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September 16, 2019, 03:45:59 PM

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Author Topic: Octo P's Invitation to Party City [MXM FXF MXF]  (Read 587 times)

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Octo P's Invitation to Party City [MXM FXF MXF]
« on: March 28, 2018, 04:41:54 PM »
Hey Y'all!

So, I've been taking a peek at other people's request pages, and originally I was just gonna lurk, but what the hey, I guess I should put myself out there, huh? This is gonna be so laid back, but bare with me.

I'm looking for some one on one RP partners, and here's some things I like when it comes to that:

-Literacy: I'm not a stickler on length in the slightest- give me what you think is relevant, and express your character effectively and I'm happy with one paragraph or twelve. I do expect a dedication to creativity though, and character development as well as pushing the plot is a must. Spelling errors or trips in grammar are no problem, I don't expect you to run over your posts with a fine tooth comb. We're not trying to publish here, okay? It's chill.

-Frequency: I have no life, I work, sleep, and roleplay so I'm around a lot. I also type fast, like demon fast. That being said, I have absolutely no interest in pressuring anyone or being pressured into a specific pace of replying. The most I can ask for is that I hear from you once or twice a week at least. That being said, I'd love to have side conversations about our characters, our plans, ideas we might have, et cetera. So even if we're not able to crank out posts a ton, I'd love to talk with you, so that's kind of a must for me.

-O/Os: I've got my O/Os on my profile, and I suggest you peruse them. As you'll notice, I don't have a lot of hard nos. I'm not really the type of person to connect on such a level with roleplaying that I find certain things triggering or overtly revolting, but there are some things that I'm just not into, so if it says no, I'd recommend not asking. That being said, I've got a LOT of maybe and yes, so most sexual proclivities are gonna be fine with me. That being said, I only play switch or submissive characters. I've been burned too many times playing a dominant character that has to chase the coat tails of an oblivious submissive, and I'm just not into it. You can message me and tell me that you're not that kind of submissive, but trust that I won't be impressed by that. Switch is great, if you live that switch life, you're golden with me.

-Where it at, tho?: I honestly prefer PMs over anything else, but if you wanna have a thread that's totally chill with me. If you get my discord you have been blessed, because I don't give that out to just anybody. Don't bother asking for it until we've known each other for a while.

-Personal Mentality: Look, I absolutely love roleplaying. I love reading about and writing interesting characters, building complex stories with high stakes and creating something unique between each person I play with. That being said, I will be really blunt if I don't like something-- particularly any sort of meta stuff. Don't move my character, don't imply my character's attitude if I haven't stated it, don't time jump unless we've discussed it-- I'm viciously strict about my autonomy. If you infringe on that, the first thing I'm going to do is point it out and ask you to revise. If that's not cool with you or I get another post saying my character did/moved/looked like/thought this and I didn't say that in my post? I'm gonna end the roleplay. That clap back aside, I love being friends with people I roleplay with, and coming up with ideas together to further the plot- it's totally fine if you message me as an aside about anything from 'what if we do this' to 'omg I can't believe your character said that'. I live for it, so talk to me.


Here's some slap dash starter ideas for ya to ponder. If you like the way something sounds and want to add to it, or 'what if' at it, than yes, please, hit me up. I'll basically refer to characters as A and B, I'm relaxed about which one I play, let me know which one appeals to you more! Also, in my radical respect of autonomy, as I'm describing the scenarios they're 100 percent negotiable. The character set up is just kind of to give you an idea, but if one way of thinking of behavior doesn't work for your taste, than let me know, get that shit out of here, we'll start from the bottom up.

1: I have to marry who???

A was not planning to get married in the first place. They've got a lot of shit on their plate, they're old enough now that their family has given up on breathing down their neck about their career path, and honestly, dating is hard and messy and too much work. They thought, surely, they were in the clear from their parents trying to strong arm them into a specific life style until they get a letter from their mother about how they have 30 days until they are legally married to B. Which is ridiculous bullshit. Maybe they can get away with being married to B and never see them? Maybe it's a contractual agreement for money? A's parents are all about the dollah-dollah-bills. A decides to just ignore the letter, because really, they can't deal with that right now.

B has lived their whole life in high society and it is BEYOND boring. Everyone's got an agenda, everyone's talking out of both sides of their mouths, everyone wants something from someone. They won't pretend that they're not the same in some ways, it was how they were raised to be strategic, but it's honestly gotten to the point where they feel like they don't know anyone, and no one knows them. When B's parents tell them that they're going to be married off, there's no surprise there, but when they find out it's to A, they're frankly flabbergasted. A? The A Family burn out? The rebel child? It's as fascinating as it is ridiculous. B isn't entirely sure how A got out of the system, but they're curious enough to find out that being forced to marry A is something they won't argue with their parents about. However, when they don't hear a response from A, save for A's parents griping about how A hasn't responded to the proposal, B decides to make themselves known to A.

