, I hope we can avoid just dropping all communication. If you feel I am taking longer than I should to reply, or want to know if I am going to, I would ask you at least give it a day before but I appreciate you reaching out to me if you are concerned!

Fourth, I hope we can be friends! Yet, only as far as you want to be. If you would like to talk, chat, OOC say stuff and get to know each other a little I don't mind! I am a pretty open person about certain things, while I will maintain a right to avoid any real controversial topics, I would be more than happy to hear about what you want to say and asnwer any questions you have! We can at least be social and cordial with each other, doesn't have to just be back and forth messages only of our roleplay!

And last of all, I am afraid I have to stress I am not looking for a single long term roleplay at this moment. It is just not something I entirely have the time for right now, however I am not going to stop you from trying to ask should you desire it! I mainly feel this in regards to a long term plot is something that takes a long time working out, dedicated time spent working through a more expansive story and I don't know if I can make such a commitment at this time plot wise. Yet, feel free to ask if you want, the worst I can do is say no!

Now, all that is out of the way. First let me get my kinks out of the way, now please remember this is an f-list of what I like, as in if you ask me my favorite kinks I'll direct you here! Most of which cater to my love of living a mainly unrealistic reality that allows us to explore some odd things! Hence, why fandoms and high fantasy tend to be my favorites!

<snip> is right here to my f-list!

Now, this is going to have a list of cravings I am feeling at the moment. Both a combination of themes, pairings, and some more detailed plots! If you are interested in any of these, feel free to shoot me a message! Or, if you feel you have an idea that might tickle my fancy, just shoot me a message and we can message!

-Themes I'll do
High fantasy
Fandoms (IE Star Wars, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, etc)
Sci-Fi (prefer fandom scifi above other)
Modern Fantasy
Ask about others!

-Some pairings in mind

Princess x Orc/Knight/Sorcerer/Evil Something/etc
Two adventurers (Open ended with lots of room for various themes)
Conquered and the Conqueror
Sith x Jedi
Smuggler x Sith/Jedi
Imperial Agent x Various characters
Imperial x Republic
Mandalorian x Various OCs
Politician x Sith/Jedi
Mage x Templar
Elven Slave x Magister/Various OCs

Just basic ones, I really most often like to hear what character you want to be
and craft a scenario accordingly

I would really much rather discuss mutual interests and brainstorm!

Last of all, I have 'some' scenarios that really get my attention. If anyone would like to play one of these out with me as something short term, please poke me for my attention! Now, these are mainly just sexually focused scenarios so if you have something else in mind I am all open to what you want to suggest!

{A well deserved Impregnation!}
So, I found this
face claim
of a girl I absolutely love! I want to do a rough scene with her (18 years - 20 years old), and some well hung stud! The scene can vary depending on what you want, but the over all theme is the same! I want her to get wrecked, ruined, and bred by this well hung stud!

Some ideas for the scene I thought of were that she ends up in some motel on her way back home from a con, and well she ends up being the target of a man who targets women like her alone and he knocks her up.

Or maybe she is streaming and her brother or some hung fan or home invader interrupts her stream and loads her with cum over and over that she is without a doubt knocked up!

Or maybe she is at a convention and meets a great 'cosplayer' but in reality he is the real thing, and well she finds out that he can do much more than just the average human! For this I was thinking he could be cosplaying as an original Sith character from the Old Republic!

Open to other ideas, but I want this babe to get knocked up bad! Filled to the brim with load after load until there is no doubt, that her womb could possibly withstand the assault of seed to breed her properly!

{A Multi-Dimensional Harem Buildin}
Now, I know that this is not a favorite of a lot of people, and I only hope I can find the right partner for this roleplay!

I have a craving, and that is for someone to play a series (one at a time and with no real over-lap unless desired) of canon ladies for an OC male of mine. His name, is Darth Romner.

A powerful Sith Lord, a master of the force and sith sorcery. A nobleman, who has great ambition for his house and its future. And of course, there has been one recent discovery for him. A force technique that can bend reality, and shape it to his will for one purpose. To travel both through time and dimensions, he can go wherever he wants in his own Star Wars Universe (for Star Wars canons). And of course, to any other dimension for other fandoms!

