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December 11, 2018, 07:19:46 PM

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Author Topic: Bible Black - La Noche de Walpurgis [ Futa/F, M/F ] [ Canon/Non-canon plot ]  (Read 789 times)

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Offline IrvineTopic starter

This thread is heavily WIP. Feel free to PM me and discuss anything related to what you see here. I am posting it in its current state mostly to see how much interest it gets before further adding to it.
Just to be clear, I am open to RP the ideas below already or pitch me your idea. I'll add more plots/characters later on.

Bible Black is Japanese adult game which was later adapted in adult anime form. My knowledge of Bible Black is based on the anime series but by no means you're required to have any prior knowledge of the Bible Black series/game to partake in this RP. All the info you need to know are within this thread. I'm very open for canon and non-canon plot like. While the Bible Black itself is filled with smut, I would love for this RP to take a slightly different route where some level of plot and buildup is integrated. I don't have any plot/smut ratio but I am open for anywhere between a little plot to lengthy buildup.

Furthermore I'd like to add that while the story revolves around witchcraft and demon, I have no particular interest to include any smut demon scene. I could be convinced to do so but if there's any demon scene, it would be for the sake of plot instead of smut. For the fan of the series, you can probably guess that I am deviating from canon material already.

OC (Original Character and/or Content) are welcome, encouraged even! Any characters presented in this thread can be retrofitted to your OC. Plots presented are also free to mold however you like. I seriously encourage bouncing ideas, I'll love you for that.

Every year, The Academy receives students of the highest caliber. By 'highest caliber', either the individual are from a wealthy family or they're the smartest in the country. The school becomes the site of several occult incidents after some of its female students form a magic club without consent from the student council. Unbeknownst to the school authorities, they find a genuine magic book and use its powers to compel a female student councilor to strip naked and masturbate in front of assembly in the school's gymnasium in a lewd spectacle.

After that, the girls gain significant influence and notoriety around the school when they start using seduction magic on other students. However, the council is afraid to step in. Because its president has also been hexed, she actually grants them usage of the school's basement. The basement becomes a ritual room during the mid 2000's.

Here, the students summon a demon from the underworld, and later attempt to summon the Devil himself in order to gain his favor. However, both rituals horribly backfire, leading to the gruesome death of all but one of the club's members. The basement room is sealed following the incident, and the police and school authorities pass it off as a suicide pact. They are careful not to cite the club or its history in any official school records or yearly albums.

For the sake of continuity, all events referenced in the backfired ritual happened in 2006. All events referenced as present day are happening in 2018.

The Night of Walpurgis [ La Noche de Walpurgis ]
Walpurgis Night is a common theme in the series and can be fully ignored in most cases by YC unless you want to play some cult members or the like. Walpurgis Night is an annual spring festival and feast of witches and evil souls on which the power of darkness is at its strongest. Not every year the student or related sect will attempt to summon a Demon or the Devil during that night. The only record of such event is the one that happened sometime in 2006 while another similar event happened in the late 90's/early 2000's but almost no record of such event is available.


Reika Kitami
29 years old
Nurse - Futa

Victim in the event of early 2000's, considered antagonist in present day events.

Former student at The Academy, Reika Kitami was the sole survivor of the ritual that took place 12 years ago. She was a victim of the cult. She was to be sacrificed in the name of the Devil the cult attempted to summon but after the bloodbath and being the sole survivor on the brink of death, Kitami managed to strike a deal with the Devil; 13 years of life and riches in exchange of her soul when her time runs out. She agreed.

With her new found power, she enjoyed a lush life with no concern of the clock ticking till the few last years. She returned at The Academy as a school nurse but also to attempt tricking the demon during the Night of Walpurgis by sacrificing a virgin to break the contract. Though she was given the gift of life and wealth, Reika was also cursed with a manhood. It was the Devil's joke. In her search for a virgin, she finds herself impulsively deflowering the few girls that could have been the perfect sacrificial lamb.

