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Author Topic: The Beginning of the End [Plot Based Ideas - Open to All]  (Read 448 times)

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The Beginning of the End [Plot Based Ideas - Open to All]
« on: March 16, 2018, 03:52:12 AM »
The End of the World as We Know It
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I am currently working off my rust, so forgive the construction around here. I'll be rearranging and redoing a lot of ideas/plots. For now, I'm just trying to get everything up and back out in the open so I can wake my muse up. Please allow up to a week for a reply - though I often reply faster.
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Story Ideas That I'm Currently Craving
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Actively Looking for Stories.

The Scarred Wolf
Loose Idea
 ~ Realistic Fantasy ~ Romance ~ Warrior ~ Adventure ~ Action~

He is known as the Wolf. A bastard child that recieved his first scar when he was young, nearly splitting his face and almost costing him an eye. He wears a most to both inspire fear and hide his shame at his marred features - an insicurity that he keeps well hidden. His family is ruthless, his brothers vying for the crown. He is the one sent out to deal with rebellion or war, the one they hope will not return.

This is a story somewhat inspired by a Korean drama called Scarlet Heart Ryeo - I am particularly fond of scarred beauty and the internal question of worth because of those supposed marks of imperfection.

Ever Changing World

Are you a human with an inner animal? Or are you an animal that happens to be able to blend in with humans?

The Born and the Bitten have an uneasy relationship between them. The Born have always been what they are, while the Bitten were cursed with their second skins. The two are both capable of changing at will and they each carry traits of their animalistic nature, even as humans. However, the change doesn’t hurt those born to the life - and they have the ability to change parts of themselves at will. Claws to keep from falling or to give an edge in a fight? Easy for the Born. Takes years of practice for the ones Bitten.

The Bitten tend to see the Born as cocky monsters, barely human even in the turbulant world of shapeshifters. Some Bitten don’t make it, some go crazy from fighting with their nature, and some become the very monsters they proclaim to hate. It’s a complicated world full of twisting rules and viscious quarells.

The Last Summer Sunset
~ Fantasy ~ Drama ~ Romance ~ Survival ~

The world is not as it once was. The cities have all fallen, the magical beings in the world were forced to come together in order to save themselves. Creating pockets of civilazation in a world full of rampant magic and deadly beasts. The dead have risen, though these are no mere zombies of mortal fears - these are far worse. These hunt, they tempt, they have an army of their own. While they can be turned against each other - their true prey is the living things they wish to devour. It is a hard world of survival, one that lacks the crimal aspect for the sheer need of survival. Hunting one another is out - vampires work in the army alongside their elven brethren, the orcs have tempered their rage and aim their weapons towards the dead. Humans work with sirens and dwarves; werewolves prowl the grounds.

Ardakai is a nomadic hunter - she was once a guardian of the Summer Court, now she hunts and visits the few cities that still stand. She braves the elements; unpredictable weather that can have a thunderstorm on one side while a blizzard rages not two feet from it. Her specialty is crafting weapons of bones from the beasts she hunts, preserving their meat and hide to trade.

