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Author Topic: Rejection  (Read 548 times)

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« on: March 12, 2018, 10:26:29 PM »
Senior year ended up being a pretty good year for once. Maybe it had something to do with Trisha finally having a chance to stay in a state for long enough that she could actually get to know some people. That was the perks of being a military brat. In the end she joined the year book committee, and ate at the school's salad bar- SALAD BAR! Who has one of those? Did she mention the nerd table? It usually took her awhile to be able to find a group she clicked with, but there people just got her! Between artists, gamers, and anime geeklings they all just seemed to get alone, even if they didn't all agree on what anime was the best anime. It wasn't where she spent all of her time, but she her lunches and breakfast periods, definitely!

the rest of her day was sourly taken up with classes that she was actually surprisingly doing well in for once, and hanging out with some of the cooler kids in the school. They were all popular for one reason or another, usually because they were sociable and normal, sporty even. The girls almost got her to try out for being a cheerleader at one point, but the second she saw those flips she noped the flip out of that one.

June was edging closer, and with it the school dance. It was an end hoorah for the seniors and she was already looking forward to it. Was... was the best word for it. She had her ticket, she had her dress, and... she had a sorrowful gaze from her dad as he watched the light in her eyes diminish over the news. Three times today she'd already been asked if she was okay, but everyone managed to get a shrug and her awkwardly looking the other way until they finally gave up trying to pry. She was still holding onto a slim hope that she'd find a way out of leaving, but... the military never cut corners on orders like that. So, after school, she found herself in her own pit of isolation, walking slowly across the school courtyard and looking over the building. It had become something like a home to her. She really didn't want to see it go.

Offline BreezyBree

Re: Rejection
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2018, 10:43:18 PM »
Tyler's pencil was shaking in his hand as he fidgeted in his seat. His dark brown hair became more and more messy as he ran his fingers through it over and over again. His leg was bouncing. He could almost hear the eye roll from the student next to him. He knew he was being a distraction but his nerves were on edge. Today was the day.

The last school bell rang for the end of the day and Tyler got up so fast he almost flipped over his desk. He grabbed his books and headed outside. He had D&D club today but he had to skip it, he had to make a move before it was to late. Tyler Issac Harlen was going to ask Trisha to the prom. He had had a crush on her since the first day they met, one of his friends had convinced her to sit at lunch with them. She was so pretty, she had a smile that just lit up the room. He talked to her, which for him was brave. They were friends but he never had the courage to tell her how he felt. The school year was almost over and prom was quickly approaching, both of them would be graduating, if he didn't do it now he would never get another chance.

Tyler searched all around the school, he knew she was still here because her car was still parked in the student parking lot. He was on the second floor when he looked out a window and saw her slowly walking through the courtyard. Tyler opened the door without thinking, it hadn't been opened in years and the dust flew into his face causing him to start coughing.

"Tri -ach....-TRISHA!" He called down to her, waving his arms. His glasses almost falling off his face from his coughing fit. "Stay right there!"

He didn't even bother closing the window, he just started running. Screw asthma, he was not losing his chance.

Tyler finally caught up to her, breathing heavily. He took his inhaler out of his backpack, he was almost falling over from lack of oxygen. He took a breath of his inhaler and slowly became normal again.

"Hey..." He said quietly as he straightened up. Trisha was a bit taller then a good 3 or so inches. It didn't bother him, he was short every women was taller than him. "How's it goin'?" He fingers immediately did an awkward finger gun and he immediately regretted it.

Offline Shobogun LoverTopic starter

Re: Rejection
« Reply #2 on: March 12, 2018, 10:58:16 PM »

Talk about a way to yank someone's attention in another direction. She looked up to one of the school windows was a asthmatic and very distressed boy stood coughing up a storm. He was struggling just to exist and it had her grinning up at him; "the dust bunnies out to get you again, Ty!?" She remembered the nerdy little thing pretty well; he stuck out from all the days at the lunch table. He'd always been super friendly to her, and it helped her ease into the whole 'getting to know you' process. Just because you did something often didn't meant you were good at it, after all. "Yeah, alright!"

