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November 25, 2020, 10:31:05 PM

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Author Topic: The Wizard (or Witch) and the Warrior (M for F, LIGHT/BON to NC)  (Read 722 times)

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Offline PainlessTopic starter

I've been hit with a random craving for the story of a powerful magic user on a journey, accompanied by a capable warrior to act as a bodyguard. I've got two ideas depending on which of us is playing which role. The plot itself is very up for discussion, but there's a particular character dynamic I'm looking for in each one.

These are written with fantasy in mind, but either could easily be adapted to sci fi or even post apocalyptic settings. And while I'm looking for someone to play a female character, I'm open to players of any gender.

High Fantasy:

Option 1: Male Magic User (MC) and Female Warrior (YC)

MC pulls YC out of a jam, maybe nursing her back to health as a serious injury. When asking how she can repay him, he asks her to accompany him on a long and perilous journey. She eagerly accepts, and finds herself getting a little obsessed with her new companion. Taking first watch at night so she can see him while he sleeps, getting flustered at every little word he says, even borrowing some of his mage tools for her, ahem, personal use. Did MC cast a spell on her, or just her obsessive personality in action? Or could it be the work of someone else entirely? How long can she keep her affections hidden? And what will happen when MC finds out how she feels?

Option 2: Male Warrior (MC) and Female Magic User (YC)

She's one of the world's most capable witches. She brews potions and weaves spells that can bring down entire kingdoms. She'd dedicated her entire life to the study of magic... and lost out on her chance to learn anything else in the process. Despite her incredible intelligence when it comes to magic, in normal life she's dim, sheltered, naive, easily manipulated, and other polite synonyms for "dumb as a post". So when her magic is needed for a dangerous and difficult quest, MC is brought on to guard her and teach her a thing or two about the world. Is he constantly bailing her out every time she wanders into trouble? Or is he the one manipulating her the most? Does she appreciate him being her second mind, or is she frustrated that the world thinks she needs a bodyguard, convinced she can handle herself?

Sci fi/Cyberpunk

Option 1: Male Technician (MC) and Female Bodyguard (YC):

MC is the best illegal augmentation specialist money can buy, and after a job gone wrong, YC is desperately in need of his services to give her back one or more missing limbs. It leaves her feeling vulnerable as he nurses her back to health, and her gratitude slowly turns into obsession. When he proposes a job to steal prototype augmentations usually reserved for the ultra-wealthy, just for her, how can she say no?

Option 2: Male Bodyguard (MC) and Female Hacker (YC):

From a young age, YC was plugged directly into the mainframe, literally. It did half her thinking for her. All the math, most of the memorization, and it didn't need to handle the human interaction because for her, it was basically nonexistent. And then one day, she's unplugged, and she's lucky she can still talk. Money, conversations, showers, these are foreign concepts to her. MC is assigned to get her acclimated to the real world, until his employers can find a new system to plug her into, one that's a lot more favorable to them.

Post Apocalyptic:

Scientist (MC or YC) and Mercenary (MC or YC):

Detailed plot TBD

Whether it's slow and romantic or dark and dirty, I'm definitely looking for a big focus on the relationship, and while I love smut in both large and small quantities, I also want lots of plotting and worldbuilding.

So if either of these ideas interest you, PM me with your take on them!
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Offline PainlessTopic starter

Re: The Wizard (or Witch) and the Warrior (M for F, LIGHT/BON to NC)
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Update: Cyberpunk plots added.