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Author Topic: Liam's Wishes [M x M]  (Read 4532 times)

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Liam's Wishes [M x M]
« on: February 27, 2018, 10:23:31 AM »

Current status: Not looking for new games.

Posting rate: Slow.

Hello, my name is Liam!

I will play against male or female characters, but will only include romance and sex with male characters. With female characters, the story would not include sexual content between the two characters.

I don't mind my partner's gender.

I usually write from Saturday to Thursday between 1pm and 5pm (Europe time), my Fridays are generally too busy for me to sit down and get anything done.

In this thread you'll find a few samples of my writing, some things I'd like you to know about me and my ways, a list of fandoms I like and in which characters I'm interested in playing against, and my original ideas.

My Preferences - My O/O List - My A/A

More information about my characters and preferences at My Wiki

You can ask for my Discord user name to chat~

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— Please don't post in this thread, feel free to send me a message —

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What's new:


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General Info
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2018, 10:23:53 AM »
* I first must say that I'm mostly interested in long-term roleplays. I don't mind sex scenes as long as there's some nice, consistent story to hold on to. Sex is not a requirement for all of my ideas. I'm open to playing against futanari and as cuntboy characters although only for One Shot stories.

* I only roleplay through threads, and I'm open to group roleplays. I love detailed posts, and even when I don't always have the time to write as much as I'd like, I try to make complete posts, describing my character's thoughts and sensations.

* If you like any of my characters but don't like my ideas -or vice versa- just let me know, and we can work on something new.

* My current post policy is replying when I feel in the mood for each game. I've been feeling really low lately, and with so many games I've been on the verge of dropping them all. Thus I'm not forcing myself to write anymore. I'm a rather slow poster at the moment.

* I'll move a game to the Paused Games section after a month without getting a reply from my partner. And if I don't get a reply in more than two months and no news from the writer I'll remove it from my bookmarks. I don't poke for replies, although I do like to check on my partners once in a while.

* Please, consider continuity between one post and the next one. This is something important to me, is rather annoying when I read a character is shirtless in one reply and in the next one he takes off his shirt. When this happens, it makes me feel like my partner is not really paying attention to our roleplay, nor to their own character. I always read my last post(s), before writing a new reply so I can be sure about what was my character(s) doing, what was he wearing... Maybe all this is not really that important, but I don't think they're minor details either.

* I will notify my partners if I have to go for a while or if I lost interest in the roleplay. So please, If you're going to leave or simply got bored just let me know. I don't mind waiting for a reply but wondering if your partner is ever going to post back feels just awful. Also, if you have something to ask, say or clarify about a roleplay, please send me a message.

* I don't mind misspelling or typos, I know I have them. French is my first language, then Spanish, leaving English as my third language and I'm still learning. I apologize if I ever send or post a reply with a misspelled word, though I assure you I'll use the Spell Check tool.

* I enjoy modern and realistic settings as well as fantasy-themed roleplays, either in our current time, the past or the future. I like some of my games to be violent, to have my character either inflicting or suffering pain and fear.

* Following with the realism subject, I'd like point out that some of my characters will use condoms during sex. This depends on the character I'm playing, the setting of the story and my partner's character. If this is a huge turn-off for you, let me know so I won't include it in the story.
* I don't care if a story develops to the point in which my characters or one of them dies. Either of sickness or killed, I think it's not a bad thing, and it might even give better closure to the narration.

* I enjoy playing multiple characters, to complete the story and sometimes show my main characters from different points of view. I think multiple characters are fun and give me an excuse to keep writing. Besides, the world is not inhabited by only two people, so it also adds a little logic. I'll include either random NPCs or some of my other characters, as most of them know each other. So far I've played eight characters in a single roleplay, they're appearances varying from two to four and the eight at the same time.
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My Samples
« Reply #3 on: February 27, 2018, 10:27:38 AM »

- - - - - - -

Fear and Loathing in London — Character: Wallace
Wallace had left his hideout as soon as the sun disappeared behind the long and tall line of buildings, allowing darkness to take over the city as the moon and the stars were shoved behind thick rain clouds and black smoke from the never resting factories of London. Such a beautiful night in such a beautiful city, so full of life and things to do and watch and listen, opening nights at the theaters, flyers announcing the arrival of a new circus scattered across the streets, the opera, restaurants and pubs and squares to mingle with the mortals as one of their own.

The vampire smiled as he took a deep breath of smoky air and stepped onto the street, allowing his feet to take him to whatever destiny as he stuck his hands into the warm pockets of his fine and beautiful, black velvet coat, the fabric flowing as gracefully as the vampire moved, covering his body from neck to knee, with silver buttons shaped as little roses. Underneath the coat, an expensive white silk button shirt with intricate lace designs around the collar, cascading down his chest, adorning the opening of the coat, the sleeves borne the same complicated work in lace, covering his pale and delicate hands almost to his fingertips. Black velvet trousers matched the coat, tightly running down his long legs and disappearing into almost high knee, black leather boots. And his cane, of course, a beautiful work in the darkest ebony, the handle and the tip covered in silver, carved into beautiful patterns. Everything was perfect for a perfect night in London, and Wallace planned to enjoy himself to the fullest.

Deciding to push his slowly growing thirst to the side for the first few hours of the night, the vampire reached a large square, bustling with people and their magical noises and scents, and their looks, all of them so attractive and tantalizing, at least in this area of the city, where the rich and cultivated people lived and enjoyed their graceful and comfortable lives. Here, Wallace looked just as one of them, a little bit eccentric maybe, but both men and women always welcomed him to join in their conversations. No one could really say no to someone so well dressed, and so educated and polite as Wallace was. And of course, there was the little detail of his unique nature, which turned to be almost irresistible to most humans.

