Pro Master Wanted

Started by MsNikki, January 20, 2009, 10:06:44 AM

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Hiya all :)

I was thinking about a RP where I would be paired with a professional Master who would train me and teach me bondage positions and what D/s is all about! So, who am i seeking is a kind of a professional Master.

Have a look at my ONS and OFFS to get a view on what i am into and what i am not.

My idea for the plot:

A wife that loves her husband. They have been married for five years. They are settled, have a good financial status and are agreed on everything. They have high love and respect for each other. They have a nice sex life and have no problems between them at all. The wife has lots of kinks and fetishes and submissive tendencies but she is afraid to tell her husband about them so that she would not destroy the love story they have..... while on the other hand, her husband is a professional Dom, he owns a dungeon, trains slaves and is involved in various fetish societies and he has been involved in this lifestyle for a long time (let us say 8-10 years) but he did not mention it to his wife for the same reasons that did not have her telling him about her needs....

One day, his wife feels horny and goes on the internet, it is one of the rare times that she does something like this, and POOF she finds a fetish society with her husband as a professional Dom with pictures and stuff, she gets mixed feelings of sadness that they both hided their needs from each other wasting 5 years of their life on vanilla sex and excited to surprise him by maybe creating an account and requesting training...


this is one idea i thought about.. Anyone interested? or anyone has any other ideas for the setting i am seeking? Please PM me or reply here :).. I am open for suggestions :)