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November 30, 2020, 04:43:08 AM

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Author Topic: [F4M] Rekha's Ideas  (Read 884 times)

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[F4M] Rekha's Ideas
« on: February 18, 2018, 07:22:33 AM »

I am Rekha Iyer and I enjoy writing and role playing or rather writing stories and building worlds. And sex is simply something insignificant that sometimes happens in those worlds between two characters. I have been role playing for over five years now and have developed a filter that has left me with very specific likes and dislikes.

If we get right down to it, I am a writer before all else. When writing sexual content, I enjoy writing as a submissive woman who prefers the predator/prey dynamic in erotica. I enjoy partnering with dominant male characters when writing a story with a few elements that usually does not interest most people. Usually, I prefer stories that involve normal yet flawed men who enjoy corrupting my character's beliefs and values while using emotional manipulation rather than force outright, though it works as a surprise to switch things up. The previous sentence is no longer true and I have found that it is much more exciting to not limit myself to a certain type of personality when writing against characters who might have brilliant ideas that'd surprise me in pleasant ways.

Before anyone mistakes this for race play, I would like to say that it is not about that, well, not just that. It is also about the psychology that builds up to the climax and everything in the path that leads up to it.

Also, a quick note. I am in a frame of mind as a writer who craves stories rather than smut. So if you wish to write smut, please don't begin writing with me because the odds are, you will be disappointed.

Rough draft of scene ideas:

Though the themes mentioned below are of a sexual nature, I don't want to write sex scenes. I'd rather spend a minuscule amount of time on sex while I write about the characters and their thoughts as they try to navigate the world that we create.

Fertility - taken

A highly traditional highborn Hindu woman in a foreign land going to college and the culture shock that comes with it. Of course, only made worse by a childless professor in his 60s who identifies her submissiveness and thinks such a young, fertile woman would be his best bet at giving him children.

Forbidden Lust - looking

Probably the one I want to try the most. It involves a woman from a higher class in society getting into a relationship with an older man from a perceived lower background. If it is not clear yet, imagine a princess and a stable boy.

This would work great if the writer has a lot of contextual knowledge about Indian culture and is best suited for Indian writers who enjoy the dark and taboo.

Or if you have a variation of the idea, I am all ears.

Veterans Affairs - looking

An old soldier in his sixties returns home from war in the middle east after losing his leg. However, when he accompanies his granddaughter to school, he meets a Indian woman in her twenties who is his granddaughter's history teacher at school. However, what no one knows is that he has been assigned to light surveillance duty at the school by his old friends who offered him a job at a private security firm. The sapiosexual woman who is not attracted to him (yet) catches his eye and the story moves forward from there.

The Witch - looking

A young army medic who is a fugitive from the law finds shelter in the snowy woods of the north, in an abandoned cabin. However, she starts helping people who get injured with her skills, thereby saving lives of the people living in a village with barely a hundred people close by. She doesn't look like a local, hell she doesn't even look like she's from the country. And yet, she helps people, which only seems to make the villagers suspicious of her motives, while the drug lords in the area grow annoyed with her good deeds, saving people who were supposed to remain silent forever. Will she live out the rest of her life in the woods? Will law enforcement catch up to her? Or will the village or a villager end up protecting her?

Also, if any of my readers have ideas different from what is mentioned above that is about an older male and a younger woman, please feel free to contact me. But, please don't if it is just about writing sex scenes. Thank you all for reading.

Writing Samples:

Scene 1
The moment she entered her class after getting directions from plenty of people on her way over, she was in awe. She had read and heard about how affluent the classrooms at Cambridge were going to be but nevertheless, she was not prepared for how exquisitely maintained this particular room was.

"Built with stolen money over the centuries I'd guess. I wonder if THAT topic is going to be something that will be explored here.", she thought to herself with a wry smile.

But, she pushed those thoughts aside and was happy about being a little bit early to class. She took a seat in the middle of the room, choosing a spot as close to the board as possible, though she knew that it was unlikely to be used on the very first day.

Once she was seated, she looked around at the ten other other students of varying ages sitting around in the room, some relaxed, some at the edge of their seats and some exchanging smiles quietly waiting for class to begin. After a few moments had passed, a red headed girl with freckles covering her face and barely out of her teens took the seat beside her while making herself comfortable. Rekha gave the bushy haired girl a quick smile and turned her gaze to the professor, who was giving her a soft smile, which she returned as she took her scarf of off her neck to place it across her lap carefully. When she looked up a second later, she noticed that the O'hara still had her eyes on her but it moved away to the others in a flash, which she noticed but didn't think too much about.

Before long, the people around her were coming back to their seats one by one with the snacks on offer and she wondered if they were any good. Finally it was her turn to go up to grab something for herself, which she was only too happy to do. Coming back to her seat, she sat down and took a little nibble out of the biscuit, which she was not a fan of, and wondered if the snack was something that the professor enjoyed or if it was something that he had to eat. A short while later, her eyes were following the professor, who was moving around the class room with some difficulty as he continued to talk. The sight of the older man leaning on his cane made her slightly sad for a moment and that is when she heard him speak for the first time.