Moments later, the vampire found himself sitting at an outer table of a small café, his body relaxed as he crossed his legs and pushed the coffee cup just a little further into the table, he loved the smell of freshly made coffee, yet he would never drink it, sitting at a café and ordering a cup of coffee was the natural thing to do, and so he did. While sitting there, the music of a band of gypsies reached his ears. Such wonderful creatures! He loved gypsies, with their music and clothes and legends, they knew about the vampiri, and some of them might even know when they were in front of one. Simply amazing. Enjoying their dance and their music, Wallace stood up to watch from closer. People around this area of London didn't like gypsies, but sometimes they stopped enough time to see more than one move of their feet and listen at more than one of their chords, and slowly a small crowd gathered around them. Wallace smirked as he spotted a few little kids working their tiny, nimble hands into the pockets of the wealthy spectators.

Only for a brief moment, a glimpse of another vampire reached his mind, he saw a foggy image, brick walls and... His mind was once again clouded in darkness, but this was enough to make Wallace to forget about all of his plans for the night, making his way into the narrow and dark alleyways of London. He had to investigate and see who was roaming around the streets of the city. This was so annoying, having to actually look for others, being unable to communicate for more than a second with someone else, it was like being blind and deaf. No one knew why was this happening, what caused this sudden block of their minds, but all vampires Wallace had encountered in the last years suffered from the same.

What started as a quick walk eventually turned into slow steps, and at some point the vampire doubted if he really wanted to keep getting further into the ugliest part of the city. Not that he was in any danger, but the area was just disgusting. The bricks itself seemed to ooze filth, and the smell of rotting things and death soon filled Wallace's nose and mouth. He grimaced in disgust, walking carefully, avoiding to touch anything else than the floor with the sole of his boots, he continued, focusing all the strength of his mind into the other creature. It couldn't be too far away.
His ears caught the clear sign of a struggle and he knew he was getting closer. Quickening his steps, Wallace moved forwards but as he received another image he stopped in his tracks, eyes wide open as he waited for a moment, hoping to get something else to confirm what he thought he just saw. But immediately he resumed his searching, walking faster and faster, hearing the poor dying bastard closer, his muffled sounds echoing across the many thin streets and turns. Wallace's heart pumped strongly against his ribs. What did he see? A flash of thick black hair and beard... He was now able to catch the smell of blood, and the smell of the vampire that was only a turn away from him. Was it him? Was it really him? His Jarek? It had to be him! Not for an instant he stopped to think that it could be anyone else, that it was impossible to find him after so many years. And then he saw him! Jarek, feasting with the blood of a vagabond.

Jarek would hear an annoyed huff first, and then a -hopefully- familiar voice. "You always drag me into the nastiest places." Wallace said, stopping the urge of running to him and hug him and squeeze his face with both hands and do all the things that annoyed the other so much, but inside, Wallace couldn't bring himself to calm down, and put his emotions in order. He was happy. He was more than happy. Ecstatic. He was angry. After all these years. So long without seeing each other, thinking he was dead.
With Dys Astyr, from Elliquiy

Destiny — Character: Aidan
Aidan had finished his writing at some moment, he really didn't realize, he seemed to wake up as his hands grasped the notepad firmly when the pain came back, quicker than he would've liked. He whined lowly on his couch, it was hard to breath again and he had a terrible headache. The man moved slowly over the table and dropped the notepad and the pen and then got up, the cold floor sent a small twinge up his body and made him shiver, or it was just the drug leaving his body? Aidan couldn't let that happen, he had more and he would use it all if he needed. He stretched his body as much as the pain allowed him and dragged his feet over his night stand to get the piece of mirror and his razor blade, now he had time to prepare his hit properly and try to enjoy it, it was easier to enjoy it when he didn't feel like shit, though. He leaned over to reach for his things, completely oblivious about the young man in his bed, he didn't see Artymis or hear him, he barely new the bed was there because he was standing next to the night stand. Aidan trailed back to his seat and let his body fall, unable to stop a loud grunt, he closed his eyes shaking his head to try and make the pain go away, at least enough to allow him to take his hit, then, everything would be alright again. He drew out one of the small bags and opened it, emptied its content on the mirror's smooth surface and took the blade to separate it in two lines, but pain played against him. His hand twitched closing around the small blade and this went deep into his palm and fingers.

"Fucking shit!" Aidan groaned loudly and threw the blade away, the blood splattered over the table, falling onto the notepad and his precious snow, ruining it completely. Aidan got up, he was so pissed off, he kicked the coffee table pushing it far away, some of the dishes and cutlery and the boxes in which Artymis brought them breakfast fell to the floor, Wiccan ran away from beneath the table where he was sleeping and left. "Wiccan! Come back!" Aidan tried to run after the cat but his foot didn't allow him. "Dammit..." He growled, he'd just hit a fucking marble coffee table with his bare feet, fucking genius he was. Aidan sighed heavily, standing at the middle of the mess he'd made and glared down at his hand, the blood stained his shirt and didn't seem like it would stop pouring out. "Shit..." He quickly took his shirt off and wrapped one of its sleeves around his hand.

