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August 19, 2022, 11:59:43 pm

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Author Topic: Supes RP (F seeking M)  (Read 718 times)

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Supes RP (F seeking M)
« on: March 15, 2018, 10:30:03 pm »
I'm looking for multiple partners that would be interested in playing Clark Kent in Supergirl rp's. Superman/Supergirl and Clark/Kara. Yes, I mean in a shipping sense.

I would like to have side characters, and I'm hoping anyone who replies to this request will be willing to double up. And by double up, I mean we would each play two characters, or even more than that, to keep the plot going. But Clark/Kara are the main couple and characters.

We can have them already be together when the rp starts, or not. I'm not picky. I just want them to be together romantically.

Things to know: The version of Supes/Clark that I'm looking for is Tyler Hoechlin. My version of Supergirl will be Melissa Benoist. So, if you're a fan of this version, then drop me a message by replying to this thread.

There are a few plots that I'm currently interested in, though I welcome suggestions. I can't guarantee that I'll like your suggestion if you send me one, but I'm at least willing to listen to your idea.

Plot 1: Clark and Kara are the only remaining Kryptonians alive, on all planets. And they both have a secret: They're attracted to each other, their cousin. Because they're the last remaining Kryptonians, John J'onzz of the DEO has made it a law that as the last two citizens of their home planet, they need to keep their race going by procreating with each other. Multiple times, so that Kryptonians don't go extinct. At first Clark and Kara try to refuse because of their familial relations, but once alone and trapped somewhere dark, small, and dangerous, they realize their feelings for each other aren't only familial but romantic, too, and give into the attraction that they've been fighting since they both arrived on earth.

Plot 2: Clark and Kara are already together. Surprisingly enough, their first date was set up by a dating app. They showed up at the restaurant all dressed up, wearing what they had agreed to wear so they would be easy to spot by their date. How were they to know that they would end up on a date with their cousin? Or better yet, how were they to know that a simple mistake would be the best thing to ever happen to them?

Plot 3: Clark and Kara are reunited for the first time since they both became adults. They're both aware of each other's secret identities as Superman and Supergirl, having watched each other's heroics on the news and pieced it together. They go out for a seemingly harmless night of fun, where they go to a bar, dance and drink. But in the morning, they wake up in bed together, naked and with a ripped condom on the floor. What does that mean for our favorite Supercousins? And how do they both react when Kara finds out a few weeks later that she's pregnant? Does she hide it from Clark, or tell him? And if and when she tells him, what do they do?

Plot 4: Clark or Kara, have been poisoned by a new kind of Kryptonite. Purple Kryptonite.  When touched, it causes a Kryptonian's powers to be transferred to another Kryptonian, and if there are no other Kryptonian's around, their powers get transferred to the nearest human. All of which, the effects are permanent. How does the one who loses their powers cope with losing them? How does the other cope with having their cousin's powers? And as they're trying to figure this out, realize their feelings for each other have become romantic. Will this issue with their powers bring them closer together, or tear them apart?

PS: Yes, I want sex and violence in all rp's. I want action of the sex variety, and action where they kick bad guy ass. Together and apart. Also, please be willing to post at least two paragraphs. And by paragraphs, I mean three sentences or more per paragraph, thank you.

Post any questions or interest inquiries, here please. Thanks in advance.
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