Setting it aside, she perked up in her seat as the professor started talking about how adaptation of the written word irked him. If he had not been one of the most acclaimed professors in the world when it came to literature, she'd have filed it away at the back of her mind as the rantings of an old man. But his stature meant that she'd to take some of his words seriously because he had clearly paid his dues and it was only fair. Though she agreed with some of his views, she had hated reading, 'The Lord of the Rings' when she was a teen. She wasn't a fan of how three hundred pages of the book were about describing the landscape and smiled at the professor's opinions, hoping that as the classes went on, she'd have a chance to get her two cents in sometime.

Just as she was beginning to let her mind wander to other things, she noticed that the professor was pointing to her and was asking her to say something about herself. usually, these situations slightly unnerved her and this time was no different as she tried to think of something to say. "Um, hi everyone!", she began with a smile, trying not to give away the nervousness that she felt through her voice.

"I don't know if I have anything interesting to say about myself but my name is Rekha Iyer. I finished my Bachelors in English Literature eighteen months ago and had been interning at a local newspaper to become an investigative journalist back home in India. I helped write a story about animal abuse in an industrial cattle farm somewhere in the southern parts of the country, among five other stories. Now I am here. I still don't know how and I am amazed at the fact that I got accepted into one of the best post-graduate programs in the world when it comes to literature.", she finished with a soft laugh, pretty sure that the rest of the people in that room had done far more impressive things than she had.

Scene 2
It was one of those stupid things that had crept into universities from schools in an environment that had lost the plot - an annual event where the students' parents made a trip and accompanied their kids to college, so that they could meet some of their professors and get updates on their kids' academic progress. "This is such bullshit!", the twenty year old Abi angrily muttered under her breath as she marched up yet another flight of stairs towards the final professor that she and her father had to meet to bring the day to a close. She turned around to see her aging father huff and puff up the stairs and muttered again in exasperation, "Oh for fuck's sake! KEEP UP, DAD! I have a movie to get to after this!"

A few minutes later, she had climbed a few more set of stairs and had paced down to the end of a dimly lit corridor to her professor's room. As she waited to catch her breath, sweat had begun to dampen the skin of her face and neck before her father joined her at the entrance to the room, only a solid brown wooden door blocking her way in.

"Just so you know, the guy is full of shit and I wouldn't trust a thing that he says.", she whispered just as her father started chuckling slightly. "I haven't seen you whisper things to me in ages. Now I want to meet this professor of yours who makes you so nervous!"

She looked at the time on her phone before she knocked on the door - 5:30 PM. "I am probably not going to make it to the movie tonight, am I?", she thought to herself as she heard the professor telling them to come in. She stepped aside to let her father go in to meet with her professor first and she shot the professor an angry look as the door closed, not happy with the fact that her father and her professor were grinning at each other as they shook hands.

The door closed with a thud and she sighed before leaning against a wall, looking out of a window in the corridor that overlooked the university%u2019s stadium, wondering if she should just say 'Fuck it.', and join her soccer team, who were kicking the ball around in the ground. So, she tried waving towards her teammates enthusiastically but no one looked at her direction. Before long, the door creaked open again and her father stepped out laughing about something. "Send her in, please. We need to finalize her study plan before the next semester begins after the summer break.", her professor's voice boomed through the room.

"You heard him. Go sort things out, I'll wait right here and will drop you at the movies when we leave."

Giving her father a quick peck on the cheek, she entered her professor's room and closed the door behind her, only to be greeted by an empty chair behind the desk. Before she could think of much else, she felt a familiarly strong arm snake around her waist from behind, followed by her body being pulled tightly against a strong but slightly fat body. As she silently protested, she felt his left hand massage her left breast. "No, not here.", she whispered even as she smiled, careful not to laugh too loudly as she tried to push him away.

"What? I am probably not going to see you for another six weeks.", he said as he spun her around to face him, pinning her back against the rosewood desk.

"Yeah, so you what was your plan? To do it in here with him standing right outside?", she whispered as she tried to control her giggles, with him tickling her belly softly.

"No.", he said as he leaned past her and reached for a pair of scissors lying on top of his desk. "My plan was much simpler.", he whispered in her ear as he drew his arm back with the pair of scissors in his hand. Gently, pulling her pants towards him, he found her underwear and slipped the pair of scissors inside. With his expression turning serious, he pulled out her panties, snipping the thin cloth easily and deeply inhaled her scent. "I guess this will have to do for now.", he said quietly, before suddenly grabbing her left breast with his right hand. %u201CI am going to miss you.%u201D, he whispered as his other hand gripped her hair at the base of her neck tightly, yanking her head back as his lips found hers. As his breathing became slightly uneven with the kiss, she felt his grip on her breast tighten painfully and she let out a sharp yelp.

Quickly, there was a knock on the door. "Is everything okay, honey?"

"Yes daddy! Ev-everything is fine.", she stammered before she pushed him away and headed for the door, her sweaty hair sticking to odd parts of her face.

%u201CFuck.%u201D, he thought to himself as he saw her derriere swaying gracefully as she walked away before calling out softly, %u201CWe are not going to the movie tonight.%u201D

Feel free to check out my other ideas too if you wish.
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Re: [F4M] Lessons
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2020, 06:45:38 AM »
I just made a lot of changes to my original post and I am looking for writing partners. :)

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Re: [F4M] Rekha's Ideas
« Reply #2 on: September 13, 2020, 08:59:52 AM »
Would be nice to find a writing partner.