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February 16, 2019, 02:13:14 PM

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Author Topic: RP Dan's Request Thread (M for F)  (Read 495 times)

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RP Dan's Request Thread (M for F)
« on: March 22, 2018, 10:59:30 AM »
Hi, and thanks for having a look at my story ideas.

They're all modern, slice-of-life stories and even if romance isn't exactly what you'd think of when you read the ideas, it's in all of them somewhere.

I'm looking for female partners who like to tell stories, who tend to write fairly long and meaningful posts, and who can look inside themselves to develop characters who have the feelings, motivation and the ability to change and grow with the experiences we give them. I have found several wonderful partners with whom I have finished more than a dozen stories. I would love to find one or two more.

If you're interested, there's more about me in my ons-and-offs, to which the link is in my signature.

Here are the plots that have been on my mind:

1. The Wrong Weekend: A young couple in Denver invites their married friends in Philadelphia out for a long weekend. The women had been very close in college but hadn't seen each other for some time since our couple's wedding because of the distance. Our couple arrives in Denver only to find that they've come a weekend too early. Not a problem, except that the hosts already have invited two other couples, also their good friends from college, for the weekend -- a swingers' weekend. This story is as much an examination of their marriage and attitudes as it is about sex. There's group sex, switched partners, and generally sexy behavior, but I'm hoping it'll be more about fun and laughter and our characters' new intimacy than your basic in-and-out smutfest. It's also perhaps not the easiest story, either, because there are several important NPCs to write, and I'd like a partner who can have fun developing and writing them.

2. The Power of Her Body: YC is the 16- or 17-year-old daughter of MC and his wife. She'd always been pudgy but has recently dropped considerable weight and looks very good. But she still dresses as if she were 40 pounds heavier. Mom takes her to buy some new, much more youthful and flattering clothes, and YC sees the effect she has on her father. She tests it out, flirting with him a little, teasing with legs and breasts and her rear, cuddling against him on movie night. He resists at first, and his wife is the beneficiary of his forbidden fantasies. But then YC decides to go for it, and they start their affair. So there's incest, I hope with both Mom and Dad, maybe sex with YC and her bff, too. I would like YC to spend considerable time considering what her body can do for both herself and others; there's a ton of room for character development and introspection for all of them -- Mom, too -- as well as sex. The mother is an important NPC in this one.

3. The Starlet: YC is a young woman new in Hollywood. She came from a Midwestern city where she did well enough in local theater, and now she wants to make it in films. She meets MC, a small-time agent, who sees some talent that can be developed. This story is about what happens when a casting agent asks, "What will you do for this part?" and she says, "Anything," which sets up our conflict with her agent. I see it as being about a lot more than sex; it's about loyalty, bad decisions, and redemption. I'm really craving this one.

4. Paying the Rent: YC and her husband have been married for about a year. They move into an apartment they're not sure they can afford, but they love it. Too soon, though, they fall behind in the rent, and the landlord will not be put off. But he offers them a deal: She has sex with him once a week and he'll knock the rent down to something they can afford. It kills them to take the offer, but they have no choice. The surprise is that sex with the landlord opens up a new world for YC. He's rough, with the morals and social grace of an alley cat. Her husband is tender and loving all the time, even during sex -- doggie is exotic to him. She has never orgasmed on his cock, but fakes it, taking time during the workweek to satisfy herself with her fingers. But not any more. She'll change; start dressing more provocatively; the landlord will raise the stakes to twice a week or more. Maybe they'll make the husband watch. There are a couple of ways this could end -- maybe she comes back to her husband wanting to teach him new things, maybe she runs off with the landlord. But the underlying story is about the changes in all of them as they go through this experience.

5. The Loving Couple: A loving married couple's desire for exhibitionism and other kinds of fun leads them into a mate-swapping lifestyle that gets out of hand. I imagine that this would start with an invitation from two friends at a dinner party with the two of them at the friends' house. Our couple is led into exhibiting themselves, and things go from there. Perhaps by the second meeting our couple is having sex with the others' mates, after having examined their feelings together. From there it can be a visit to a sex club or a larger party. They may fall in with a couple that has a much more open relationship, and I can envision YC being invited to attend a party while MC is away on business. After that perhaps they find themselves going out to different, separate gatherings and maybe for a while it's all very exciting but instead of their experiences bringing them closer together, they see the opposite happening. Then what would we have them do?

This story carries the themes of exhibitionism, sexy dressing and all-around naughtiness, but I would like to ground it in the relationship that our two characters have, how it changes in realistic ways, and how they might come to save themselves, their love and their marriage -- or not. I like happy endings, but this story doesn't have to have one if that's the way we choose to write it.

6. Stranger Bedfellows: He came from an ugly past: alcoholic parents, regular beatings from his father, a teacher who took advantage of him when he was 16. A poor student who lost his chance at a football career in his final beating from his father, he fled his home for New York. Desperate, he found some work in porn. She was bright; a good student who started drinking when she was in college. She flunked out of school and when she stole from her parents they threw her out. Only 20, she got into porn because all she had to do was show up, open her legs and collect her check. She was one of the crowd of Class C punchboards working for Class D porn shops when one day fate put the two of them together for a scene.

It was magic; people went nuts. He and she went nuts in the scene, creating heat seldom seen in porn. They did another scene; it was even more successful than the first, and now bigger studios were hot for her. For him, not so much -- a cock is a cock. So they will have a relationship, but even as he tries to help he can't stand her because she's a drinker, and she can't stand herself or his condescending attitude toward her. She'd thought of porn and drinking as a kind of way station before death, but now she's not so sure because she's felt something in her body from his. I would like our story to be about their struggle; how she tries to overcome her alcoholism and how he helps her, all the while trying to overcome his hatred of her disease, possibly learning how to separate her from her demons. That they work in porn doesn't help.

I would also like to plot out an end, even before we begin. Will she get and stay sober, leave porn and find love in the straight life, leaving MC behind after he's helped her? Will she fail, and ultimately might he feel forced to leave her to her fate to save himself? Something else? There's a lot to talk about as we take them through their many challenges.

Please let me know by PM if you'd like to discuss any of these ideas or have one of your own that touch on any of the themes on my list!
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Re: RP Dan's Request Thread (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2018, 12:06:26 PM »
Updated with The Loving Couple, some edits.

Offline Nevaeh

Re: RP Dan's Request Thread (M for F)
« Reply #2 on: August 26, 2018, 12:34:59 PM »
Interesting ideas.

Online RP DanTopic starter

Re: RP Dan's Request Thread (M for F)
« Reply #3 on: August 27, 2018, 12:56:25 PM »
Added Stranger Bedfellows, marked The Loving Couple as Taken, took out (for now) Saving Each Other.