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Author Topic: Katie's Requests (Currently Closed)  (Read 1331 times)

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Katie's Requests (Currently Closed)
« on: February 14, 2018, 06:46:04 AM »
Katie's Requests (Currently Closed, Sorry!)

Hey everyone, I'm looking for male characters to play along-side. I don't mind if you're not male yourself and I'll be straight: I'm looking for games with an erotic focus. Now I swear  that doesn't mean I'm just a shameless pervert, looking for an endless parade of erotic- oh who am I kidding, of course I am, but you won't hold it against me, will you? Now I'm not sure if this will be the case on Elliquiy, but sometimes my threads get many responses and though I try my best to respond to everyone if your message is asking me some question answered here in this thread or in my O&Os (like whether I have any game ideas, whether I want to RP, or what my kinks are!) it may be ignored. Likewise if you make it clear you haven’t read this thread I may not respond. I also straight up don’t have time for monosyllabic time-wasting so before anyone asks yes of course I want to RP, yes I have game ideas (read this thread!) and if you want to know my kinks read my O&Os or check my preferences. If you won't take the time to read things I've written for your benefit I probably won't take the time to reply to you.

My Characters
So now we come to the question of characters. Who will I play? That honestly depends, but one thing is certain, you need not limit yourself to enjoying a single character. Actually that would just be silly, aside from being a criminal waste of my talents, because - let's be fair - you deserve at least a small harem, don't you? I have quite a few characters, originals or otherwise, that I enjoy playing, but I also enjoy coming up with new characters for specific plots and especially characters based on my favourite play-bys, so check out my gallery here. I also enjoy playing celebrities (mostly models, and I hope to put up a gallery of them soon, though many can already be found in my PB gallery), fandom characters (this gallery includes some of my favourites although it's a definite work-in-progress) and comic characters, and I'll make a separate gallery for them soon as well. For now as I'll throw together a short list; Wonder Woman, Zatanna, Emma Frost, Ms. Marvel, Super Girl, Black Widow, Starfire, Power Girl, Sarah Pezzini and the Gen 13 girls, especially Caitlin Fairchild. An all-inclusive list of the comic and fandom characters or models and celebrities I play would be far too long so feel free to PM me about any specific requests.

On that note specific requests are something I'm pretty open too. Since I enjoy the idea of fulfilling a fantasy if there are any canon or fandom characters you go absolutely gaga for (or celebrities) even if I don't know her I might still be open to playing her if she grabs my attention (to that end a good pitch with some explanation of why you like her won't hurt your chances) so don't hesitate to PM me with a name, or even a list of them. Just remember that if she's new to me I'll be researching her for the game so it will slow things up, and any help you can provide will be appreciated. I find when it comes to these characters and especially celebrities people's perceptions are very important so the more effectively you can convey these the more smoothly, and the more effectively I'll be able to evoke her.

I'm also open to original, or pre-established settings involving characters like Elves, Angels, Demons, Vampires, and so on. I don't do furries or anthros though as a rule. Not judging, it's just not within my milieu.

My Stories
As for stories and the overall themes playing an older gal to a younger dom is always a turn-on for me especially in contemporary games but I like other pairings too in many different settings and genres. I'll be honest with you too I'm not looking for anything fancy and deep as a general rule so if the erotic side works I'm good to go. That's not to say I don't care at all for stories with plots, action and character development because I love all of those things, but y'know I'm on an adult site for a reason and I'm looking for something to push my buttons. Preferably in the right order, and repeatedly, first and foremost. If the plot and character stuff happens that's just a big bonus. I'm especially attracted to games where my character(s) start off reluctant, or even downright opposed to yours but end up little more than slaves.

If you're interested in seeing ideas you can check out my character gallery which is really more of a gallery of plot bunnies than anything else (and if you like the plot, but would prefer a different PB we can work that out easy enough) or check out my story ideas below, but remember both sections are still works in progress. I'd also love to hear any ideas you have especially if they involve any of the characters I listed in the last section (canon or otherwise) and incorporate my favourite kinks and themes. Though there is always the option of coming up with something together that's entirely new, and I honestly find that story ideas are easy to establish once you've have the characters and setting nailed down.