She did, almost. She knew exactly where he'd end up coming out from and made her way closer to the doors. There was an overhang where an indoor bridge connected two buildings that she decided to settle under, leaning against one of the pillars and watching Tyler burst out from the doors. It was less of an exciting burst than you would imagine when he was weak and breathless trying to suck down his medication from that small plastic device. "Hey, hey, where's the fire? I said I'd wait!" It was kind of cute, though, and had her laughing at his expense.

Finger guns were shot, and to not let the boy down she clutched her chest and swayed back; "OHHH! You got me! Let it be known you never question the sharp shootin' on Texas Ranger Tyler!" Maybe too dramatic, but she wasn't going to regret it. Still, it allowed her to avoid answering how she was for now; it was worth it. "You do well on your finals? You're pretty smart, I bet they were a breeze for you."

Offline BreezyBree

Re: Rejection
« Reply #3 on: March 12, 2018, 11:12:57 PM »
Tyler couldn't help but smile at her laugh, his cheeks burning red. Maybe he had been a tad bit excited, his nerves were creeping back into his head. He put his inhaler away and tried to stand up straighter, trying to make himself seem just a little bit taller.

" fire...I just didn't want to miss you." He said quietly, his eyes turning down even though he wanted to keep looking at her pretty smile. He chuckled as she faked being shot. "You sure you don't want to try out for the drama department?"

Tyler let out an embarrassed "hah" as she complimented him, she called him smart. Sure he got good grades but he wouldn't classify himself as "smart". Though maybe all the times he helped her with math made her think he was super smart.

"I did fine I guess. The social studies final was a bit tricky but even if I didn't do well I'm pretty sure Mrs. Tanner would still give me a good grade, it's all those apples I bring her." It was only half a joke, he was kind of known as a teachers pet and one of Mrs. Tanner's favorite students. 

"Anyway um...that's not why I wanted to talk to you...I um wanted to ask you something." He confessed, his hands clasped together in front of him, fidgeting, worried. He opened his mouth to speak and a group of students from the Science after school club came out, talking loudly. Tyler shut it mouth, not wanting an audience for his meek attempt to ask a girl out. He was starting to lose all hope; but soon they were gone.

"I uh..." His heart was pounding his his ears. He took a deep breath. "Trisha-WILLYOUGOTOPROMWITHME?" he said it so quickly he didn't know if she even understood him, but he said it. He was so proud and so terrified at the same time. It went silent as he waited for a response.

Offline Shobogun LoverTopic starter

Re: Rejection
« Reply #4 on: March 12, 2018, 11:25:42 PM »
"Hah! Thespians wouldn't know what to do with all this talent! I'd end up stealing the lead!" You know, like in High School Musical, where hard work and dedication ended up getting you squat. God, she was such a dork for having watched that series. She settled back down against her pillar and watched him squirm as he talked about his finals, which was nice. It was good to hear that he was going to be getting through alright. He was probably the type to do pretty well in college too, if he went. "Yeah, but you dind't just bring her the cheap apples. You brought her the good ones! I saw a couple of other kids try to sneak the same routine and she always ended up eating yours!" Hey, good intentions or not, people had their tastes. You couldn't knock that.

"Hmm?" She tried to encourage him as he seemed to lose track of his thoughts. It was a long pause; he really waited it out as some other students passed by. Honestly, the waiting wasn't killing her as much as it seemed to be destroying him. the seconds ticked by, and eventually he seemed to build up to nerve to-- spitfire something at her. She recoiled a moment trying to track back enough to translate that into English. It took a few minutes, but eventually she caught it. Her cheeks heated up, but her face went downcast in the same moment.

That... wasn't how he wanted her to act, she was sure, but thing like this... well, it was better if she was harsh, right? It's not like she'd probably ever seem him again anyways. "I have Proms," Trisha shrugged and shook her head, "they're just stupid vanity things anyways. Who actually wants to go to something like that?"

Offline BreezyBree

Re: Rejection
« Reply #5 on: March 12, 2018, 11:39:48 PM »
The words were out. Well if they even sounded like words at all. But he had asked her to prom. He had day dreamed about taking her for almost two months now, her in a beautiful dress, looking like a princess and him in a nice fitted suit, his tie matching her dress. He would buy her a beautiful corsage and he would have a matching boutonniere. They would dance all night, even though he was crap at dancing he would be having to much fun to care. It would be great!

