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December 03, 2020, 04:09:34 AM

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Author Topic: Vendetta's Search for Long Term Story/Character driven Rp's (F lm M)  (Read 730 times)

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Offline vendettaTopic starter

Hello and Welcome!

I’m new to the forum so this thread will be a constant wip over the next week or so while I get time to add and tweek it. Since I just joined, I don't have any rp's for you to reference my writing style. So, I've included a sample for you to have a look at:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The screams of men and women echo in the far off distance, the wail of vehicles that race to save those that are not worth saving. A race that has uniformly come together to deplete and desolate this once beautiful earth for their own gluttonous desires. The fables they spun off as historical facts neglected to keep to the truth of the way the world once functioned, of those they once called brothers.

This loathing of man, of their lack of control no longer stemmed from the way in which they were reared as a child. It had now simply been embedded into their nature as the centuries passed, generation after generation understood that things would never return to the way in which their ancestors once lived.

This seemed truer now more than ever Val assured herself, the humans had to go. Leaning her head back against the coarse granite stone, deep crimson locks protesting as they swelled out to curl around her angular face and over her chest.  Steely sapphire visionaries peered out over the glow of the city against the opaque blackness of the sky. There wasn’t a cloud in sight, only the ever faithful moon shining down upon the world.

Her moments of solitude were drawn short as footsteps echoed against the inner walls of the tower. The way in which the heavy boots strike the oak stairwell, causing it to creek in agony, left her with a good indication of who was approaching. Before long a dark haired man poked his head through the opening of the circular stain glass window, the highlights of silver in his beard and hair glimmering in the rays of light.

“Val” He spoke with a raspy baritone tenor, the authoritative nature in which he used her name always forced her gaze away.

She could feel his eyes burrowing into her. “Yes Obelix?” Glancing only briefly towards him, she knew what to expect.

“You need to stop coming out here before someone sees you.” Reprimanding her once more while the lines in his face morphed into a scowl.

Often times Val climbed out onto the deep cavernous recesses of the church window. The depth at which it receded into the structure offered ample concealment. A shroud of shadows divided her from the outside world.

“ Did you need something?” Turning now to meet his unyielding chocolate voids.

“We have a confirmed sighting of Kiba down in the industrial district, warehouse 13. You know what you need to do” With that his head disappeared back through the window, the echo of his boots descending the stairs slowly faded into silence.

Val had instantly shifted her focus at mention of Kiba, finally that bastard resurfaced. A low growl rumbled in her chest as she pushed from the stone and effortlessly slid through the small hole in the window. It had been nearly two months since they had any sign of where he was. Not since having left a woman brutally disemboweled in an alley. A rouge wolf was a detriment to the pack and it was her duty to eliminate the problem.

The next half an hour seemed to go by in a haze as her nimble athletic form blurred through the shadows of alleyways. Her choice of attire only adding to her illusiveness. A thin cotton jacket with no logos or identifying markers, the hood was pulled up over her think mane of hair to ensure it stayed out of her eyes. Skinny denim jeans covered her lower half while her feet were strutting converse. The color pallet consisted of nothing but black with the exception of the thick white boarder along the base of her shoe.

The sound of dripping water echoed across the desolate area, now coming to stand before a back door with the faded number 13.  The rise and fall of her chest was deep and rhythmic, her stamina far surpassed that of her pack mates. Years of training will do that to you. Val took hold of the door and slowly pulled, it opened without any resistance, already broken from someone earlier. The few squeaks it offered as the hinges grinded against one another was enough to cause her a moments pause.

Listening carefully for any movement inside and with the all clear she slid in, placing a large broken cinderblock in front of the door to prevent it from chirping once more.  Steely sapphires took note of the open area, easily three stories high but with little inside. All that was left of the roof were massive support beams that stretched from one end to the other. The windows that lined nearly every inch of the second and third floor were either covered in grime or busted out in various degrees.  There in the center of it all stood a dark stain. Sure there were many among this place but this was distinctively different, this was fresh. Her nose turned up and she inhaled deeply as she moved between the massive pillars, always weaving and never in a straight line. Val had it, his scent, it danced around the area taunting her. Stilling behind a beam as something moved, come out and play you bastard.

About Me and What I Like

-I’ve been rping for well over 10 years and love to sink my teeth into a juicy plot with character development, relationship building and world building.
-Building tension between characters is almost as fun as the smut that follows.
-I enjoy creative partners that work with me to build a great story and aren’t afraid to try new things and take risks.
-My Characters tend to be stronger women, I enjoy the power play element between the characters and love when MC is taken down a peg.
-Fantasy rp’s are my favorite, from high to low. The setting can change from medieval to modern and anything in between.

Below you will find various plots that I have already worked on. I’ve separated them out into some basic categories to make it easier to find something that you might enjoy.