This time Aidan felt somehow obliged to remove his shirt, but it was something he wouldn't do often unless he had no choice. He didn't like people to see all the scars he had, they always had questions and he hated to talk about it. The scars from the accident covered part of his chest, shoulders and upper back, and went down his arms, he had many around his head but the hair covered them. Observing carefully, one could notice those long and thin scars were the clear signal of falling through glass. He had three broken ribs at his left side, healed long ago, but the small bulges were still noticeable.

Glen and Alex woke up but they decided to stay out, they never dealt with Aidan when he was fucked up unless they really had to, if they had known about his wound, they would have run to his aid, but from the place they were, it just looked like another junkie's rant, and as soon as the silence took the place again, they went back to sleep.
With Hummingbird-in-a-Box, from BM

The Hot Seat — Character: Aidan
Aidan managed to maintain himself focused during the entire way back, his eyes showed it as he looked up through the windshield, he was definitely planning what to do, and he was planning to enjoy himself very much. It's been a while since the last time he played with knives and he realized how much he missed it as he briefly glanced down at the knife in his hand, a sly grin showing up on his face for a second there before his eyes returned to the road. It was a shame though, that Kurt turned out to be a fucking pig. From the beginning Aidan intended to keep him, although in one piece.

As they reached the warehouse and passed by the Ferrari Aidan looked at it and nodded. "I'll tell Russ." Were the only words he said and he quickly glanced up to the building entrance, there was no one around, which meant the guys were either too wasted or still enjoying their belated Christmas gifts. Which ever was the case, Aidan's New Year's party was about to begin.

Ren spoke and Aidan's eyes darted in his direction finding the knife on the man's hands, a sinister grin crossed his features. "Yeah..." He replied simply and opened the door, getting down the vehicle and made his way into the warehouse. Shoving the blade back into the pocket of his jeans, he removed his jacket, hoodie and sweater, he needed to be comfortable for this, and he barely felt the cold air hitting his skin as he retrieved his blade and flicked it open, once he threw his clothes away nearby the stereo.

Finding his men lazily lying on the couches, it only took him a moment to guess were they captives were and he turned right, a faint smile on his face as he tried to guess what might had happened in his absence. "Go play with the fireworks boys, it's almost midnight." Aidan turned towards them with a twisted grin and once they left, he walked over Kurt, pretty much ignoring the other cop for the moment. On their wait out, Ryan stopped by the music system, deciding to put some music and found a song which seemed perfect for the moment. He grinned as he pressed the play button, briefly glancing in their leader's direction to see the man standing next to his prey, knife in hand, and then Ryan left, rushing to catch up with his brother and as he reached Russ, he jumped on his back, laughing as they made their way into the other building to get the fireworks.

Standing next to his feet, Aidan studied Kurt a bit more from close now, but, it took him a moment to do or say anything, and when he finally moved, he gave a step forward and crouched in between them, facing Kurt, he could smell his men all over them. "I wanted to hurt you Princess... Real bad..." He spoke seriously, a dark glare held Kurt's as he brought a still bloody hand up to the man's chin, his fingertips barely caressing the skin. "But I can't... Not too much..." He added with a little grimace of regret. "But, luckily for me, you brought this other fucker with you." Aidan said with a sudden, bright smile, because he really wanted to see some blood running across the floor of his warehouse now. "And I don't give a fuck about him!" He laughed, pointing at Gabe with the knife.

"First though, we gonna work together on something... Because I can't just keep you, chop you and throw you to the water, or send you back if I want the 75th fucking precinct out of my yard..." He began to explain. "So you, Princess, are gonna think of something to keep your damn people away from here." Aidan moved then, kneeling closer to Gabe and slid his hand behind the man's back to cut his bounds, then he grabbed Gabe's left hand, pulling to stretch his arm and with a single and precise move, the sleeves of his jacket and shirt were cut in half, revealing the man's arm, and a thin trail of blood left behind by the pointy end of the knife. Leaning his head to the side Aidan grinned and glanced over Kurt. "You have... Ten fingers time! Starting..." He pressed Gabe's hand onto the floor, spreading his fingers. "Right now..." The blade was brought down quickly. "Ten!" Gabe's little finger rolled off his hand and Aidan looked up, giving Kurt a moment to process everything and try to think. "Nine..." He said after a few seconds and chopped a second finger. "C'mon, Princess, your buddy here is losing his fingers! He might even bleed to death!" Aidan laughed as he waved Gabe's bleeding hand in front of Kurt's face.
With TNT, from Elliquiy

Vícios — Character: Lance
Lance didn't take his eyes from the man as he tried to calm down and think, which in his state wasn't the easiest thing. He breathed heavily, the hand holding the knife shaking slightly. He continued to look into the man's blue eyes and taking in every motion, though focusing caused his sight to blur a bit and made him slightly dizzy.

"Not your damn business." Lane replied to the man's question. Why did he wanted to know who he was anyways? Probably he was going to kill him anyways. He swallowed hard, shoving himself against the wall even more as the man moved and drew out his gun. Lance had been in front of guns before, but this was the first time he really felt like the man holding the weapon would actually shoot him.
Lance frowned when the man studied him. He was used to be stared at, to be judged by everyone who passed by him on the street, and it usually didn't bother. He knew he used to do the same when he had a roof over his head. But the way this man looked at him, and the man himself just made him feel odd, aside from from being scared.

