An Angel and a Vampire(Modern Fantasy, M for f)

Started by jacobjon, March 02, 2018, 09:47:06 AM

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This is an idea set in an alternate present day, one where vampires, werewolves, and magic are real, though they are rare. Humans take great pains to control anything supernatural, either destroying it or turning it to their purposes.

One of the wealthiest individuals in this world is Gregor Cain, a man who buys and trades the supernatural. He can procure provisions for spells, no matter how rare, but can procure much more than that. People have purchased beings like werewolves from him for study, or secure vampires to test their best men against in combat. Whenever Gregor makes a deal, his personal vampire is by his side. She has belonged to his family for generations, trained to obey her master's ever whim. She is denied human blood and offered something synthetic to sustain herself, and punished with powerful magics whenever she fails in even the slightest way.

She comes with her master to procure a new specimen, something Cain's agent can't identify. He appears to be just a man, one with no memory, but there is a divine aura around him, something Cain can't identify. His slave, however, figures it out at once. This new being is an angel, who has somehow fallen to earth and lost his memory, but his power remains intact. The vampire recognizes that this new specimen is the key to her freedom. He could free himself with ease, and if he did so, he could take her with him. She offers herself to the angelic being, trading a master she knows to be cruel for one who will hopefully allow her a shred of mercy.
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