B shows up on A's doorstep. Chaos ensues.

2: Vampires, yo. That's my jam.

Hit me with some vampire stuff.
Vampires A and B have been suffering each other for a literal millennia and their relationship is complex. When A seems to have kind of ghosted out for a few decades B, despite themselves, can't help but be a little worried. There are hunters after all, and every passing generation gets more obsessed with security. B finds A in a pretty rough condition, and even though they can hardly stand each other, even though there's a hot and cold dynamic between them that's gone on for too long, and even though there are KILOS of sexual tension between them, B decides they can't just leave A to rot.

Human A and Vampire B have been roommates for about a year now. A has noticed that B is pretty eccentric, but given that they're both up at all hours of the night, they get along relatively well. B has been considering, at least in increments, about telling A what they are, but there's so much risk involved in that they usually chicken out. A hasn't been feeling all that great lately, and isn't sure what's up, but they ignore it until one evening, they pass out and B has to rush them to the hospital. Turns out A has a terminal illness-- they're blind-sided by the information, and both are suddenly faced with recognizing how fragile mortality is. B's desire to reveal what they are becomes more urgent, because they can save A, if they turn them, but what if that's not what they want, they freak out and reveal B's identity? A is trying to navigate grieving and living to the fullest, and in an effort to just say 'fuck it' to all the things that hold people back because they think they'll live a long time, A decides to make moves on B. They end up in bed together, and the morning after, B is really, really unsure what to do with this situation.

Vampire A and Human B have made a blood pact. B will provide blood to A in exchange for protection-- how well this relationship works out for them depends on how we play them. The world they live in is full of all kinds of dangerous shit. When you put aside the royal court that is regularly subject to gossip, poisonings and murder, there's also all sorts of monsters that terrorize the human nations, feeding on humans or live stock and destroying settlements. B needs all the help they can get, and while they were originally of the mind that all Vampires were good for was a sheath for a silver blade, B as a body guard has all kind of benefits. B thought, when all of this started, that this would be a fairly simple transaction, A would feed on them, follow them around, do their bidding, and that would be that. The problem is, as much as B doesn't want to acknowledge it, A is a person as well as a vampire, and when A sinks their fangs into B's flesh, more and more there's been a disturbing peak of arousal involved. B isn't sure if A has noticed, A hasn't said anything about it, but wow is it adding to B's stress to navigate wanting their vampire body guard, hiding that their body guard is a vampire, and dealing with their position as a royal in the cut throat court of their nation.

I've Seen You A Hundred Times

This one's up in the air for race/location, but I'll just go with modern to swing it. A has seen B so many times, it feels like they know them. A knows B's coffee order, what books they've read at the library over the last two weeks, their license plate-- not in a creepy way, it's just that they seem to cross paths constantly. It's a small town, sure, and A only stayed because they're trying to go to school on the cheap, but it is really messing with them that they've seen B all over the place and they don't know who B is. They didn't go to school together, A would remember that, they don't have any mutual friends. A's asked, and yet, B is always around. B finally musters up the courage to approach A, and surprise, A has noticed that B is everywhere they are all the time too. How does A feel about that? I wonder...

May Our Nations Prosper

Okay, so this one's pretty flexy, but I would love to do something anthro. I've got a thing for Nagas wink wink. But A and B royalty two do different kingdoms. Those kingdoms have been off and on as far as being alright with each other, but upon the birth of A and B there was an attempt on the part of those Monarchs to weld their nations in harmony with a marriage. Both kingdoms are VASTLY different in species/race, but they occupy the same territories, require the same resources, so it's really the sensible thing to do politically.  A and B were brought together as children, raised together, and now they must take up the throne and represent a united force to encourage their nations to find peace. This is where it's up to us as players- are their ideologies about that the same? Are they both okay with the fact that they were forced to be companions from childhood? Do they love each other? Does one of them love someone else? There's all kinds of ways this could go.

Okay! I think that's enough for now. Like I said, if you've got ideas, or you wanna add to what I have here, please hit me up!

Thanks y'all

Octo P
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Re: Octo P's Invitation to Party City [All pairings, bring it on]
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2018, 01:32:01 AM »
Plotline 'I've seen you a hundred times' is spoken for! All the others are still up for grabs <3

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Re: Octo P's Invitation to Party City [All pairings, bring it on]
« Reply #2 on: March 30, 2018, 06:39:21 PM »
Plotline 'May Our Nations Prosper' is spoken for! GIMME DA VAMPS PEOPLE GIMME YOUR VAMPS PLEASE lol

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Re: Octo P's Invitation to Party City [All pairings, bring it on]
« Reply #3 on: March 31, 2018, 02:03:14 PM »
Alrighty y'all this is going great, thanks for all the messages and ideas! Now, I've got two rps going where I'm the vamp, so give me YOUR vamps- yeah? Okay, thanks, love ya so much.