Plots & Ideas
As mentioned my character gallery is really more of a gallery of plot bunnies than anything else, but this section will contain actual game ideas.

Humbling His Rivals a simple concept but one I adore is seeing a non-submissive character humbled and enslaved by someone she opposes. The method may vary - see my other story ideas and character gallery for some inspiration, or we can put our heads together and come up with something new - though the point of this game will be for your character to enact a series of such conquests. I love playing harems, but in this particular case your "collection," will be growing slowly, though I'm sure you'll enjoy the process. I'm looking for a game that is as much about social interaction and tension as sex. And I'm looking for a partner willing to engage in some good old-fashioned brainstorming and plotting with me about our setting and characters.

It Starts With One Slap this is a simple game idea, and I won't go into much detail about the characters to leave a blank-slate for us to work on. However what I'm looking for is a situation where our characters wind up living together suddenly. Say a step-brother/sister whose parent(s) passed away semi-recently, or something along those lines. I'm looking for a nice 'domestic,' angle on this. My character will essentially be taking care of yours, but he begins to demand more, grow more entitled as far as having her look after things is concerned. Their relationship becomes abusive, and then sexual. However anyone interested in this game should know that the sexual aspect won't rear it's head for a while. I want this to progress believably with my character being ground down over time.

The Slave-Girl this is a very simple idea because I'm in the mood for something less openly non-cony. In short your character has just purchased mine (they can be strangers or they can know one another, it doesn't matter) either through an underground arrangement, or in a future setting where debt-bondage has made slavery legal. I just want to try playing someone whose full-time-job is a sex-slave, and do it convincingly. I mean if you think about it there's a lot to arrange and plan, and this is something I'd like to do IC (like how should she dress, how does she address him, what does he expect, what's her schedule, etc) now if you want there to be conflict we can arrange for some. Or we can keep it simple.

An Incubus Awakens this formless, demiurgic being thrives on female subjugation. The modern era has left it starved and dormant, but your character's actions awaken and feed it (we can figure out how between ourselves) only this being is not merely a passive observer content to watch events unfold. Indeed if it is fed and strong It is eminently able to influence people and events to ensure that men in its vicinity always get what they want. This idea can follow one character who makes a pact with this being to feed it in exchange for the power to realize his most perverse desires, or a series of characters who find themselves suddenly capable of bringing some unattainable woman to heel.

A Brighter Tomorrow for some time now the wealthy have had the chance to alter the genetics of their off-spring for the better, and more and more these individuals are becoming an elite, and monopolizing power and influence to an unheralded degree. One of the perks of being a so-called Alpha is that their genes are considered so valuable that there are no legal grounds for a normal woman to withdraw consent. Your character is an Alpha who is just beginning to appreciate what a wonderful opportunity this presents.

The Complex a globe-spanning disaster has driven the human race underground where they live in sophisticated habitat complexes. A small number of people were pre-selected for inclusion in these habitats, but the wealthiest were able to buy their way in as it was only this contribution which funded their creation. In addition to this small minority large numbers of women were selected to ensure the continuation of the species. You will take on the roll of one of the lucky few. A young man whose families wealth ensured him a place in the system, while I will play the women with whom he shares his habitat. These women have almost no rights in contrast to the wealthy or pre-selected individuals, and they are there for one purpose only. To ensure the population rebounds.

If you're interested in an idea please do not post here as I'm less likely to respond and it reduces clutter. I try to respond to all PMs though, and my email alerts me when I get them so fire away
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Re: Katie's Requests
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2018, 06:29:02 AM »
Update Log

28-02 - Actually added some requests (four whole ideas)

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Re: Katie's Requests
« Reply #2 on: June 21, 2018, 06:48:24 AM »
Good Morning,
I'm looking to discuss several ideas regarding your rather impressive list of characters: Abby Carmichael, Casey Novak, Jadzia Dax, Seven of Nine, Wonder Woman and Supergirl.  I'm a flexible writer that can write from either non-con or consensual themes, as well as versed in the genres from which those ladies listed are from.

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Re: Katie's Requests
« Reply #3 on: July 09, 2018, 12:34:27 PM »
Update Log

10-07 - Added a new request, closed unavailable games