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April 10, 2021, 08:32:49 pm

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Author Topic: Lusty Heroes Never Die! MxF Overwatch-fandom play  (Read 544 times)

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Lusty Heroes Never Die! MxF Overwatch-fandom play
« on: March 22, 2018, 05:33:32 am »
Currently craving some Overwatch play, specifically a pairing with Mercy. Other characters are possible in addition, but my main focus is on Mercy.

I'll get the necessary bits out of the way:

-Please communicate, let me know if you're no longer interested, if you can't get online for a while, etc. If something in the RP isn't working, we can stop or retool it. If I message you for the first time and you don't see anything that appeals to you, a "No thanks" is greatly appreciated over no response.
-I'm a switch, and am happy to play the dominant. That said, I do enjoy bottoming, and I do like a sub who can make decisions, initiate, etc.
-MC can be male or futa, but YC should be female. RL gender doesn't matter.
-Reply length baseline is around 3 paragraphs.
-Would prefer a partner who can post every other day to two times a week.
-Prefer Threads/Email/PMs.

-Forceful non-con: No.
-Dub con is trickier. I enjoy situations with a degree of pressure, but earnestly saying "no" will always immediately allow an ejection from the situation with no consequences, and YC should always desire/enjoy what MC does.
-Bathroom stuff/gore/etc.

Get to the RP stuff!
I could see possible RP going one of two ways. The nice, slower romantic style, or the kinkier, smuttier way (BDSM, humiliation, freeuse or informal). Either direction would likely include clothing sex, semi-public locations, dirty talk, etc.

MC can be OC or canon characters; I'm most willing to play McCree/Genji, but most of the cast are negotiable. Also willing to futa-ize anyone.


Bedside Manner
The classic doctor/patient situation. Either playing out Genji's rehabilitation or some other character, someone is wounded, and over time a romance is built. Medical play or other android/science could get mixed in sexually, for replacements or rehabilitating those nerves.

Mission Jitters
Mercy will serve as a battle medic, but a physical habit she's noticed is that the hours right before or right after a mission, she gets incredibly aroused. It's restless nerves, or perhaps a need to reaffirm she's alive. Either way it's annoying and yet, she wants someone

The Leather Angel
Angela has seen harsh things, and spent long hours in the lab, she's isolated and stressed. Now she finds herself craving harder, cruder things, the promise to let go, to be controlled, to be hurt in very controlled ways, and so on. Yet she's reluctant to even leave the Overwatch HQ, much less go look for satisfaction out in the public.

These are just a few ideas, you're welcome to suggest others.

Additional pairings

I'm willing to add other characters to the main RP, either in a harem-type situation, or just another two characters paired off on the side.

Other Overwatch women I'm interested in (listed in descending preference):
Young Ana/Pharah