And once he discovers it can do this, he starts exploring and finding other canon girls. And adds them to his harem, bringing them to either his own home dimension and his estate. Or, he could have managed to create another dimension and brought his home or has one built there to keep it isolated. Adding all the ladies to his collection, I have a large list of ladies I like and who I want in the moment changes. So, looking for someone willing to work with me on that!

Kinks I love for this: Well endowed characters (either naturally or with sith sorcery, body growth if we use that with the previous, mind tricks and hypnotism, lots of cum, non-con, con, non-con to con (depends on the character), rough sex, knocking down (for ladies needing knocked down a peg or two!), breeding, etc! More on my f-list.

{Bimboification Roleplay - Open Themed}
Now, I really love the idea of both mentally and physically turning a woman into a bimbo. Mentally making them sex crazy and physically, becoming a buxom bombshell of a bimbo! I really like this kink right now, and I really want to make this work. I am open on the setting, be it high fantasy, sci-fi, fandom, modern, etc! I do prefer a flare of supernatural or fantasy to it! Such as, a skilled sorcerer using his talents to turn someone into his bimbo! If this interests you, please message me and let's devise a plot together! Also, feel free to pair this with another plot if you have something in mind!

{Totally Wrecked}
Now, if you look at my f-list you will see a list of fandom girls I'd love to have a lewd and crude time with. Some being the spies from totally spies, however I am not speaking of them just getting done by some simple villain like in the shows! I am talking about a crossover, a true being of terrible power they could not have ever imagined in their own world!

I am talking of a crossover involving an OC from some other fandom, powerful and in charge. My first thought is some Sith Lord from Star Wars, a powerful master of the force and his lightsaber who takes one or more of them and makes them his playthings! Perhaps it is consensual, but the way the scenario is structure it seems more non-con to me.

Or rather than the crossover idea, what about a super villain who finds a way to turn himself into a masculine and domineering man (perhaps by stealing it from others).  He becomes the ultimate specimen of manhood, and his first time testing it is on one, two, or all three of the spies!

{A Star Wars Play:  In the Old Republic}
Now, this is another flavor of Star Wars.  And while this lady isn't necessary, I have a face claim of a female Sith drawn by amazing hentai artist Lucien. 
Behold her in all her glory!
Now I have a few ideas for her, so if you like the sound of any of these please let me know!

Well, two of them are really one idea but can vary on how it goes down!  And mainly, the character I play changes!  I would play either a Bounty Hunter or a Jedi Shadow, and the variances come in these flavors!

1.  As the Bounty Hunter, it is more of a casual for fun use of his quarry.  He captured a Sith and is taking her back to whomever requested her capture, but decides that he has a force collar on her and she is restrained.  Why not exploit her sexually on his way to drop her off as well?
2.  The other is as a Jedi, although normally Jedi are composed and respectful people.  However this Jedi himself has a great dislike for Sith, so who is to say that she might not get hate fucked by a Jedi?

Now, that is one idea!  The other I am interested in, I mean honestly I love Star Wars the Old Republic!  If you play the MMO, I played a lot of it myself and even though I struggle to keep playing I can bring my characters out of it or even play in it if desired!

This other idea is what I like to call 'Descent into the Tomb of Darth Garael', featuring a powerful Sith Lord who was entombed in the valley of the Dark Lords long ago.  A forgotten tomb that rarely anyone can find, and looming with legends for any who can find him.  Opportunities for sith alchemy beasts, force ghosts, and I also imagine that Garael managed to ensnare scientists as mind thralls and used them to biologically engineer a perfect body for him to possess and finally has his own body!  And the lady above, or really any other female sith would work for these scenes (purebloods and twileks loved!), is exploring the tomb so she can find his secrets and gain the power he left behind.  But ends up the dark lord's plaything!

{Hogwarts Bimboification}
So, this is an idea for one to three of the various female characters from Harry Potter, aged in a manner to fit within site rules. Minimum 16 for all, I could see them being between 16-17 depending on the year and how we arrange this (I understand the actual ages of students at the school so open to taking this away from the school or a suspension of reality where there is an extra year).   Can also be with them being 18-21 and out of school, depends on what preference for setting we have!