All roles can be reversed if desired

Blood and Chocolate
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This plot is based off the book/movie, for those of you that know it, only with some modifications.

The Premise: There is a small town in America that has many lores and stories around the loup garou - A race of wolf shifting humans. It has been the inspiration for many novels over the years but never has it appeared on televisions. The locals run out every camera crew that comes looking to film anyone or anything. So the only way to know the town outside of what you read is to visit. People who visit have noted that they feel as though they are being watched but say that the townspeople are nothing but friendly, though a bit quiet and reserved. By all accounts, there is nothing supernatural happening in the town.

The Plot: YC goes to this town to research the myths and legends(why can be up to you). Our characters cross paths, they have a good time talking but once YC mentions why he’s there MC seems to distance herself. It’s a small town though and he keeps running into her but it seems that there are others that have noticed the time they have spent together and threaten YC, telling him to leave MC alone and to leave the town. When he refuses, tensions start to build.

After YC refuses to leave, he starts to spend more time with MC. One night she lets her guard down, when she thinks they are alone. (It could be something as simple as a kiss) It isn’t long before he finds himself thrown to the wolves as the jealous Alpha hears of this not so secret exchange between our characters. It’s here that he learns that the legends are true and that the whole town is the wolf pack. Unfortunately, he is about to be hunted by the pack. If he can make it across the river at the far end of the woods, he gets to live. No one has ever made it.

-What follows can be flushed out further, I would rather allow this to spark some creative juices that list the idea that I have already. So plotting the rest out with my partner is more fun-
*Also, for extra eager partners. I wouldn’t be opposed to them playing the Alpha as well and he can be incorporated more into the story and thus changing what follows after the hunt.*

The Blood Moon

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The Premise: The old myth that a bite on a full moon will turn anyone into a werewolf has been debunked. The truth is, that it must be a blood moon. Since this is a rarer occurrence, packs go a bit overboard with attacks so that they can build up their numbers. The issue with this is that there are a large number of newly turned werewolves that don’t have full control over their new urges and gifts. So as a general rule, each werewolf is responsible for those that they turn until they learn to handle the changes. The stronger the wolf, the more people they can usually handle.

The Plots:

A. Our characters have known each other for a few months to a year by the time the blood moon comes. Character MC is a werewolf, possibly a beta, and YC is a human. She asks him to go with her on her nightly run, it’s here that she attacks him. Wondering off and reappearing as a wolf. When YC wakes, he finds himself in a cabin with MC nearby. She explains to him what has happened and thus their story begins.

( What follows will most certainly be based on my partners character and how they wish to rp this bit out. They could be quite volatile and quite possibly end up a stronger wolf than her and end up reversing the roles where MC is no longer in charge. Or they could be excited and eager to learn.)

B. MC picks YC(‘s) up at a bar and pulls a similar move, only she invites him/them to the cabin, ‘her place’, and once there attacks. What follows is going to be based on how my partner wants to play the character(s). I think this one could be fun for a reverse harem sort of play where they are both seeking her attention and are trying to prove who is the stronger of the two.

C. For this version there is some fun play of competition and story building as MC turns YC, who she doesn’t know prior to this, and as she ‘mentoring’ him they start to grow close. The trouble is that she is already claimed by another. As their bond grows over the next month, what will happen when it’s time to rejoin the pack? ( If my partner is up for playing both male characters that would be awesome but not necessary.)


The Lost Elven Princess
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

The Premise: The light elf princess was kidnapped when she was ten. The kingdom never found out who took the girl or why and all have come to accept the truth that the princess was never coming back. In truth, the girl wasn’t killed. A powerful sorceress took her in the hopes of using the girls royal blood to achieve some massive summoning. She wiped her memories of who she was or where she came from. The sorceress tried to summon the demon but the princess’s blood wasn’t enough, not at such a young age. She would have to wait until the girl turned 18 harness her blood, only she wouldn’t get the chance. Scared from what she had seen, the princess fled from the sorceress the first chance she got. She wondered for days before being picked up by a caravan and taken to a village. Instincts told the girl that she wasn’t safe and she kept on the move. Over the years learning to survive on her own by any means necessary and has become a robin hood of sorts, looking out for those she see’s begin victimized and taking from the wealthy.

Plot: There are so many opportunities to have various pairings here so I want to hear what sparks your interest.
 YC could be: one of her trusted men that helps with her deeds, an old friend from a previous town, someone who perhaps knew her when she was actually the princess, a bounty hunter looking for the big score, the sorceresses new apprentice (another noble child perhaps?)
Whatever you decided, something is going to kick things up where her worlds starts to get turned upside down, the sorceress is going to get wind of her after all these years or she’s going to find out that she’s not the orphan she always believed.

more to come :)