Her answer seemed to be taking to long, uh oh. He gulped as he waited.

"I hate proms." She shrugged and shook her head.

It was almost like she spit at him. She didn't just say no, she said she couldn't be bothered.

"oh." He replied, slight bit of hurt in his voice.

"Who actually wants to go to something like that?"

"..I do." His voice quivered. " guess...I'll...cya tomorrow in math class." He couldn't help but sniffle, he could feel his eyes beginning to water. How embarrassing. He quickly turned on his heel and hurried away. He tried not to run, because that would just be pathetic.

He found his car, an earlier graduation present from his parents. He pulled open the door and threw his backpack inside before sitting down in the drivers seat. He felt so stupid. Why couldn't she had just said no? Why did she have to think it would so dumb?

Maybe he was the dumb one for getting so excited about going to a stupid dance. He picked up the prom handout he had gotten in class and crumbled it up, throwing it out his car window.

This is why he never asked anyone out, it just sucked.

Offline Shobogun LoverTopic starter

Re: Rejection
« Reply #6 on: March 12, 2018, 11:53:32 PM »
Oh... you know, the idea of letting someone down hard probably should have stayed as that, an idea. She wasn't expecting the look on his face to be so Earth shattering. He didn't just look let down; no, he looked like he'd been gut punched. He might as well have been. That face looked pretty familiar; it looked like how she felt this morning. Trisha regretted any of it leaving her mouth, sealing her lips firmly shut before she could take any of it back.

He said he'd see her tomorrow, but would she really? God, she wouldn't be surprised if he found a way to skip just to avoid her after that. 'Way to be a cunt, Trish.' She dropped her gaze as he turned his back and walked, slowly dragging one foot against the pavement and putting every ounce of attention she had on the simple grinding of gravel between it and her shoe.

She was there for a few minutes before someone walked up behind her, arm arm hanging off her shoulder and catching her attention. "Oh, yeah, hey Rich. Wassup?"

'I heard you didn't have a date for the prom yet, so I'm laying my claim before anyone else could whisk you away.'

"How charming. That routine work on the last three girls?"

'So that's a date, then? I'll pick you up at 6?'

"Dude, I never said that!"

'You didn't say no either! Six!'
He was walking, some of his friends catching up and high fiving him beyond the door. the fuck...?

"No, seriously! I'm not..." What the Hell just happened...?

- - - - - - *Waves a magic time skip fairy wand.* - - - - - - -

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Re: Rejection
« Reply #7 on: March 13, 2018, 12:08:22 AM »
Tyler had been so close to staying home from school, he knew how to fake being sick, his home was a worrier so even a cough and he would be at home in bed for the rest of the day. Tyler didn't want to look like a loser coward though, so he got himself out of bed. As he got dressed his eyes kept drifting over to the suit he bought, it fit him perfectly, his mom even hemmed the pants so they fit right. Was he even going to go? He already bought a ticket so he might as well, his friends would be there...and they would support him even if he was the only one without a date.

Tyler took the suit from where it was hanging on the back of his door and put it away in his closet, not wanting to look at it right now. He grabbed his backpack and headed downstairs for breakfast.


Math class was weird. It was a good thing Trisha sat a few rows away from him. He kept glancing at her though, she was still as pretty as usual, but now every time he looked at her his heart ached a little bit. She couldn't even bother to say no to him. He was embarrassed and upset, staying quiet during class unless the teacher called on him directly. He just needed to get over his little crush and move on, it's not like it would have worked out their both about to go off to college anyway.


Lunch was the same, Tyler sitting at his usual table with his friends, wondering what he was going to say when Trisha showed up...if she showed up. The only person that knew Tyler was going to ask Trisha to prom was his best friend Brent and probably Brent's girlfriend Erin, because he told her everything even when it was supposed to be a secret. He is probably going to figure out that Tyler asked Trisha out and it went badly.

The heartbroken boy took small bites from his homemade sandwich and stared at the wall opposite him as his friends chatted about this and that. He just wanted to be anywhere but there right now.