"What the-" Lesson to be had? Who did he think he was to talk to him like that? But there was something in his voice, besides the gun pointed at him that made Lance reconsider. Somehow he didn't feel like the man would shoot him, he'd done it by now if he ever meant to kill him. Lance took his time to think about it though, and very slowly, he dropped the knife on the sink at his side. But as he saw the man coming at him he attempted to reach for the knife, quickly finding himself too close to the man.

"Get off me!" He growled, struggling, eyes locked on the man's as he looked up. "What the fuck do you care!? You're a fucking- Gah-" Lance groaned as he was so easily shoved to the ground, his agitated breathing making him lightheaded but he continued to push the man away from him and trying to set himself free, kicking and shoving his elbows back against the man but he was running out of energy really quickly. He let go a low whine when he was yanked back from his hair, and he had no option but to calm down, he couldn't fight anymore, Lance panted heavily, sighing in frustration as he gave one tentative pull of his head, but the man wasn't letting him go.

Being so close the man would soon know a bit more about Lance, he'd realize Lance wasn't exactly clean, he probably smelled really bad, actually. Lance frequently visited a friend at a public health clinic and she'd let him take a shower, but he hadn't gone in a few weeks. His hair was oily, and there were a few dirty, darker areas around his torso, arms and neck and a layer of thin, scruffy beard covered the lower part of his cheeks and chin. Lance was surprised the man hadn't released him by now, but apparently he was more focused on showing him how a poor bastard died.

At first Lance barely heard his words, though his eyes were locked on J's body. He'd seen people after an overdose, he'd seen survivors and the bodies of those who didn't make it, and he almost went through one, but someone showed up in the right moment. But he never sat to analyze an overdose. Lance saw the dealer's fingers twitching, how the man struggled to breathe. Lance frowned, growling a bit as he tried to look away and once more attempted to shove the man of off him, but he was too tired now, there was not much strength left in his body. After a moment J went completely silent and still. He was dead. The fact that he died wasn't what really bothered Lance, but the way he died. Lance always saw the results afterwards, but he never witnessed the process.
Still, he didn't really got the reason why this man was doing this. Yes, what he just saw was horrible, but Lance didn't have much options. He tried to get clean and he almost got it, but if he didn't change his life entirely, he would never be clean. Drugs were for him a way to escape from hunger, and cold, and sickness, and a way to avoid confronting the kind of shitty live he was living. "Are you done enlightening me?" He asked with a low huff after a moment, trying to pull away one more time.
With SaydenEmery, from Elliquiy

Spiraling Down — Character: Riley
Riley couldn't believe someone intervened, he couldn't believe someone could be so stupid to do that, but this guy was, apparently, though he seemed capable of standing his ground, which was rather impressive, still, he was definitely stupid for getting between the Scarlets and their prey, they would surely look for him later and take their revenge.
He blinked and stared up at the other guy as he told him to run at the count of three. Was he planning to stay and fight while he got away? Riley stood up though, coughing, not really sure that he could run, or even walk. He stepped back, waiting, he didn't know how would the others react, maybe they'd ignore this guy and run after him in which case he would be lost for attempting an escape.

One, two, Riley still wasn't sure if he should run or not. He watched as the guy took and gave hits as well, it looked like he was really used to fight, was he in a gang too?
He glanced over the one who took his coat. Would it be too much asking this random teen to take it back? Probably yes.

Three! The guy left. Riley looked up to the gang and before he could even think his body began to move and he ran away, trying to get closer to the other and looking back over his shoulder to see if the thee were after him. He'd never ran so fast, by the time they stopped he could barely breath. Riley coughed, resting against the wall, hands on his knees as he caught his breath.
He glared at Jake as he called him idiot, but he didn't want to risk pissing him off. "Riley." He said flatly, taking the jacket and extending his arm to give it back. "I owe you enough." He looked back to make sure the Scarlets weren't coming and sighed, he almost wanted them to appear, going back home without that parka meant another beating.

"You think you're so smart?" He growled, cleaning the blood from his face with an arm. "They'll find you and they'll beat you up" Riley began to walk, an arm wrapping his stomach as it hurt with each step and it was still hard to breath. Each time he took air he felt the blood inside his nose, getting thicker as it dried. He wouldn't bother to tell him that he was used to this, he didn't care much anymore, as long as the injuries weren't permanent.

Riley wasn't sure where was he heading to, he didn't want to go back home yet, it would be better to wait until his parents were high or drunk or out to go back, and maybe try to get a new coat the next day. He sighed as he walked slowly, he owned Jake for saving his ass, and he had nothing to pay him with, well, that wasn't exactly correct, he didn't have anything material to pay him back. Not that Riley cared about doing almost anything to pay a favor, but he wasn't sure how would Jake take it.
With slytherindoctor, from Elliquiy

Miracle of Missfortune — Character: Drew
Drew had his earbuds on, Frah's rough voice and Shaka Ponk's strong beat busting into his ears with Lucky G1rl as he leaned against the wall, finishing his joint before pulling the hood of his old hoodie up and walked into the convenience store. It would be easy as always, grab some shit, hide it away and only pay for whatever was cheaper. He waltzed around the cramped aisles that were making his task even easier. He did great picking this particular store. Drew chuckled, eyeing to the door as some people stepped inside. Then his eyes slid over the old man behind the counter. No. There was no remorse in Drew as he hurried to pick whatever could fit into his clothes, his fingers nimbly plucking small items and shoving them down his sleeves or into his pockets. When he deemed it was time to leave, Drew began his way to the counter, ready to pay for a small pack of Lay's.