Ardakai Introduction

“Know what I miss the most?” The voice seemed to come from the tree itself, the illusion cracking when copper eyes glanced up. Their focus resting on the avian above her, a small hawk at the moment - most of its attention on the sleeping beast below.
“Ritualistic sacrifices in your honor?”
There was no humor in his tone, even if she knew he joked to poke at her. Trying to steer her away from her thoughts before they could shift into something else. They regarded each other for a moment, avian and human. Their eyes matched perfectly, from the same green ring just around the iris to the copper that filled in the rest of it. Silence ate up the time until her stoic features cracked and she flashed him a brilliant smile full of pointed teeth, “Besides that.” Her illusion to blend with the tree broke as she sat up, reaching into a bag tucked between the leaves, “I miss the Festivals.” Nimble fingers wrapped around a hilt, pulling out a freshly made blade. Polished bone and loose hide for a handle, she hummed as she rubbed her cheek against it, “The dancing and the wine.”
Ardakai ran her fingers along the edge, testing it before she slipped it into a makeshift holster at her back. Quickly followed by three more of various sizes, “The honey bread we would have in the evenings.” She could almost taste it’s sweetness on her tongue; just as she could almost hear the music and laughter of her people. Memories that carried their own sharp edges.
“It is unwise to dwell on such things. Does the city not have provisions?”
“You know what I mean.” She turned away from his sharp stare, pointing the toes of her bare feet as if poised to start a dance. “Summer days to summer nights, warm kisses in the meadows, laughter by the fire.” Her people. Her home. That’s what she missed. That’s what she couldn’t get lost in and why her companion refused to indulge her musings. They took her too far from the path they were on; too far for him to follow. Things she couldn’t say, thoughts she couldn’t dwell on. She had crafted a set of rules and goals - ritualistic things to keep her moving when she didn’t want to.
“Fall, Kai.”
Ardakai twisted in the air, jumping from the branch to plunge towards the ground and her prey. Hunter to hunter. It looked up when she was almost there, it’s surprise rapidly morphed into rage as she used one of her new blades. Momentum of her fall forced the bone blade through flesh and muscle, straight between the neck and shoulder. She didn’t have time to twist it before the creature threw her, it’s claw catching her leg in this deadly little dance of theirs. It lunged as she rolled; second blade near it’s heart. So close.
For every plan there is a dozen mistakes to consider, a hundred different variables with only one outcome: death. Hers or the beasts. Always. It was perhaps one of the few consistent things left in her life. This broken world had stolen away just about everything else, though she had left the bitterness of her survival long ago. Now the void rose up only when she allowed her mind to sink too far beneath the surface. Everything she had survived would not end here, not yet.
The third blade found its mark at the base of the skull and the fight was over. Internal decapitation. Severed the spinal column so that the thing collapsed beneath her. Then it was only a matter of working quickly to get what she needed from the carcass. Stripping it of everything she wanted and everything she could trade.
“Two from the north. More to follow if you do not hurry.”
Before the fall of the world, she would have had other hunters to help her. Most kills they would carry back, large ones they would strip the necessities and leave the rest for scavengers. Time had always been on their side, back when they things they hunted weren’t quite so gargantuan. Once, she could have had it done in seconds with a tap into the power of her people - more bloodied memories to slow her down. The blades were back in their slings, the meat was sectioned into large portions she would have to cut down later and the hide was stripped to be tanned in the safety of her keep. The only thing left was to take the skull and clean it out. It would bear the symbol of her old home when she returned with it on her next hunt, where she would hang it in a tree to watch over her claim of the forest. Nearly half of the trees had skulls hidden in them now.
“Do you plan to take all day?”
She wrapped the hide around the meat and tied the bones to the bundle, dropping it beside her, “So impatient, Adok.” The shadow of the hawk grew as he descended, his size drastically changing until he could grab the bundle in one massive talon and her arm in the other. They lifted from the ground when the two creatures he had spotted came into view. Power wrapped around them as they crested the treetops, the gentle urging to not see them; for the eyes to slide right off the massive bird and his cargo. Habit from days when they had to hide from a mortal’s gaze.
“If you are to keep your trading schedule, you will need to hurry with these newest creations.”
“I have other hides and plenty of weapons, there is no rush for these.” It would happen anyways. Only the bones would be left. She would need time to sharpen and carve them. Those she refused to be hasty with, they had to be honed and tested so that they would not fail their wielder in a time of need.

Dystopian Idea
~ Realistic ~ Exploration ~ Survival ~

Ten years ago a plague wiped out over half of the world's population. Civilization crumbled in the madness that followed. Humanities need to survive overriding everything. Many banded together only to realize they were unfit to survive in a wild world. A world not ruled by money, but by brutality. Gangs formed, humans roaming in packs. Their territorial disputes solved with weapons, the gunfire dying after the first three years.

