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Author Topic: The Beginning of the End [Plot Heavy Ideas - Open To All]  (Read 873 times)

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The Beginning of the End [Plot Heavy Ideas - Open To All]
« on: March 16, 2018, 03:52:12 AM »
The End of the World as We Know It

| Status: Nope | Medium: Threads, Google Docs | Post rate: 1 - 5 days |
On/Off ||Shape-shifting World ||It’s in the Blood - Vampirism

Plot Ideas & Cravings
In no particular order.
If you see something you like, idea or character, then please feel free to message me. Details can always be discussed and changed around if they need to be.

The Scarred Wolf
Realistic Fantasy, Romance, Warrior/Fighter, Adventure, Action

Setting:  This is a story somewhat inspired by a Korean drama called Scarlet Heart Ryeo - I am particularly fond of scarred beauty and the internal question of worth because of those supposed marks of imperfection.

Story: He is known as the Wolf. A bastard child that received his first scar when he was young, nearly splitting his face and almost costing him an eye. He wears a most to both inspire fear and hide his shame at his marred features - an insecurity that he keeps well hidden. His family is ruthless, his brothers vying for the crown. He is the one sent out to deal with rebellion or war, the one they hope will not return.

What I'm Looking For: Broken perfection. What I mean by that, is that the scars don’t define him. Though he is judged by them, thought monstrous for his actions and his flawed beauty - the black sheep among his family where image is everything.

The Last Summer Sunset
Fantasy, Drama, Survival, Travel, Romance

Setting: The world is not as it once was. The cities have all fallen, the magical beings in the world were forced to come together in order to save themselves. Creating pockets of civilazation in a world full of rampant magic and deadly beasts. The dead have risen, though these are no mere zombies of mortal fears - these are far worse. These hunt, they tempt, they have an army of their own. While they can be turned against each other - their true prey is the living things they wish to devour. It is a hard world of survival, one that lacks the criminal aspect for the sheer need of survival. Hunting one another is out - vampires work in the army alongside their elven brethren, the orcs have tempered their rage and aim their weapons towards the dead. Humans work with sirens and dwarves; werewolves prowl the grounds.

Ardakai is a nomadic hunter - she was once a guardian of the Summer Court, now she hunts and visits the few cities that still stand. She braves the elements; unpredictable weather that can have a thunderstorm on one side while a blizzard rages not two feet from it. Her specialty is crafting weapons of bones from the beasts she hunts, preserving their meat and hide to trade.