But as he walked, a group of armed and actually dangerous thieves or whatever they were broke into the store. They were shooting their guns in the air, yelling at everyone inside the store and Drew barely managed to keep himself out of sight. Fuck! He quickly pulled off the earbuds and tried not to make a sound, breathing heavily as he pressed his back against one of the isles. He was scared as fuck. He'd seen guns before, and he'd seen people use them before, but never like this. And the sound of each bullet caused his heart to speed up, and he felt slightly lightheaded. He'd never been in panic before. It fucking sucked. He couldn't even think straight as he tried to make a decision. The sound of sirens and cars pulling to a sudden break at the street caused Drew to curse inwardly, if he was caught because of these bunch of fuckers he was fucking doomed.

As the yelling continued, Drew had no idea of what was going on, he could only hear many voices, men and women, all mixed with the gunfire that was happening just some feet away from him. His breathing hitched, and he looked around to try and find a way out. He spotted the back door and moved slowly, checking if there was any chance for him to actually make it through and escape this clusterfuck. The owner and other costumers were kept behind the counter and right in front of it were two of the assailants. Drew frowned. How did these guys ended up in this tiny store? They weren't small thieves like him, these guys were fucking armed for war. Being in the middle of the chaos, Drew heard a few words that gave him a little clue of what the fuck was going on. So they weren't robbing this place, but just looking for hostages. Well, fuck, he wasn't going to be one of the them. His eyes darted towards the backdoor, and his entire body tensed up, he wasn't breathing, but his body still responded as his brain give a simple order.


Drew cursed and almost closed his eyes while crossing the small distance between him and the door, and he didn't even dare to look back to see if anyone saw him. He pulled from the door, praying for the first time in his life, hoping the door wasn't locked and shoved his entire weight against the door as his hand turned around the knob. It was open! In the blink of an eye, he was outside. No. Just hiding at the backstore. Shit! Shit! Shit He wanted to get out that fucking store for good. Looking around, he only found two options, opening the large room meant for carrying all the merch in, or sneaking through the small window. The window, definitely, it was big enough for him to slip through. He jumped, not minding the crap dropping from his pockets, and easily pushed himself through the small hole, cursing as he landed on the dark alley behind the main street. He leaned against a large trash bin, trying to catch his breath just for a second before running like there was no fucking tomorrow. But it wasn't over. Of course it wasn't.

Glancing at his right and left, Drew found himself trapped between the police at one end of the alley, and the fucking psychos at the other end. He hid underneath the trash bin, not caring about the smell or the dirt or any fucking thing crawling down there. He just didn't want to fucking die, or end up in jail because of a severe case of bad fucking timing. Bringing his hands to his mouth and nose to keep as quiet as he could, and partially to avoid breathing in the nauseating stench surrounding him, Drew waited. He shot his eyes tightly, and the shouting and shooting seemed to almost disappear as he could now only hear his heartbeat deafening him, causing his head to spin.

But then, everything was silent.

Drew opened his eyes and the silence around him was almost more overwhelming than everything else. He looked from underneath the bin and saw bodies, clad in blue at one side, and black at the other. Everyone was fucking dead. He swallowed heavily and slowly, inch by inch, Drew allowed himself to leave his hideout. He took another look around as he walked through the alley, his feet stumbling with something and almost caused him to fall. Fucking Christ! He was shaking, and he was sure he let go a whine of fear as he swore he stumbled upon a body. Slowly looking down, his eyes widened as what he saw wasn't a dead body, but a huge black bag, filled to the top with money. What. The. Fuck. Hesitating, Drew's body actually moved back and forth as he debated if taking the money or not. Voices reached closer, and if before it was his brain the one giving the order for his body to move, now it was Drew's body the one in charge, as he just quickly bent down, pulled the zipper closed, took the bag, and dashed away from the scene, without looking back.

"Fuck!" Drew yelled, running, laughing as he clung to the damn bag as if his life depended on it. Dakota. His twin appeared in his mind. But why? Why now? The thought of his sister wouldn't leave him alone as he run away. Maybe... This was the chance they needed to change their shitty lives. No. She would never agree to use the money. Drew continued to run, and before he could tell, he was reaching the campus where his sister lived. Barely slowing down, Drew sneaked inside and made his way to the building, easily climbing his way up the second floor, desperately knocking on the window, waiting for his sister to open up.
With Amaris, from Elliquiy

The Gambling Man — Character: Ren
At the time of the meeting, Ren stepped down of his Mustang, wearing an all black, relaxed outfit that clearly told everyone he barely gave a fuck about all this and compared to Taiga, it almost made him look like the devil. Heading inside, the man took the offered seat with a sly smile, comfortably leaning back. "No problem, Taiga." He replied quietly, though he noticed the eyes on them, on Taiga's thanks, and on the mild show of respect Ren showed by calling him by his name. Everyone there knew what Ren thought about the new leader, and they would laugh at the sight if Ren weren't so... Unpredictable with the orders he secretly gave to his men. Ren nodded at the question, watching as Taiga sat at his side and quickly the meeting began.

With people from the entire city, it was terribly dull to listen to minor bosses bitching about their problems. Ren was above all that shit; he'd been there, done that. Thank you. Although he was surprised to learn that Taiga actually had good ideas, and he thought bringing him to the gathering wouldn't only work on his favor as the bastard he knew he was, but it would be good for his business as well. He only intervened when his territory came up a few times, but his command was rock solid and everyone there was aware that the man took his own business seriously, even when he didn't give two fucks about anyone else's. They knew Ren wouldn't do anything to risk having them join forces against him, but they also knew that he had an army ready to follow every order he gave.

