Superhero duo. (M seeking F)

Started by Scarie187, March 12, 2018, 10:59:19 PM

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Pic for attention..

I want to create a super duo for one of the role playgroups I’m in. I’d prefer to do this with a female so our characters can also be sexually involved with one another. I’d really like to come up with some ideas for our two characters. Perhaps, yours has ice powers and mine has fire powers. Perhaps, yours is a reformed villain that changed her ways for mine. Who knows? We can come up with something though. So, send me a pm and let’s start figuring this out together. Thanks. Also, if you’d like to flesh this out as an RP I am okay with that as well.

Diabolus Lupus

This looks interesting. I wouldn't mind chatting about this to see if we can't come up with something.