Ardakai & Adok Introduction
“Know what I miss the most?” The voice seemed to come from the tree itself, the illusion cracking when copper eyes glanced up. Their focus resting on the avian above her, a small hawk at the moment - most of its attention on the sleeping beast below.
“Ritualistic sacrifices in your honor?”
There was no humor in his tone, even if she knew he joked to poke at her. Trying to steer her away from her thoughts before they could shift into something else. They regarded each other for a moment, avian and human. Their eyes matched perfectly, from the same green ring just around the iris to the copper that filled in the rest of it. Silence ate up the time until her stoic features cracked and she flashed him a brilliant smile full of pointed teeth, “Besides that.” Her illusion to blend with the tree broke as she sat up, reaching into a bag tucked between the leaves, “I miss the Festivals.” Nimble fingers wrapped around a hilt, pulling out a freshly made blade. Polished bone and loose hide for a handle, she hummed as she rubbed her cheek against it, “The dancing and the wine.”
Ardakai ran her fingers along the edge, testing it before she slipped it into a makeshift holster at her back. Quickly followed by three more of various sizes, “The honey bread we would have in the evenings.” She could almost taste it’s sweetness on her tongue; just as she could almost hear the music and laughter of her people. Memories that carried their own sharp edges.
“It is unwise to dwell on such things. Does the city not have provisions?”
“You know what I mean.” She turned away from his sharp stare, pointing the toes of her bare feet as if poised to start a dance. “Summer days to summer nights, warm kisses in the meadows, laughter by the fire.” Her people. Her home. That’s what she missed. That’s what she couldn’t get lost in and why her companion refused to indulge her musings. They took her too far from the path they were on; too far for him to follow. Things she couldn’t say, thoughts she couldn’t dwell on. She had crafted a set of rules and goals - ritualistic things to keep her moving when she didn’t want to.
“Fall, Kai.”
Ardakai twisted in the air, jumping from the branch to plunge towards the ground and her prey. Hunter to hunter. It looked up when she was almost there, it’s surprise rapidly morphed into rage as she used one of her new blades. Momentum of her fall forced the bone blade through flesh and muscle, straight between the neck and shoulder. She didn’t have time to twist it before the creature threw her, it’s claw catching her leg in this deadly little dance of theirs. It lunged as she rolled; second blade near it’s heart. So close.
For every plan there is a dozen mistakes to consider, a hundred different variables with only one outcome: death. Hers or the beasts. Always. It was perhaps one of the few consistent things left in her life. This broken world had stolen away just about everything else, though she had left the bitterness of her survival long ago. Now the void rose up only when she allowed her mind to sink too far beneath the surface. Everything she had survived would not end here, not yet.
The third blade found its mark at the base of the skull and the fight was over. Internal decapitation. Severed the spinal column so that the thing collapsed beneath her. Then it was only a matter of working quickly to get what she needed from the carcass. Stripping it of everything she wanted and everything she could trade.
“Two from the north. More to follow if you do not hurry.”
Before the fall of the world, she would have had other hunters to help her. Most kills they would carry back, large ones they would strip the necessities and leave the rest for scavengers. Time had always been on their side, back when they things they hunted weren’t quite so gargantuan. Once, she could have had it done in seconds with a tap into the power of her people - more bloodied memories to slow her down. The blades were back in their slings, the meat was sectioned into large portions she would have to cut down later and the hide was stripped to be tanned in the safety of her keep. The only thing left was to take the skull and clean it out. It would bear the symbol of her old home when she returned with it on her next hunt, where she would hang it in a tree to watch over her claim of the forest. Nearly half of the trees had skulls hidden in them now.
“Do you plan to take all day?”
She wrapped the hide around the meat and tied the bones to the bundle, dropping it beside her, “So impatient, Adok.” The shadow of the hawk grew as he descended, his size drastically changing until he could grab the bundle in one massive talon and her arm in the other. They lifted from the ground when the two creatures he had spotted came into view. Power wrapped around them as they crested the treetops, the gentle urging to not see them; for the eyes to slide right off the massive bird and his cargo. Habit from days when they had to hide from a mortal’s gaze.
“If you are to keep your trading schedule, you will need to hurry with these newest creations.”
“I have other hides and plenty of weapons, there is no rush for these.” It would happen anyways. Only the bones would be left. She would need time to sharpen and carve them. Those she refused to be hasty with, they had to be honed and tested so that they would not fail their wielder in a time of need.

What I'm Looking For: Open to Idea. Thinking of someone that she either meets by accident or perhaps the situation at the town in getting a little dire and they need more supplies.

Dystopian Idea
Realistic Adventure, Exploration, Survival

Setting:Ten years ago a plague wiped out over half of the world's population. Civilization crumbled in the madness that followed. Humanities need to survive overriding everything. Many banded together only to realize they were unfit to survive in a wild world. A world not ruled by money, but by brutality. Gangs formed, humans roaming in packs. Their territorial disputes solved with weapons, the gunfire dying after the first three years.

Then there was just silence. The world taking a collective breath as nature reigned supreme. Roads were broken by roots, concrete jungles became full of lush greenery and hidden dangers.

Almost every city had a zoo, almost all of their creatures escaped. Roaming humans were replaced by the dangers of a pride of lions downtown. Or a pack of hyenas making their home in an abandoned mall. Humans were now the trespassers in this world. Their technology gone, their weapons limited. Those that didn't turn on each other generally lived in isolation or small close knit groups.

Alanna Start
There was little Alanna wouldn't give to be bitten by a radioactive spider right now. Spidey had it easy, scaling the smooth surface of the buildings and his webbing as backup. Unlike her trapped in a crumbling building. Each step forward threatening to be her last. Each vine she pulled carried the danger of something else. Broken glass, a loose beam, or a hidden fall if it was too weak.