Then there was just silence. The world taking a collective breath as nature reigned supreme. Roads were broken by roots, concrete jungles became full of lush greenery and hidden dangers.

Almost every city had a zoo, almost all of their creatures escaped. Roaming humans were replaced by the dangers of a pride of lions downtown. Or a pack of hyenas making their home in an abandoned mall. Humans were now the trespassers in this world. Their technology gone, their weapons limited. Those that didn't turn on each other generally lived in isolation.

Story Start/Idea

There was little Alanna wouldn't give to be bitten by a radioactive spider right now. Spidey had it easy, scaling the smooth surface of the buildings and his webbing as backup. Unlike her trapped in a crumbling building. Each step forward threatening to be her last. Each vine she pulled carried the danger of something else. Broken glass, a loose beam, or a hidden fall if it was too weak.

Her backpack felt ten times heavier by the time she actually reached her destination. A small office with a gaping hole where the floor should have been. She skirted around the edge, hands and feet finding little nooks she had carved out before, carrying her to the other side. A pull of a rope and a bag dropped down, weighted with supplies.

She had a dozen spots like this one across the city. Hiding almost everything she needed to keep her trips light and quick. It was something to do, something to keep her moving and keep her strong. The climbs varied, the traps ranged from an easy gap to pulling the wrong thing and having a few bricks fall. Booby-traps for nonexistent enemies. Just like the little notes she left in empty offices. People would never read them, would never know her name or admire the fact that she had mastered cursive before the world fell apart. They wouldn't care that she had only been 15 when the outbreak took her family. Or the things she had done to stay alive. The nightmares that haunted her.

Alanna sat on the ledge of a balcony, it's railing rusted away years ago. The concrete sagged forward, wobbling when she sat down. She kept a rope around her waist, tied to a support beam further back just in case the balcony tried to dump her. She was that annoying clingy girlfriend you just couldn't kill off.

She laughed as she leaned forward, the rumblings of a storm echoing in this city of hers. Far below three lioness moved between cars. Vehicles green with overgrowth. She had named them now. Could identify them from even up here. And she knew there were two more behind them. As well as the male that roamed down the alleyways. Alanna had a few scars from their run-ins. Marks to show she had gotten too close and barely survived. They were uneasy partners, her and these big cats.

Other predators didn't bother with the city so long as the king of the jungle ruled. And if they took her down, well Alanna wouldn't be able to blame them. Just the circle of life in this broken world.

Machinery/Steampunk-ish Idea
~ Fantasy ~ Drama ~ Romance ~ Survival / Horror ~

Blue Bloods are your average aristocrats that happen to suck the life out of things. Well maintained and cultured, these vampires are the top of the society with their own set of morality and codes. They exist alongside humanity, their law enforcers are humans and Vampyre alike.

While the sun is an annoyance, it does not make them burst into flames. Garlic is a wonderful topping to any dish and who wouldn't die if you shove a stake through their hearts?

Society is idyllic on most fronts. But there are the errant few that disagree with the hand they're dealt. Be they blue bloods, humans, or other beasts that have carved out their way of living. Blue Bloods have started going off the deep end, driven mad by an unknown virus. It makes it harder to resist their urge to feed, forcing them to gorge themselves until they lose their composure and their minds. Turning them into the wild monsters that were often told in horror stories.

There are many ways to approach this idea. I had a wonderful story going a while back and would love to visit this world again.

Viking Fantasy
~ Romance ~ High Fantasy ~ Possible Conflict in the beginning ~

On the note of old worlds I'd like to try out again, I once had a story involving a Viking and a Pixie protecting her forest. She could change from a doll-sized being to a petite female of about four-feet. The viking was an outcast of his people for his kind nature, left on the shores of her forest for the "spirits" of the land to take. I would like to delve into a story quite like that again, though we can change around things if need be. Could play another forest spirit aside from a pixie.

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Re: The Beginning of the End [Plot Based Ideas - Open to All]
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