It will also be done with neglect to the actual book plot so as to avoid the whole wizarding war, and they can be older if we like. The idea is that Ginny, Hermione, and Luna (one to three of these ladies), are taken captive by someone! A Slytherin OC, skilled and powerful. He is capable of capturing any number of these three, and first of all has his fun with lewd magics.

Putting all those involved through a series of body growth changes, using magic for his obscene ends. And of course, once he is finished there entertaining himself with all the ladies he manages to capture. Maybe even, forming a bit of a lewd cult that allows for him to use them to expand the circle of influence he has. A crude and raunchy scenario, but really speaks to me!

{Rouge the Bat Smutty Encounter}
Now, I also have another craving that is shorter term for sure that I am hoping to get satisfied. So, it is something with less depth but I want to flesh it out so there is more to it plot wise. Now once again, it is me playing OCs opposite a canon lady.

And for this plot, that canon lady happens to be the sexy and buxom Rogue the Bat from Sonic. Now, I won't be anyone canon from this game.

This I am feeling might lean more toward Non-con, Rogue ending up in some bad situation where she gets ravaged by either humans or other anthromorph men who definitely have more thickness than the rest of the way sonic characters are portrayed.

Essentially, a smutty one shot with Rogue the bat is calling me!

Kinks, we are looking at the same as the previous roleplay on this thread!

{Master and his Apprentice}
So, I would love a scenario to play as a Sith Lord who finds himself with a particular need of an apprentice. So, he sends a Vassal lord in his service to visit the Academy. Requesting that he look for a female apprentice, that fills his usual requirements. And return, after making the offer to be a successful Sith Lord's apprentice.

Now, one does arrive (bonus points for an alien like a Twilek or Togruta!). She is introduced to her new master, who eagerly greets her. And while he is more than happy to teach her the way's of the sith, he can't help but also want her for the body she possesses. Even to a bit of a territorial level, so he also makes it known what more her role will involve as his sith apprentice.

{Star Wars lewd adventures}
So, a random idea I had falls into two three ideas. With a little focus on ageplay, thinking 16-19 with someone 35.

The few ideas I had for this are the following.

A padawan is trapped on a planet with no where to go, she ends up getting a distress beacon out and an older gentlemen responds to her message and offers her a ride. Where it ges from there, can vary on theme!

Another is a senator's young daughter, at the senate building and either a senate guard, Jedi, or etc there watching her!

The last is a force sensitive bounty hunter, and the young lady who helps give him information on his contracts, basically a well informed informant who helps with his job! However, along with their business relationship there are other parts of it as well!

{Star Wars Canon Babes}
Just a simple idea, with various ways we can do this. I would love for one of the following ladies (more curved if you are game) to be in a scene with an OC from the Star Wars universe, the ladies I am interested in are Padme, Leia, Rey, Ahsoka, Oola, Aayla Secura, Ventress, Chiyo, Kira Carsen, and feel free to suggest others!

[Dragon Ball Z Shenanigans!
I love Bulma, Chi-Chi, and Android 18. I would love for any OC from the setting, based on preference, to have a turn at any of them! Let me know of any interests, and we can discuss!

{Sibling Rivalry with some bystanders - Brother x Sister & her friends}
An idea I have a bit of a hankering for, this could be an older or younger brother depending on your preferences! The idea is simple, and despite the title of this idea it can also be more con and not actually non-con or dub-con if you like! I am good either way!

The idea is that a brother, home alone with his sister and a couple of her friends, has a sexual romp with them. Engaging in whatever sexual escapades we decide, mainly I do a lot of gangbangs and I would like to be the one opposite multiple characters this time!

Now, this idea also comes in another flavor! One that is more of a, size shaming for the younger sister's boyfriend. Well, her boyfriend is average but very nice. Offers her more than just sexual appetites, treat's her rigt and makes her happy. Yet,
either in the form of dub-con, non-con. She is suddenly introduced to her what her older brother has, and what does he have? Well what every male roleplayer wishes to have because they don't have one in reality, a very well hung cock (yea I know many say it really is just cocky and doesn't matter but this is my fantasy for roleplay)! The size range can be anything from just large by normal standards, or if you are willing to indulge my crude and perverted fantasies, something that is impressively large and possibly ridiculous like in the 18+ range! And of course, I love me some cum so he would have a habit of making a mess of her with it Wink.