Her backpack felt ten times heavier by the time she actually reached her destination. A small office with a gaping hole where the floor should have been. She skirted around the edge, hands and feet finding little nooks she had carved out before, carrying her to the other side. A pull of a rope and a bag dropped down, weighted with supplies.

She had a dozen spots like this one across the city. Hiding almost everything she needed to keep her trips light and quick. It was something to do, something to keep her moving and keep her strong. The climbs varied, the traps ranged from an easy gap to pulling the wrong thing and having a few bricks fall. Booby-traps for nonexistent enemies. Just like the little notes she left in empty offices. People would never read them, would never know her name or admire the fact that she had mastered cursive before the world fell apart. They wouldn't care that she had only been 15 when the outbreak took her family. Or the things she had done to stay alive. The nightmares that haunted her.

Alanna sat on the ledge of a balcony, it's railing rusted away years ago. The concrete sagged forward, wobbling when she sat down. She kept a rope around her waist, tied to a support beam further back just in case the balcony tried to dump her. She was that annoying clingy girlfriend you just couldn't kill off.

She laughed as she leaned forward, the rumblings of a storm echoing in this city of hers. Far below three lioness moved between cars. Vehicles green with overgrowth. She had named them now. Could identify them from even up here. And she knew there were two more behind them. As well as the male that roamed down the alleyways. Alanna had a few scars from their run-ins. Marks to show she had gotten too close and barely survived. They were uneasy partners, her and these big cats.

Other predators didn't bother with the city so long as the king of the jungle ruled. And if they took her down, well Alanna wouldn't be able to blame them. Just the circle of life in this broken world.

What I'm Looking For: I want to explore some of the psychological aspects of this kind of world. Isolation does strange things to the mind. Alanna has become nerotic in some things, she talks to dressed up skeletons and collects trinkets in different buildings to keep herself busy. She hasn’t had human interaction in quite some time. I want to build up them discovering one another - perhaps someone else that is use to being alone or was a part of a group.

Machinery/Steampunk-ish Idea
Fantasy, Drama, Survival/Horror, Possible Romance

Setting: Blue Bloods are your average aristocrats that happen to suck the life out of things. Well maintained and cultured, these vampires are the top of the society with their own set of morality and codes. They exist alongside humanity, their law enforcers are humans and Vampyre alike.

While the sun is an annoyance, it does not make them burst into flames. Garlic is a wonderful topping to any dish and who wouldn't die if you shove a stake through their hearts?

Society is idyllic on most fronts. But there are the errant few that disagree with the hand they're dealt. Be they blue bloods, humans, or other beasts that have carved out their way of living. Blue Bloods have started going off the deep end, driven mad by an unknown virus. It makes it harder to resist their urge to feed, forcing them to gorge themselves until they lose their composure and their minds. Turning them into the wild monsters that were often told in horror stories.

There are many ways to approach this idea. I had a wonderful story going a while back and would love to visit this world again.

Scarlet Ambrose - Augmented Human
Wood splintered beneath the impact of a mangled corpse. Flesh along its neck shredded beyond recognition. Barely any specks of red around the wound, hardly any blood left after it had been a part of a feast. A never ending battle of sheep to slaughter. There was no use in checking the body, if they weren't dead they would be before help arrived. Not that the best medics in the world could save them now. There was no piecing this person back together, not like her.

A part of her envied the dead as she stepped over the body. Despite the fight that must have happened, the pain, they would die. They would fade from the world and be mourned. Seamless metal workings tightened her hand into a fist, the false muscles moving in perfect unison.

This was supposed to be a routine check. A royal head of the house hadn't been seen in a month. When a man that frequented every socialite gathering suddenly fell off the radar; even the immortals got concerned. But did they send one of their own? No. Couldn't be bothered.

Humans from another department were sent. Their orders more than clear. Check the house, ensure everything was in order and leave. No confrontation, no entering the house of the dead. Not if they weren't prepared, weren't ready to see the madness these beasts fell into.

No one had to guess what happened to them now. She recognized the pieces of uniform around the hallway. The marks on the walls and flooring from gunfire and knives. They fought valiantly and still they were taken.

The rug squelched beneath her shoes as she stepped over a large chunk of something . Bile rose in her throat at the thought of what it was… or rather, who that particular piece had belonged to. Thoughts best saved for another time, another place. One more nightmare that could rob her of her sleep. One more horror because of these things .