Kurumi Imari
18 years old
Student - Female/Futa

Imari is a childhood friend of Taki Minase. Always keeping to herself. She steered clear from any snob groups and made sure to distance herself from anyone who brings any rumor of 'magic' or 'demon'. It was the perfect way to have a uneventful stay at The Academy till his good friend, Minase, finds himself caught up with the fanatics who are trying to prepare for the Night of Walpurgis. Imari attempts finds herself losing her friend slowly when he hexed one of the most popular girl in school and ending up witnessing them having sex in his apartment.

Taki Minase
18 years old
Student - Male

Minase is a childhood friend of Kurumi Imari. The young man joined The Academy recently. Average looking and unappealing for the high school snobs. Curious by nature and a bookworm at times. After hearing urban legend of demons and witches around the school, he end up taking a deep dive in the school story and managed to get access to the long locked basement of the establishment. In his search, he found the Bible Black; the book used in the Devil summoning ritual years ago but also a medallion with untapped power.

Through strange circumstances, he wins the love of a popular girl thanks to the magic prop, attracting the attention of his occult-obsessed classmate Kaori Saeki and, possibly, the nurse Reika Kitami.

Kaori Saeki
18 years old
Student - Female

An occultist-fanatic, Saeki tries to discover the secret of the Bible Black spell book from her Academy classmate Taki Minase. Along with her witchcraft club friends she eventually becomes a possible target for Reika Kitami since they're threading on the same path for the coming Walpurgis Night.

Mika Ito
18 years old
Student - Female

Kaori is a fairly popular student and a member of the Academy swim team who got abused by Reika Kitami after the latter requested her presence in her infirmary.

Rika Shiraki
18 years old
Student - Female

Rika Shiraki is one of the most popular girl at The Academy. Dismissive towards most people unless they're from her entourage, the girl attracted the wrong attention when she got involved with an average male student; Taki Minase. Hexed by the medaillon worn by Minase, Shiraki finds herself craving for the young man's attention and constantly needing be close to him, no matter what it takes.

Takashi Sora (OC)
35 years old
Mother - Futa

Sora is a woman who enjoyed a lavish life since she left The Academy. Her life was not without trouble. She was a victim of a sect 18 years ago during the Night of Walpurgis and was supposed to be sacrificed. Upon summoning the Devil,  the sect leader making extravagant demand while the young woman's life was ebbing away. The Devil wasn't going to just give a common mortal whatever they wanted, he immolated every member of the sect leaving nothing but ash behind him. He was not done, he knew Sora's soul was about to slip in hell where he would enslave her for eternity but the creature,  wicked as ever, made a deal with the dying girl. Her life back and riches in exchange of a spawn. She accepted. The Devil impregnated the woman on the altar and her life was restored instantly.

Sora's pregnancy was as normal as it gets. She gave birth to a beautiful and healthy girl then moved far away from The Academy. Within a month of giving birth, the woman felt her body changing, her lower body morphing into something completely different. Her once genitals made room for a manhood, her vagina fading into existence leaving her with an actual manhood and testicles. The woman kept it a secret and tried to raise the child on her own.

Matsui Reiya (OC)
28 years old
? - Futa

Reiya was formerly an investigator that tried to uncover the mystery behind the massacre that happened at The Academy. She took the case around 2012, 6 years after the events, with the firm intention of proving that it was mass murder instead of mass suicide. Uncovering the truth would have boosted Reiya's status and easily earned her a spot as chief investigator early in her career but she took one wrong turn and got involved with the wrong people. She was captured by a very small cult that was making a feeble attempt to summon the Devil. Half-way through the ritual, a Devil's spawn made an appearance, chained everyone and dragged them down the abyss of hell. Reiya was subject of the Devil's wickedness; her genital vanished, growing a manhood instead.

In present day, Reiya is no longer in the task force. What has become of her?

More characters to come soon!

I am happy to explore the scenes that happened in the actual series. I am open with the scene being canon or non-canon, it could be with different characters (OC or not), I don't mind. If you don't have any knowledge of what's happening here just read the plot and look at the Characters section. If a character is mentioned but they're not in the Character's section yet then feel free to come up with an OC or a character from the Bible Black world.