Once the gathering was over, Ren said goodbye to the few people he kinda liked and headed outside, letting Taiga do his thing of being polite at people that pretty much hated him, or did till recently. He had to admit it; the kid wasn't bad at this, it seemed like Reyes did more than fucking his favorite bitch.

By the time Taiga stepped out, Ren was leaning against his car, a bright grin on his face. "So? Already turned some names against me?" He chuckled.
With Sekah, from Elliquiy

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« Reply #4 on: February 27, 2018, 10:28:12 AM »

All images are clickable

I decided to shorten the character descriptions to make the thread less... Overwhelming, so please, do click on the link for each character's personal page, there you'll find a lot more information about them as well as more images.

- - - - - - -

(Open for ideas)

Johan is a werewolf, 36 years old. He was born into a large pack, but at the age of 22 he decided to travel around the world and put some distance between him and his pack, and all the responsibilities of being the heir to his father. He never felt like he really belonged into a pack, he always felt too different from the rest and like not even his family could really understand him, and he certainly never felt like he had any Alpha material in him.
Currently, he works for different mafia groups and even drug dealers, whoever pays more, and he is fine doing any kind of job, from delivering goods to killing people. Johan is not a bad person though, he considers himself someone who's lost and he has not much idea of what's going on outside his little world.

This character is open for almost any modern setting, though he does have a weak spot for younger partners, not entirely in a sexual way, but having a 'pup' around brings out a nicer side of him.

I'd like to get at least one story for Johan that won't include sex.

More info about Johan Here

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« Reply #5 on: February 27, 2018, 10:28:58 AM »
*Ren Brennan*
(Open for ideas)

Ren is 51 years old and runs a huge drug business. The word dealer is just too small for him. He is single but definitely not looking for anything serious. Ren is cold and sarcastic and not keen to help people unless he makes sure he will get something worthy in return.

I'm looking for a story based roleplay, to play this character in all his glorious SOB being.

The setting can be pretty much anything as long as it's modern and realistic as Ren moves in many different areas, from the lowest scum to the top of society.

More info about Ren Here

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« Reply #6 on: February 27, 2018, 10:31:17 AM »
*Axel Evans*
(Open for ideas)

He's 28, smokes too much (optional), knows too many guys for his own good and he's been looking for 'the right guy' for a while now. His life is quite messy, being a bartender he works at night, sleeps in every day, wakes up at some random guy's place more often than he'd like. Axel enjoys having 'free' alcohol at his workplace and likes getting drunk from time to time. He's super flirty and very open too, like, he doesn't care who's watching and such when he's with someone. He has his own motorbike, though is nothing too cool nor fancy, just a vehicle to take him to work and back home, but he really likes driving it, and he'd like to get something better and more resistant to hit the road someday.

Originally, I pictured him working at a gay bar, but right now I'm really craving specifically a bear bar, though I'm still open to change this.

I'm up for many options here, like Axel finally meeting "the one" at the bar or getting him into a stormy relationship with some abusive guy or guys. We can keep this all sweet and light or take it to a very dark and extreme corner, I'm up for pretty much anything.

More info about Axel Here

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« Reply #7 on: February 27, 2018, 10:31:49 AM »
*Lance Ashford*
(Have a few concepts but open for new things)

He's 25 five years old and lives in the streets, keeping himself alive as he can, he doesn't mind teaming up or working for dealers and/or pimps, if it gives him food and keeps his stash full, then is fine. Usually he works at a rundown bar at the lesser part of the city, a good place to find a cheap deal and some guys that might find a junkie attractive. He struggles to get clean from time to time but he always falls down.

The gang running the area finds out that Lance is dealing without permission and send someone to make him pay. From now on, Lance has to work for the man who was sent after him until he pays what he owns to the gang. To keep a good eye on him, the man decided to take Lance to his own place since he doesn't have a place to stay, and having him wandering around the city wasn't good.

They can get involved quickly, the man being somehow helpful to Lance and making him recover.

The man's only interest is the money Lance owns to his boss and makes sure to make him return each and every penny not caring how.

Lance is from the beginning attracted to him, though he prefers to keep the product to satisfy his addiction and sell himself to return the money.

* I'd like this option to turn into a very stormy and aggressive relationship, from calm moments in which Lance feels safe and protected by him to moments when he fears for his life being trapped with the man, as his jealousy turns him into a very dangerous person.

Lance gets accepted into a government program to get him a home and a job, with the promise that he will attend to rehab, and follow the rules of society. He is chosen to be roommates with your character, who's part of the same program.

* These stories, and any other idea involving Lance, would have drug use, violence (probably), sex, and (not necessarily) romance, probably having a nice ending since Lance is very dear to me.

More info about Lance Here

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« Reply #8 on: February 27, 2018, 10:32:11 AM »
*Aidan Bauer*
(Open for ideas)

Aidan is 35 years old. He has an undiagnosed mental decease (a kind of schizophrenia) and he's (mostly) into weed and cocaine which only made the symptoms worse. Aidan is completely out of his mind, he's violent and enjoys hurting people, although there is another side that very few will ever get to know if they manage to stay at his side long enough.

* Any story in this setting will include drug and alcohol use, violence and use of weapons (sometimes during sex), sex (including gangbang among other hardcore kinks).

