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Started by CriminalMinds, March 18, 2018, 04:41:19 PM

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Hi guys,

So I've got a particular craving lately for an action storyline with of course romance. I have been reading a lot of books lately with heroes and heroines and hopefully can find some writing partners to do a couple of particular storylines with. I love a story with some plot and not just smut. I can post at least once a day, of not more once I'm home from work and can write a good few chunky paragraphs if the scene calls for it. I love plotting too, so while I have detailed outlines of both these ideas, feel free to come to me with ideas for adapting and adding to what I have!

So onto the ideas:


Her father is a CEO and founder of a company that takes risk in the technological and medical field. Stephen Anderson is a ruthless man with way too much money and has a reputation that puts him in the media constantly for good and bad. He pushes ethical boundaries constantly and has been pushing for human testing trials in regards to unlocking parts of the brain that is still a mystery to many in hopes of getting answers. The company has advanced in the field of prosthetics and robotics, but he's spent years trying to gather evidence towards the potential humans have if they're using more of their brain to become better, faster and stronger. There have been rumours that he might know how to create such a drug that it opens the brain up to enhancements. His papers have so far been refused and denied further development. He promises to get his research and evidence out there, no matter what. And this has been covered in the media. There have been rumours that not all of his money making ways have been legal, too.

His wife, Jessica Anderson is a model renowned for her good looks. She's on the cover of many magazines and cares more about her looks and personal items than she does her daughter. She's spent years trying to groom her daughter to be the next model. To have her on the cover of all the magazines. After all, her husband has no interest in his daughter taking over his company because she's female. The company is to go to a male but to stay within the family. So growing up, Ryleigh Anderson was a dress up doll for her mother. She was in many photo shoots, pageants and other such stuff. One of the leading child models. Until at 16 Ryleigh decided to go her own way.

The media have had a field day with the stories of the fallout in the Anderson family. How the daughter of one of the most famous models wants nothing to do with the fashion industry and a bit of a fashion disaster in their eyes. Ryleigh dresses conservatively, doesn't focus on the latest fashion and doesn't cake herself in makeup. She hasn't got a dazzling social life and hates been in the spot light. She loves to read and has a talent in art. Despite taking a stand to go her own way, she's still under her parents thumbs.

Her father saw an opportunity and took it, agreeing to fund Ryleigh's dream to be an artist and letting her go to college. He knows by letting her live her dream for now, and being her source of money, when he needs her she can be his pawn. And he has plans for his daughter, including marrying her off to his CFO even though he's almost 40 and his daughter is only 19. The business has to stay in the family. The connections with the criminal underworld, if found out would ruin all the hard work he's spent years working on. And his CFO is just as corrupt as he is and would mean the business stayed within the Anderson family if he was to marry his daughter to him. His plans were perfect.

The criminal underworld are getting sick of Mr Anderson though. He's made empty promises for years. And time is running out.

Ryleigh is at college, studying art, ignoring boys, and planning her future. So what happens when she meets a guy that takes an interest in her despite knowing what she's the Anderson heir, despite the rumours of her corrupt father.

And when he has secrets of his own... he's a hitman. He's spent his life being groomed for this. He's one of the most dangerous men in his fathers company. He is a law student to most, and his father's firm is a top law firm - a cover for their real business. A lethal business. He's never considered anything else. But hen he meets Ryleigh who is a breath of innocent fresh air. He knows the rumours of her father but he's fascinated by her. And before he knows it they're seeing each other.

So what happens when people start going missing in the area? When her father starts putting on the pressure for her to be with his CFO. When things get dark fast. And he suddenly finds that he's been contracted to take out her and her family?

Let's see, shall we?

I'm looking to play Ryleigh, her mother and her father. Probably a couple of Ryleigh's friends and am looking for someone to play the hitman :) any extra characters you want to bring in, feel free!

Soldier Boy

He was her brother's best friend. They'd met in kindergarten and pretty much become brothers. They caused trouble wherever they went and were still causing trouble in their teens. Savannah Delaney was the little sister who they often talked into joining their escapades. She was five years younger, and while she was a child she had been the scapegoat, and a constant source of teasing, getting the boys out of trouble because she was so innocent that her taking the blame would never get her in trouble. She was always an angel in her parents eyes.

Somewhere along the lines things changed. Savannah grew up and still being the constant source of teasing from her brother and his best friend, his best friend started to see her as the woman she was becoming. The teasing became flirting and her brother, Ryan just rolled his eyes and would tell his best friend to quit it.

While the boys had no real direction in life, weren't sure what they wanted to do, Savannah was a bit of a bookworm and nerd. She was smart and going places. Ryan and his friend were still getting themselves into trouble, though nothing serious. Except the time they got Savannah drunk for the first time in the school playground. She fell over and hit her head, splitting it open and there had been a trip to the emergency room. She didn't let her parents know that Ryan and his friend had gotten her drunk, taking the fall and punishment from her parents.

She still flirted with her brother's best friend. And she had a crush on him too. But because of Ryan, they seemed to stop before it went any further.

Finally, at twenty one, he decided that if he really wanted something with Savannah then he needed to be worth h time. She was going to be going places and he so far had left school and done nothing. So with a sudden brainwave he joined the military and disappeared off, not telling his friends of his plans and it being a spur of the moment decision.

Ten years later, he's a special forces soldier, in the top of his field. Things hadn't gone to plan. He'd gone back to his home town to show off his hard work to find Ryan angry wanting to hit him into another dimension and Savannah nowhere to be seen. He'd left without another word.

Savannah was heartbroken when her brothers best friend left without a word. She thought they were going somewhere. Their flirting and dancing around the chemistry... Savannah had fallen head over heels in love, only to be deserted. So she'd focused on school and taken herself off to an out of state university getting her degree in teaching and Spanish taking herself to Mexico to teach English to students in poverty there.

So when she suddenly finds herself kidnapped by a drug cartel and prisoner, she has no idea how to get herself out of a dangerous situation. She has no communication with the outside world and has no idea that a group of special forces soldiers are planning to get her back.

A kidnapped American teacher was big news. Except they don't know if she's dead or alive, and has been missing for over two weeks. Finally news comes in of strong intelligence of where Savannah is. And the soldiers are sent to recover her.  So what happens when she comes face to face with the love of her life after ten years, in the middle of a dangerous situation that could get them both killed?

Here I'm looking for someone to play the special forces soldier that rescues her.

Those are my two scenes that I'd love to have a partner for, so just PM me. I'm looking for these stories to have lots of action, dark themes and also to develop the romance. So if interested, please message me! :)


Both of these scenes are back to being open :)


Boom a little bump as these roles are back to being available :)