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June 02, 2023, 08:12:48 pm

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Author Topic: Hue Ran's New Plot Ideas (MxM and MxF)  (Read 1173 times)

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Hue Ran's New Plot Ideas (MxM and MxF)
« on: February 12, 2018, 08:12:51 pm »
I have recently returned from a ungodly long hiatus of which I died a little on the inside because I couldn't post, however I have returned. Unfortunately I have lost a good many roleplay because of said hiatus and would like to pick up one or two more. So I have decided to post some new stories and plots to see if I get any interest.

Please PM me if interested! Do not post in this thread!

All My Stories can be M/M or M/F, but I will only play a male!

(Extreme) Please be aware if you see this posted next to a plot, it means Extreme themes will be present.TAKEN

The Speakers

Nearly fifty years ago the world was thrown into chaos. Country attacking country, brother killing brother, a united front was necessary to stop the turmoil that had taken over the world and that came in the form of the United Military and Regulation Division. UMRD brought together a divided world and slowly they where able to implement a plan that helps to bring the world back from the brink of destruction. They called it the "Refinement". It was a complete remake of the world, governments united under one mans control with regulations at every level. There was no leniency those that stood in the way of the Governments control were dealt with harshly.

After the remake of the Government and the world, the five leaders of the world nominated the Leader of the UMRD to be the worlds light and it's united Ruler. Now known as the United World's Voice the leader of the UMRD, his name placed into the pages of history as the greatest that humanity has to offer... his name Joyce Yunhe, now known as the United Voice. He reformed the military and the local police into levels. He ripped up democracy and implemented a hugely Militarized structure that followed him and only him.

Each time a voice rose up to defend the people the great leader of the world, the United Voice, squashed it without remorse. He cracked down each and every time, making it impossible for people to meet together with others, regulated weapon control and kept any dangerous object out of the hands of those beneath him. He ruled with an iron fist. Then things began to change.

Fifty years after the "Refinement," a group of people calling themselves "The Speakers," began to slowly make appearance into the world. They hacked, killed, kidnapped, leveraged, anything they had to do to help and protect the people, but each time they did Joyce only tightened his grip on the world.

No one has ever seen a Speaker, no one knows who they are, or what they are planning. Some fear them, others admire them, but as it is their actions put many in danger as the United Voice cracks his whip.

(Love this idea, and willing to consider different ideas. If you have an idea for it PM me.)

Sibling Rivalry (Extreme)TAKEN

MC is a quiet loner and the black sheep of his new family. YC is his new step-sister or brother. A disturbing past has left MC scarred and in most cases he refuses even to speak. Their parents are rich investor that are rarely home.

YC is a spunky and not exactly nice sister, using her popularity at school to make MC's life a living hell. This can include insults, pranks, and whatever else you can possibly think of.

It is another day of insults and abuse from YC and her friends, however when the two get home from school MC makes you dinner. Unknowingly to YC, MC had drugged her and the next time she awakes to herself handcuffed naked to a steel bed frame with him menacingly stepping out from the shadows.

(Basically YC rules the school and does everything she can to make his life miserable at school, but when they get home the roles reverse and he is the Dominant. We can hash out further details.)


YC is a hotshot journalist, you dig and dig until you get the best stories and you never give up. MC is a billionaire recluse that hasn't been seen for year upon years. In fact most no longer even think of MC anymore except for when his name is mentioned in the news. As a event (Perhaps something he funds or whatnot) draws near YC wants to secure the one story that will make him or her a Legend.

Phone Calls, emails, yet you never get anything back. You have contacted people through his Foundation through his business, you even went to speak with his damn Lawyer and yet you have nothing to show for it. YC tired of playing by the rules visits MC's mansion only to be thrown out the moment you approach the gate. At this point it's time to get dirty.

YC jumps the fence and sneaks into the house where he or she finds a Shrine to a God. YC finds old Greek statues, Renaissance pictures, art from thousands and thousands of years of history, all with the same man as the subject. Who is this man, and how is this possible? As the questions linger in YC's mind a middle aged man appears behind you.

(Basically MC is some kind of immortal being, God or Vampire or whatever, and upon recognizing him as the man in the historic art YC starts bombarding him with questions. MC says he will answer all of your questions, but first you must survive and pass a trial. One trial for One question.)
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