Well, maybe where they get busy is somewhere public. Maybe the older brother just slips it in, and she just has to or after realizing what he has she just decides to take it! And after that, while maintaining her relationship, she now has a lewd sex relationship with her brother to sate that size queen need!

Basically, I would love if someone could play her friend's as well. If not, just some sexy brother and sister fun!

{A Carnal Assassination! - Sexual Deviant for hire!}
Now, this setting can be anywhere. Yet, anyone who is willing to do something not modern realistic always earns brownie points with this Reaper! I love high fantasy, fandoms, modern fantasy, but modern realism for this is more appealing than other scenarios!

Now, what is this derogatory and just straight up perverted idea you ask? Well, have you ever met a girl that just pissed you off? A girl, who was that stereotypical mean girl who treated you like crap because being catty and your clothes. We all have, met them at work, school, everywhere! So, I am offering you a service! And how this can apply elsewhere, is open to imagination and I might have a little say on that!

Well, this service has a purpose. With some money, and even an 'assassin' preference. You send in your request, and the target. We will try to match your preferred assasin (anthro, human, what type of male as I am open to playing lots of types of males!). The only thing they all have in common, is they are all well hung! So, what they do is find the target. And after they hunt them down, they ambush them somewhere and give them a hard sexual treatment! The end goal can be different. Perhaps you want me to knock them up, giving them a baby they have to take care of. Perhaps, you want them to be degraded, and broken into a bimbo so they are no longer anyone of importance. The possibilities are endless!

Now, I have done a similar scene in high fantasy so if this idea sticks with you or help you find an idea for other settings that work I am all eyes! The idea was that a powerful sorceress had a student, one she had a prophecy would defeat her one day. So, she hired a minotaur to find the apprentice and put a necklace on her. The necklace absorbed all spells cast by the wearer, and it also amplified her own pleasure. So she was much more sensitive, and when she would reach her orgasms it would make them more mind numbing. The goal, to turn her into a bimbo and put her back into the world. No longer a threat to her master, and the welcome gift to any male with a dick to please her.

Now, if this idea appeals to you at all. Please, shoot me a message and I'll happily help you get your vengeance!

{Some kinky fun for the Yugioh girls three!}
So, I would love to play with one or more of my three favorite girls from Yugioh! I love me some Alexis Rhodes, Akiza Isinksi, and Tea Gardner! If anyone would like to play one or more against a well hung OC, we will get along great and make a lewd play happen! With that in mind, it has a lot of options!

A duel with a price for losing, a random person finds her on the street, just a con fun with any of them meeting someone at their respective canon settings and the fun they have! Depends on if you like con or non-con, we can brainstorm together!

If this peaks your interest, please let me know and we'll have some sexy fun of the kinky variety!

{Gasp!  A not smutty focused roleplay?!:  Star Wars the Old Republic, both story and smut!}
Now, here is another thought of mine.  Now let me explain, I love Star Wars.  The Old Republic, all the games are some of my favorites of all time!  I have recently started playing Kotor 2 again, and damn it I love this game so much!  The greatest travesty of all time to me, is the fact that this world will never get a new and amazingly created Star Wars RPG.  I would love a new Old Republic story to explore, a new trilogy or game two game series would be great but never going to happen!

And of course, I don't know anyone who would make a campaign for the Star Wars tabletop RPG that Kotor is based on.  So, I have a great craving for Star Wars right now!

I would LOVE to make an Old Republic time framed story, work out a couple of characters (I tend to play force users).  Work out something of a story together, and engineer a plot as we go for something fun!  This is something more larger in scale than what I am used to as of late, I can do longer term play but it has been some time.

If anyone is interested, and has an idea of what character they want to play, is interested in brainstorming, and doesn't just show up and keep asking me what I want you to do but interested in doing a back and forth with me on the story.  I would love to get a message from ya, and see what we can do!  I love alien ladies, but humans work as well if you don't fancy playing a pureblood, twilke, Togruta, Zeltron, or other sexy aliens!

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Re: Cravings from Fade's Grimoire (Male/Fu x Female for kinky fun!)
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Just a reintroduction of this thread, see if I can find any interested peoples!