A Binding Contract of Humans and Demons

Started by Songless Siren, January 21, 2009, 12:41:12 AM

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Songless Siren

Plot Background: 
In the beginning, there were the demons, the immortals.  They are children of the earth, and their powers demonstrate how deeply they are connected to their respective elements.  Neither disease nor the slow march of time hold sway over their lifespan; they have always been, and will always be unless a being takes pains to slay them.  The humans came soon after, and they feared the demons as gods on the earth.  The two races were identical in form, but the difference in power was great.  Most demons were indifferent to the newcomers to their world, some sought friendship among them, but there were the few who thought it was the birthright of their kind to keep the weaker race "in their place."  There were mages among the humans, few as they were, they studied the world's wonders and explored their arts.  Their powers were considered significantly weaker than that of the demons; what no one outside of the mage community understood was that their abilities were not inferior, but simply different.  Mankind eventually began to question whether demons could be trusted with such power.  The demons who sought to enslave and torment humans made them fear that all demons might someday follow their example.  Somehow, the mages discovered ways to ward demons from their homes and villages.  From further study of the nature of these spells, they found ways to even bind or imprison these "gods."  Many councils were held to discuss the binding spells; there were countless debates on whether they should bind all demons or just those who posed a threat.  A decision was made; the demons were too powerful, and therefore all of them posed a threat.  All demons were to be imprisoned for eternity. 

The first to be captured by the mages was named Akiko, a demon of water and sky.  She had no feud with the humans, and simply went her own way.  She knew not of the plan to imprison the demons, and was taken by surprise when a mage cast a spell of slumber from behind when she had been lazing at a riverbank.  She was then transferred to a small, blue crystal, where she remained dormant while her kin were hunted down one by one, and for centuries afterward.

It is now 2009, and demons have been forgotten, considered to be mere legend. 

Plot Idea:  A young man sees what he thinks to be a bit of blue sea glass on the shore, but it turns out to be a crystal partially buried in the sand.  When he picks it up, he unknowingly releases Akiko, binding her to himself.  The spell that kept her imprisoned was specifically designed to make sure only a human could release her, and to keep her under human control should she ever be released.  Her curse comes with many restrictions; she is bound to follow the human's every order, and protect him.  She is also unable to use any of her powers without his permission, save for acts to protect him.  How shall the young man handle his power over an immortal?  Will he help her adjust to the 21st century, keeping her as a lifetime companion? Lock her away to keep to himself for his own purposes?  It's up to you!  -^_^-  Please PM me, or post your interest.  Cheers.

Songless Siren

Oh, almost forgot...Ons and offs...The only things I'm going to completely rule out are anything to do with human waste, use of excessive violence, and I'll add any other specifics I can think of.  I am typically play the submissive role to certain degrees.  Depending on the nature of your character, my character may provide some resistance to your control.  I like being forced to submit, but it's alright if that's not your cup of tea.  I'm not a huge fan of spanking and such, but I can deal with it if you're really into that.  I like being tied up; feel free to use some force if the roleplay calls for it; I like use of toys for teasing and such (nipple clamps and vibrators are personal favorites); and oral, anal, and vaginal sex are all open options.  If I think of anything else, I'll be sure to post it ASAP.  =^_^=

Songless Siren

Alright, I should have done this sooner, but oh well.  ^_^;;  This plot is taken, and I will probably post another sooner or later.  Thanks.  =^_^=