More info about Aidan Here

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« Reply #9 on: February 27, 2018, 10:32:37 AM »
*Riley Shaw*

He is 16 years old and lives in a trailer park with his mother. He has some serious daddy issues since he was a kid, even when he knew the men coming to see his mother were bad, he desperately tried to call their attention. Riley is easy to buy, weed, clothes, money, most things are good enough for him and he wouldn't doubt much about exchanging himself for them, though he is not easy to handle and has a bad temper.

*This character is open to any setting, but I really want to discover more about him so I'd like a plot based story rather than smut.

More info about Riley Here

*There's a grown up version of him, open for almost anything.

More info about adult Riley Here

Riley's stories:

Down and Out

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« Reply #10 on: February 27, 2018, 10:35:20 AM »
*Roy Stratford*

Roy is 34 years old and the heir to a huge advertising company, being the one leading his father's business into the new century. While he is mature and responsible, Roy is a sort of spoiled brat, as he is used to always get what he wants and he can be selfish sometimes. He has developed a strong taste for human pets and he tends to have a new one each year, as he gets bored easily, but he is not a cruel master.

*Roy is mostly open for a Master/pet setting, though he is not limited to it. I don't expect a game with him to be entirely about smut, I'd love to see a true relationship to grow between him and his partner.

More info about Roy Here (Under development)

Roy's stories:

Suited to Taste

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« Reply #11 on: February 27, 2018, 10:35:26 AM »
*Étienne Fortier*
(Open for ideas)

Étienne is 39 years old and was born in Paris, France. He's a photographer and is quite happy with his career, although he's always looking to improve the quality of his work and tries to expand his horizon regarding clients, indulging in personal tastes. This led him into the Deep Web, and the broad market for very specific images. This new line of work ended up being easier than he'd had expected at first, as he realized he has a set of odd and dark cravings he's now able to sate while doing his job.

*I'm looking for dark and bloody stories for Étienne, where he finds someone that matches certain profile and abducts them to do his job, and have a lot of fun in the process.

More info about Étienne Here (Under development)

Étienne's stories:

The Camera doesn't Lie

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« Reply #12 on: February 27, 2018, 10:36:01 AM »
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Various Plot Ideas
« Reply #13 on: February 27, 2018, 10:49:42 AM »

I'm looking to play or play against any of these characters in, as the title says, a Viking setting. It can be inside the Vikings' universe, or The Last Kingdom, or something entirely made up. I'm open to ideas, and other characters too.

These face claims may be hot/cute but I don't wish to center this story around smut. I want the long travels across the sea, the raiding, and warring with other cultures and so on.

The character on the right (blondie) name's is Vanadis. He is a seer, a powerful sorcerer who can communicate with the gods and see people's fate. He has a special bound to the goddess Freya and shows himself to the world in a more feminine way.
He is to give his powers to one of the many chieftains wishing to conquer the kingdoms to the West, but he must be won in either combat or through great battle prowess. The seer's powers work through the warrior that claims him, and only after a ritual he will belong to the chieftain.

The ritual can (most likely will) be something sexual, but as I mentioned before, I don't wish to focus the entire story in smut. There can be tension between him and your character (which doesn't have to be the guy on the left, if you don't like him), of course, and with other chieftains that may want the seer for themselves.

Our characters could get involved romantically with time, if we want to, or my character could end up with someone entirely different. I'm open for many ideas and to play various characters as well.

- - - - - - -


I'd love to find someone willing to play this guy against a younger version of my werewolf Johan. I do have a name for him, but it could be changed, and his personality is entirely up to my partner. I only wish the setting to be in Eastern Europe, in the snowy woods and mountains. Johan would be around 23 or 25 years old.

- - - - - - -

*The Geisha House*

My character was sold to a geisha house along with his sister, the owner thinking she could use him to clean the place and work directly for her, but with time she realizes my character would do an excellent geisha and decides to introduce him to her clients.

My character might hide he's a man or not, depending on what you'd like.
Your character could be anything, from a noble man to a soldier, a peasant or even a foreign man who's in Japan for this or that reason.

*Inspiration for Sumire

- - - - - - -

*Enslaved Hacker*

As simple as it sounds, I have the very basic idea where my character (the hacker) is kidnapped and forced to work for an organization or someone. There would be blackmail included of course, and violence, I'm willing to include beatings as well as mental and physical torture. I'd like this story to be entirely smut free.

- - - - - - -

*Victorian London*
(With Steampunk elements or not)

I'd love to start a roleplay in this period, from fashion to the architecture and machinery, I love everything about it. The scenery from this time is beautiful and I'd love to see our characters running down through thin paved alleys and looking up to starry skies clouded with the smoke of factories. I don't really have an idea but it could be either a fantasy game or not. Maybe vampires and/or werewolves, maybe detectives, or maybe just two or more people trying to survive a hard time in their lives. I'm inspired by many movies and series I've seen lately and books I read like Dracula, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Sherlock Holmes, From Hell, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Sweeney Todd and of course, games as Thief, Dishonored, and The Order.

*Inspirational images

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Things I love
« Reply #14 on: February 27, 2018, 10:56:22 AM »

All images are clickable

(Interests and ideas, open for discussion)

I'm looking for someone to play as either of them. I'm open to follow the story, with some nice and fun modifications, of course, but I'm also open for an entirely new story.

* They could meet at the beginning, before Daryl and Merle joined Shane's group.

In this case I'd like Daryl to find the approval and recognition he found with Rick, though taking Negan as more of a father figure than a brother as with Rick.

* Daryl might finally give in and accept Negan.