Note: I'll be playing the part on the left while the one on the right is up for grab and can be changed to other character (OC/Not OC is fine).

Awakening [OC]
Shiraki Sora [Futa] x Daughter [YC OC F]
Sora have been exhibiting strange impulse. Her body was aching for release but she didn't understand what kind of release. With her daughter almost turning eighteen, Sora found herself focusing her urge towards the girl but she knew better to not act upon those urge. For almost two decades she thought she could steer clear from the Devil's influence but her daughter,  even though a normal child, is the spawn of an unnatural creature. Is the daughter the fault for the mother's new found impulse? Is the girl triggering those impulse and urge?

After Hours [OC]
Matsui Reiya [Futa] x Student [YC OC F]
Reiya's craving turned into shame. After she was inflicted with the Devil's curse, she left the city in the hope that seclusion would allow her to steer clear of the depravity going through her mind but the craving to use that new body of hers took over. She returned back to the city years after she became victim of the curse. She find herself the perfect job to act upon his urge; teaching. What better prey that students who are under her authority?

Routine Check Up
Reika Kitami [Futa] x Mika Ito [F]
Kitami has been on the prowl for a virgin girl, she called on Mika for a routine check hoping that she'll get an opportunity to find out by herself whether the girl is virgin or not. Mika shows up in the infirmary respectful greeting the older woman. Kitami  chat the girl up, get her to settle down so that she starts flirting with her. Mika not being too receptive but find herself in a situation where she can't simply say 'no'. The nurse, giving herself into her impulse even through the girl's reluctance.

Bring the Girl, Wipe the Debt
Reika Kitami [Futa] x Kurumi Imari [F]
After the Kitami found out that Imari is a virgin, she was dead set to put her hand on that girl. By seducing Nimase, Imari's childhood friend, he kidnapped the girl and brought her to Kitami's residence. The nurse will have to first hand check for the girl's virginity and she'll have to prevent her impulse from defiling the girl. The Night of Walpurgis being dangerously close, Kitami must have a virgin girl ready by then.

Circle of Life
Kurumi Imari [Futa] x Kaori Saeki [F]
After she was saved from the fanatics on the Night of Walpurgis, Imari returned to the basement to find the Bible Black and destroy it once and for all. Upon reaching the scene, Imari finds a curious Saeki attempting to recover the book. Imari reveals her new found power by burning the book from Saeki's hand but she also showcase her new toy, a manhood. Imari's first victim? Saeki.

No Longer His
Kurumi Imari [Futa] x Rika Shiraki [F]
Imari, now cursed by the Devil, is out for revenge. One of her first victim is going to be the girl that bridged a gap between Imari and Minase. Imari stalks Shiraki to her house, she knows the girl has an obsession over Minase. Imari is bent on abusing Shiraki, defiling her body so that she no longer feels exclusive to Minase, she wants to strip her pureness out of her.

The Ruse
Taki Minase [M] x Kaori Saeki [F]
Saeki took interest in a very common male student. The girl would never bother even looking at guys like Minase but she knew that he had something out of ordinary. The way Minase got one of the most popular girl in the school obsessed over him, Saeki knew something's afloat and she could recognize the sign of a spell that could only come from the Bible Black. The girl needs the Bible Black for the Night of Walpurgis and if Minase indeed possess the book or any related trinket, she'll do everything in her power to get her hand on it. Even if it entails taking the young man home alone and getting on her knee for him.

More plots to come soon!

Extra Info
This type of RP is something I wanted to do for a long while now but just recently felt the strong motivation to get it started. Depending on the kind of reply I get, I could take more than one partner to RP different plots/characters. In the event I find someone who can dish out at least one (or even more) post a day for this RP then I might limit myself to just one RP partner. Either way, this is a very specific type of craving for me and I'll be picky when it comes to RP partner. If for any reason I decline your offer, please don't take it as an offense. I'm just looking for someone (or more!) to really inspire me through the length of this RP.
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- New plot: No Longer His (Futa x F)

I'm also open for original Futa x F ideas that doesn't necessarily fall under the Bible Black theme.