The hair along the back of her neck rose, her heart rate quickened and her muscles tensed. She wasn't just being watched, she was being hunted. Emerald eyes flashed in the low light, searching the shadows. Too many places to hide, too many spots for an ambush.

Stupid. Stupid, stupid move. She knew better. A flick of her augmented wrist produced a blade, while flesh and blood curled around a wicked looking syringe. If he couldn't be suppressed then she'd take his head, Blue-Blood council be damned. She wasn't going to lose more humans to this thing. Good people that wanted to protect others. They didn't deserve to be scattered around a room, their families never able to say their farewell.

“I know you're not full. Plenty of blood in these veins,” She nicked the back of her hand, a tiny drop of blood was all it took.

The beast roared and flew at her from behind. She barely had enough time to turn, raising her metal arm to block the bite for her throat. Her other hand moved to punch the beast in the face, snapping a tooth that happened to hit the casing of the syringe. The instant he stumbled back she hit him again, this time with her metal fist. The force fracturing half his face. He hissed, blood spilling from his mouth. Whether it was his or not wasn't on her mind, couldn't be. She had to focus on every move.

Her temper reared its ugly head and she hit him again. For the people he killed. For the monster he became. For the horrors he would inflict in their community. The nightmares he would cause children and the worry their parents would go through. She hit him until the muscles attached to metal were tired and the hand of flesh was bloodied and sore.

She didn't stop until his movements were all but nonexistent and only then did she stab the syringe in his heart. Pushing the plunger down to force a pale violet liquid into his system. Synthetic sedative for the undead. Because they wanted him alive. They wanted to know why such a well cultured animal lost its mind.

Bound and muzzled, the vampire was hauled into the light of day. Unfortunately for her, he didn't erupt into flames and disintegrated in a pile of ash. That would have beneath easier to explain than the blood that covered her clothing. And the dark bruises forming on his too-pale skin.

“The council requests a report.”

“Highlight the part where I didn't kill him. And mention the two of ours he took down.”

The deep sigh meant she was in trouble, the stern look meant she better act remorseful in front of the panel of Blue-Bloods when she explained the situation. They always had to report the crazed ones they found, and hand them over for examination. The attacks, the insanity, was increasingly problematic these past few months. Already her department along had taken down three. This newest one topping at four.

A high number considering how the Blue-Bloods claimed their perfection. And how they usually policed their own when they began to slip.

“They want a report now, in person. We're to bring the royal with us. Apparently, they’ve taken notice to the problem.”

She looked down at her clothing and knew how well this would go over. Still, she did as she was told and climbed into the carriage. The vampire was loaded in an iron casket with bolts on it and they were off. To meet the head of the royals, to finally get some answers on why this was happening now of all times.

What I'm Looking For: A slow build of trust and possible romance between two different factions/ways of viewing the world.

Victorian Secrets
Could include Romance, Arranged Marriage, Deceit, Discovery, Surprise Romance

Setting: Victorian Fantasy. Carriages line the streets of the wealthy, ladies of class don tight corsets and always have a chaperon in their sights. Parties are attended on a monthly basis, lavish events meant to connect business men and their wives to those of their station. And to marry off their children to help secure their lineage.

Introduction of Jamie Hughes
Boots thudded along the sparse hallway, the older gentleman needed no direction from the maids to know where his child was. In the study, as always; reading over charts and numbers as Robert had done in his own youth. Except this went beyond even his dedication, not that he could complain - business was steady here and booming overseas. Their ships had gone from a handful of barley decent vessels to practically a fleet of marvels. Deals and trades he no longer had a hand in were happening behind that door, but this was not something to be let go of so easily.

His one true heir was two years shy of thirty now; without a wife and with far too many rumors circulating. Robert would not see this company capsize because of such antics. Without knocking, he stepped in the room and prepared for battle with the wild thing behind the desk. Brandishing the envelope like a rapier, he held it in the face of the youth - features that hardly mirrored his own, “I have already sent your acceptance.”

