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September 26, 2021, 04:44:12 pm

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Author Topic: Bioshock Infinite: The City in the Sky (Interest Check)  (Read 1032 times)

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Bioshock Infinite: The City in the Sky (Interest Check)
« on: March 17, 2018, 09:27:54 pm »

Bring Us the Girl, and Wipe Away the Debt...

The year is 1912, and the airborne city of Columbia flourishes and thrives under the watchful eye of their leader, and founder of their fair city, Zachary Comstock. While he sits upon his seat of power, influencing the lives of all who live in Columbia, he keeps a young girl locked away in a tower, away from society. His prophecies were always true, as the people always saw each day they came to be, and when the vision of an evil soul, The False Sheppard, came to pass, Comstock began to prepare, diligently. His visions may have been false, he may have known all along what was to come, but it did not matter. The events of the future could not come to pass, even if he himself had to stop it.

The people believed, and in time, The False Shepard came to Columbia...

His mission: Bring the contractors the girl, and wipe away the debt he owes.

If only he knew what would lay ahead of him, in the quest to find this mysterious girl.

This game will be a Freeform RP, with its place mostly likely being within the Extreme Small Groups Tag, due to the nature of the games instances of violence, and other themes (such as murder and racism within the world of Columbia). The game will be going through the timeline, and story, of Bioshock: Infinite, where a group of individuals will work alongside Booker and Elizabeth, to escape the corrupt world of the floating city in the sky. Characters may be male or female, and of any race, but do be mindful that being another race other then White within the world of Bioshock Infinite may cause your character to be scrutinized and judged, due to the racial implications that befall certain individuals within the world. Canon characters will also be in the game, such as Elizabeth and Booker, as well as antagonists, which will allow others to take a Canon instead of having a created character.

Characters are also not limited to being heroes. Villains and acceptable, and with enough planning, can be utilized to be Mid Bosses up to the Final Battle of the RP. The RP will also not shy away from the idea of side missions; due to the game being somewhat open world, it's only fitting that the RP should have such elements. Any ideas that are big, or involve most of the group should be PMed to the Mod for approval. As well, due to the nature of this game, the RP will be serious and plot-driven, but will contain light-hearted elements.

WARNING: Due to the nature of the game Bioshock: Infinite, there will be elements of misogyny, issues regarding class, and racism. If these elements bother you, or make you uncomfortable, please refrain from joining the game. These elements will not be the main focus of the game, nor will they appear in every post, but it is a warning as some instances of these elements may occur.


- Grammar, spelling, and punctuation are a must for this game. You must have basic grammar and spelling skills in order to participate. Nothing takes a writer out of a game more then bad spelling and grammar.

- Any problems, or issues, regarding a certain scene, or players, must be submitted to the Mod of the RP for review and analysis. There will be no tolerance for harsh words and drama within the chat, especially directed at other players.

- Even though the game of Bioshock: Infinite, and to an extent this RP, will have elements of racism, the Mod of this game BY NO MEANS condemns or condones Racism as a whole. If any player is seen using racial slurs, or racial stereotypes within the chat, and directed at a player or players, you will be banned from the game, and reported to the Main Oracles and Moderators of Elliquiy. Let this be a warning.

- God-modding, Mary-Sues, and Gary-Stus, are not allowed within this game. All characters are created with equal power and privilege, and as a whole for all character created, they must have a backstory that reflects their character, and not a cut-out of a existing Canon Character. Please be creative with your Characters that you create, but do not make your character all mighty powerful, or liked amongst the entire populace. Characters must have faults, and be believable.

- Your post for the game must be at least one to one-half paragraphs. No one liners will be allowed for the game, and your posts must have some sort of significance or action occurring. No posts will be allowed that simply say, "Character continued to sit down in the chair". Be creative with your posts!

- Romances are allowed within the game, but please make them believable. Relationships between created characters, and Canon characters, will be allowed, however, you must ask the Player who is playing said Canon you are interested in if the idea is ok. Forcefully shoving a character onto another for a relationship is not nice, it's not something that other players wish to have thrust upon them. As well, the game will have a separate topic for posts regarding sexual situations.

- The game will be going through a serious plot, and as a result, will not allow any sort of hyper activity, crazy antics, or crack posts. Bioshock has heavy elements and a driven plot, so this game will follow.

- Due to the sci-fi elements of the game, Elizabeth will be the only character allowed to have supernatural powers, such as her Tear abilities. This will help keep the game grounded on the theme of mystery for her character, as well as preventing God-Modding that could occur from allowing other powers.

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Re: Bioshock Infinite: The City in the Sky (Interest Check)
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2018, 01:46:21 am »
Yeah I'm I N T E R E S T E D. And can/will play Booker if need be. :)