Offline Shobogun LoverTopic starter

Re: Rejection
« Reply #8 on: March 13, 2018, 08:15:56 AM »
Whelp, Trisha had been surprised; shocked; stunned to see Tyler the next day, though it was as dejected as a person could ever possibly look in their lifetime. The poor thing kept glancing her way, and eventually she couldn't help but lock eyes with him once during math. He was so taken off guard that he had been spotted that he looked quickly away pretending as if he hadn't been looking at all. As if. ... But she didn't feel his gaze on her for the rest of the period.

It was sad walking around like that; she wasn't exactly lonely, but it was definitely weighing on her conscious. Man, she was stupid. She should have just explained things. But then he would have just pined at her and kept up hope for one day in twenty years or something, right? Right. She had to believe in her original fears, because they were what she had decided to act upon in the end.

Lunch came, and Trisha sank down into a seat at the table, not there for more than a few seconds before someone came around behind her. 'Hey, Trish!'

"Hunh? Yeah?" She looked up and back at the broad shouldered boy, not flinching away as he leaned a hand against the lunch room table to get closer to her. "Oh, hey, Rich."

'Oh, hey? Common, is that what you say to your date?'

"I never said I was going; you're delusional." Which somehow he took at a complete joke and laughed it off.

'Why don't you come sit with us today? We're planning out graduation. There's gonna be a party at Rachel's mom's house; the big one. She said you can come if you want.'

"What, so you can all pretend how adult you are and get drunk off a little cheap wine?" She pat one of his big beefy arms, "nah, I'm good."

'You'll come around! I hope you will! But yeah, six o' clock; I'll pick you up! Only a few days away, right?'
Rich was already walking. Trisha recoiled and stared at his back surprised that someone could be so dense. What the heck?

"Rich...! Christ..."

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Re: Rejection
« Reply #9 on: March 13, 2018, 02:39:43 PM »
Tyler was almost surprised that Trisha sat at their table, though why should she not? She just told him how she felt about prom, that wasn't a crime. Tyler was being way to dramatic about this situation, he just needed to get over himself. She didn't want to go to prom and that was fine, he would just have a blast without her. Date or no date he was determined to go to the prom, it was the last dance of his high school career, he might as well try to enjoy himself.

Tyler was off in his own little world until he felt a nudge at his side, Brent was elbowing him, his eyes looking over to the tall, athletic build of Rich, someone who had also seemed to have his eye on Trisha. Tyler would almost be pleased to see him get rejected as well...but...that didn't happen...what did just happen?

"Oh, hey? Common, is that what you say to your date?" Rich had this dumb look on his face that made Tyler's mouth twitch in frustration. Trisha and Rich continued to banter but Tyler wasn't really listening.

Why hadn't she just told him she already had a date? That would have been a lot less painful. The fact that she said she hated the prom but was gonna still show up with RICH of all guys.

Tyler just silently began packing up his lunch.

"Woah where ya going Ty? We still got half an hour left of lunch." Brent questioned before glancing back at Trisha, the tense vibe in the air kind of gave away what was wrong.

"Library." Was all he replied.

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Re: Rejection
« Reply #10 on: March 15, 2018, 10:04:26 PM »
Trisha looked irked, looking back at the table with everyone for a moment, but the longer that weighed on her the more it just reminded her that this wasn't going to stop. Rich was too blissfully happy in his own little world to just let her be alone. "I'll be back," she muttered.

She cross the lunch room quickly, catching up to Rich and grabbing his arm to stop him before he could go sit at the table with all the rest of his friends. "Look, Rich, I don't want to do, okay? I mean... I want to, but I can't."

"What the Hell does that mean? If you want to, then just go. What, your dad ground you?"

"Something like that, yeah. He doesn't take no for an answer, either. We can still hang out, but I can't go to the dance, alright?"

He shrugged and looked back at this friends who were all looking like they were straining their ears to eavesdrop. That had to be embarrassing, getting turned down after have probably gloated about it all over the place. "Well, you let me know when you have enough time for people, yeah?" He turned away hurt and Trisha felt her shoulders slump. He hated this; hated everything about this. She hated it all the way back to her seat. Wait a minute... "Huh? Where'd Tyler run off to?"