Obsidian eyes rimmed with thick lashes sucked him in, the gaze as welcoming as a cold night at sea. The look was wasted on the older man, he refused to recoil from something he had taught his own child to perfect. Like his father before him, he knew just how to counter the immense attitude, “James, you cannot ignore another function and expect society to simply move on without question. Numerous businessmen are attending.”

Jamie plucked the envelope from the outstretched hand, unfurling the letter within and reading aloud; a hint of mockery in the tone, “I am overjoyed to hear of your latest conquest in the northern markets and have heard of your investment in our shops here-” The pause hung heavy between them as James looked up, lofting a delicate brow, “Our investment?”

Robert sank into an overstuffed leather chair; stretching out his tired legs and running his fingers through dark hair peppered with gray, “A small contribution that allows them to expand their space for a percentage of their company. An easy investment considering their popularity.” His laughter was rich at the new look he received, “I have dealt in business longer than you, boy.”

The younger of two snorted, going back to the letter, though Jame’s no longer read it aloud. More praise for their contribution and joy over their interest. It was the invitation beneath the letter that concerned James. “A banquet, father?” The invitation was stiff, gilded around the edges, gaudy. Like the women that would be there - too fancy for what it was. James tossed both to the side and went back to the maps, “I refuse to dance with some toddler that prattles on about dresses and nothing more.”

Robert felt his sigh from his very bones as he watched his child; only their hair and eyes matched. Everything else was a stark contrast to their shared bloodline; where Robert was broad of chest and wide of muscles, James was lean though years at sea added the definition of muscle. Still, he wanted more for his only child and knew just how to push matters to suit his needs, “There was a time where you would speak of nothing but dresses.”

A pencil hovered over the map, frozen by the words and annoyed that the prodding actually stirred something, “Careful where you step, father. My childhood need not factor into business, remember?” A childhood that had been there and gone, swept away by the death of a brother and a mother.

“I am making a simple point Jamie. You must make an appearance, charm the toddlers, as you call them. Reinforce connections and strengthen your footing.”

“My place as heir is without question, my power needs no definition, and I have no time. That is why I do not attend.”

“I have had offers, James. So either you take a wife or you have a damn good reason why you cannot. The rumors cannot be allowed to grow, they will have an impact on how people see us. Which can affect the company.”

“A wife?” Jame’s laughed, holding the invitation up, “Is this what this is about?” Leaning forward, James hissed, “What if I wanted a husband instead?”

Robert surged up out of his chair, rising face to face with his child and barely containing his anger, “Then you should have remained talking of dresses rather than take on the responsibility of this company!” He straightened, holding his head high and looking down his nose, “I am a businessman, James. I gambled on my own child and it is still my name and reputation on the line. Do no disappoint me. And do not be late.” As he had entered, he now left. Without a word or a backwards glance.

Jamie sank back into the chair, looking over the charters without really seeing them. A wife? What a joke. No woman would stay here, not after they learned the secrets that Jamie hid. What a terribly cruel joke indeed.

More about Jamie Hughes: Once upon a time, Jamie dreamed of dressed and ponies - envisioning a wedding that would make her the envy of the girls. Her father had nothing to do with her, grooming her older brother to take care of the family. He often shared his lessons with her, teaching her how to read the maps, balance the books, and what to look for when investing. He was her elder by five years and still he shared with her. His joy for his work infectious... Until one day she heard her mother screaming. They never told Jamie what happened, or why her brother was covered in blood. Just that he was gone. It was the grief that took her mother - once an vibrant source of joy turned to endless sorrow; she wasted away little by little.

It was just her and her father. He took convincing, countless nights of talks that bordered yelling before they both left that accursed house. Her dresses and ribbons packed in a box - left behind with the rest of their past. She butchered her hair, impressed her father with what she already knew and began to simply go by James. Fortunately, her mother had not been a curvy woman, even with a corset to help. It was easy for her father to introduce her as his second son, no one had ever seen them all together. It wasn’t long before James was just another businessman.

What I’m Looking for: There are a couple of ideas to toy with here. Either an arranged marriage is forced between two people - James to another lass or a lad that was once a childhood friend and therefore in the dark about the needed change. Or maybe someone from a lower class family that either wants a way up and out of their life, or has genuine feelings for James.
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