I'm addicted to this [M/M - Mostly NC/EX]

Started by Sparrowhawke, March 21, 2018, 04:44:30 AM

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~Come a little bit closer~

Before we begin:
  • My O/O's can be found here. Please take a look at them before contacting me about any games. Particularly the 'Offs' and 'Maybes' sections.
  • Please either send me a PM or post in my A/A thread. Please do not post in this thread.
  • I reserve the right to decline any offers made to me. I am not trying to be mean, but I can be quite picky, and I will only be taking on a few extra games at this point.
  • I'm not currently taking any stories.

Let me tell you how I want it:
  • I generally like my games either in NC or in EX. This doesn't mean I don't enjoy a lighter themes, and I quite enjoy fluff. I am just haven't really left the dungeony pit that is the EX section since I joined E, so fair warning where my tastes lie.
  • I am only looking for M/M stories at the moment. Player gender does not matter to me, so long as all characters involved in any sexual activity identify as male.
  • I can play submissives, switches or dominant characters. I tend to prefer the dominant role, however.
  • I like my smut to have at least a little bit of plot behind it, outside of rare circumstances. I am also quite partial to plot twists and drama.
  • I like communication. If you want to try something, ask, if something makes you uncomfortable, tell me. I like when partners are equally invested in the story.


~And exactly what I need~
My preferred roles will be in red

             Locker Room Gang Bang - [NC] - Multiple Assailants/Victim - For whatever reason, a bunch of guys have cornered another guy in the locker room, be it at school, a gym, whatever. Victim gets filmed and forced to debase himself, ultimately culminating in him getting dicked repeatedly. I am cool with playing the victim, the assailants or even a mixture (the victim + one of the assailants, for example).

             Rich power bottom acquires hot piece of ass through (extremely) questionable methods - [NC] - Super rich guy/Super not rich guy - (Look I'm not great at titles). This game is set in a cyberpunk setting, where the super rich are insanely rich, the laws are all in the pockets of said rich people, and everyone else can get fucked. Jin Koh is one of those rich people, a trans man who is used to getting what he wants, when he wants it. During a night out, he discovers someone he wants, and has him kidnapped. He then threatens and bribes the man into signing himself away in a contract, making him bound to do whatever Jin asks of him. This will definitely include noncon, but may also include various BDSM things, humiliation, forced nudity, and other wonderful things.

                            Themes & Settings
             Dystopias - Especially when dressed up as utopias. The more fucked up things the people in charge get away with the better.

             Post-apocalypse - Extra bonus for unusual causes of the apocalypse (A bit bored with zombies, and not a fan of the nuclear war option).

             Fluff - Bet you didn't expect to see this here, huh. But I'm a sucker for it.

             Risk of being caught having sex - Dubious consent and/or situations where one participant is especially nervous of being caught is A+

             Massive power imbalances - slavery, employment, teacher/student relationships. Any situation where one person can get their way just because they want it.

             Non-con to Dub-con - Usually not within one sex scene, but over the course of a story.

             Cyberpunk - Cybernetics, dark plots, fashion. Love it all

             Inhuman monster/Human
             Brat prince/Slave (Or commoner, etc)
             Commoner/Brat prince (or noble)

                            Image Inspirations