* We could focus on the time Negan keeps Daryl captive. This one could include very extreme kinks, though it may end up as a one-shot if we want to center on that.

- - - - - - -

(Interests, open for discussion)

Yup. Big, burly guys riding big, awesome bikes.

I have one original character ready for this setting (Axel), but I could always work on a new one.

*I'm looking for a rough partner for my character and a complicated relationship that slowly develops into something romantic.

*Bonus points if you use Daniel Sheehan for your character.

- - - - - - -

(Open for discussion)

There is not much to say here, I can picture a story in a setting similar to The Boondock Saints maybe or something like that. Is really an excuse to explore my recently renewed love (fetish) for these weapons. It can be mafia, thieves, and cops, killers, pretty much anything.

I could use my already existent characters like Aidan, Lance or Johan, as they would fit in such settings (varying from realistic to fantastic), or I could create an entirely new character(s).

* The story doesn't have to be smut centered, it doesn't have to involve sexual scenes at all, but if it does, I expect it to be rather extreme, with gun fucking and a few slices here and there.

*Bonus points if you use Daniel Sheehan for your character.

- - - - - - -

(open for ideas)

Far Cry 3
- Buck Hughes, Vaas Montenegro, Hoyt Volker


* I have a few ideas involving one or more of these characters, all include a lot of violence, alcohol and drug use and sex. It could be a one shot, or maybe even a little group game.

(Interests, open for ideas)

I'd really like to play a cuntboy against a male or a futanari character. I'm open to almost any setting, and with this character, I'd also like to tap into a few kinks I hadn't had the chance to try yet. I'm looking for a one-shot story, or maybe more, but I'm not interested in a long-term game as I want this opportunity to explore new things and see if I like them.

- - - - - - -

(Possible setting)

I love Rammstein's aesthetics and I'd like to use it in some kind of Steam Punkish-Industrial setting, maybe something post-apocalyptic, kind of Mad Max thing. I'm not asking to use the band members as characters, just taking in their looks and style.

- - - - - - -
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Disney Characters
« Reply #15 on: February 27, 2018, 10:56:53 AM »

(males & genderbend) Here things change a little, there are characters I want to play, and others I want to play against. I'll let you know in each case.
All images are clickable

*Cru De Vil*

Here there's room for furries, inumimi, or a simple headband with ears and a butt plug with a nice dog tail attached.

- Cruell gets a new pet (or pets), and sooner than later he thinks his new pet's skin would do a great coat. Trying to keep his skin, the pet does anything to entertain Cruell and distract him from his idea.

* I would play as the pet/pets.

- - - - - - -

*Cheshire and Allen*

- This picture, and couple, is probably my favorite from this section, and I'd like to exploit everything Wonderland has to offer, from getting high on mushrooms to fight the Jabberwocky and being kept at the Queen (or King) of Hearts' dungeons. I don't have an idea in particular, and I'm searching for someone to help me create something great and full of adventure. I'm not particularly interested in adding any sexiness to this, although an intimate moment between Cheshire and Allen here and there wouldn't be a bad thing. It can be serious, or fun or a mix of both, I just want to try something new and exciting with this two main characters and probably many more.

* I can play as any of them.

- - - - - - -


- Allure meets Phoebus on the street, and finds the way to see him again, either stealing from him to make him return or following Phoebus to his house. This can have as much plot or lack of it as you like, since it's more a fanboy's whim than anything else.

- Allure is caught and sold as a slave, rescued or not by Phoebus at the end.

* I will play as Allure.

- - - - - - -


- Another chance to get into a fantasy world, with magic and potions and people changing into animals. We can follow a similar story, with the suitors presented to Medrid, or just anything really. Again, steamy scenes are not a requirement.

* I would play as Medrid.

- - - - - - -

*Flynn Rider*

- I'd love to find someone willing to play as Flyn in a fun and adventurous roleplay, maybe a small mash-up with other Disney stories and characters.

* It could be a group game.

- - - - - - -

*Male Jasmine*

- - - - - - -
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Random Images
« Reply #16 on: February 27, 2018, 10:57:12 AM »

All images are clickable

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Re: Liam's New and Old Wishes [M x M]
« Reply #17 on: May 28, 2018, 12:34:30 PM »
Added a new character: Roy Stratford.

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Re: Liam's New and Old Wishes [M x M]
« Reply #18 on: July 17, 2018, 01:22:50 PM »
Greedy Liam is needy of 'just' one more story.

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Re: Liam's New and Old Wishes [M x M]
« Reply #19 on: August 18, 2018, 09:41:32 PM »
Added Negan and Daryl! I neeeeeeds them~

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Re: Liam's New and Old Wishes [M x M] (New items~)
« Reply #20 on: August 31, 2018, 05:25:43 PM »
New stuff and edited stuff!

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Re: Liam's Wishes [M x M]
« Reply #21 on: October 01, 2018, 12:33:57 PM »
Not too much new stuff, but I'm looking for a few more stories ^^

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Re: Liam's Wishes [M x M]
« Reply #22 on: October 11, 2018, 01:01:55 PM »
Added two new ideas and possible characters.

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Re: Liam's Wishes [M x M] ((Searching for Viking stories))
« Reply #23 on: December 03, 2018, 06:04:46 AM »
Looking for Viking boys~

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Re: Liam's Wishes [M x M] [[Wolves, Vikings, Bikers?]]
« Reply #24 on: December 20, 2018, 06:33:04 PM »
A little christmas bump, cause I'm greedy~