The Guy Next Door [MxM]

Started by Szandor, January 30, 2018, 11:24:42 PM

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Hi there!

Glad I got your attention. This is a story idea everyone had heard before, but here goes.
I've been craving something light and fluffy as of late. Keep in mind that I am insane at the moment, as this is the week before my Final Exam period, so my posting will be SLOW. I do not condone or write rape, bathroom stuff, or anything considered illegal in my country (Australia, m8).

Anyway, the idea that came to me is pretty simple. I have this cute little idea in my head of a out-and-proud guy; he's rambunctious, he's extravagant, and he's new in an apartment block in some densely populated city (maybe New York, or LA ;D), but most of all this lil' guy has made friends with the guy living next to him. This guy is straight - or so he says - and makes it known at the start of their friendship that he's not into dudes. Yet.

Some ideas and little scenes I wanted to play around with are as follows;

  • "We're not dating, we're just friends! ...right?"
    I'd love for this to start off after they've already become friends, so the characters can gradually grow closer to each other while simultaneously insisting to all around them that they're nothing more or less than friends. Behind closed doors, this may be a completely different story! They might get a little too close at parties, the straight guy might have suspiciously stopped dating around even though he used to see a different girl every week, and so on. The possibilities are endless~
  • Heartbreak
    I'd love for the gay character to maybe go on a date with another guy a few times, only to come to his friend in tears about something that went horridly wrong. The relationship is over, and even though deep down it's fr the best, both characters have to work through their feelings when one is vulnerable and needing comfort. Again, this scene can be played soooo many amazing ways.
  • First Kiss
    So, this one is one that I'd like to discuss with the person who shows interest in this post. And since the storyline and the two characters themselves will always affect how this scene turns out,
    I'm going to leave this one to open interpretation. What do you think should happen? How would your ideal first kiss scene go? Is it a disaster, or is it a sweet kiss in the rain? I'm open!
  • Tension
    Every good love story ever made has a point in time when the two characters just aren't clicking. They fight, or they give up on each other after something disastrous happens, or they're driven apart by a third party. As a person that loves drama and tension in a story, this idea is a must. The tension has to feel real, and flow with the story. But, at the end of the day, it also has to be resolvable. The plus side to having tension on this list is that it can sprout because of any of the above scenes! Their First Kiss could be a misinterpretation from the gay character, or perhaps the Heartbreak he's felt causes him to be snappy and they have a falling out. Tension makes this all more three-dimensional and believable! It ties everything together!

I've also attached some pretty adorable 'bromances' that you might know about, dear reader, for your enjoyment and inspiration!
Bromance #1
Bromance #2
Bromance #3

- I would love to play as the Gay guy, because that's a character I think I play well. I could do either though, I'm open to cool ideas you have!
- In terms of Genre I'd say that without a doubt I want this to be a Slice of Life sort of thing.
- In terms of Length of posts - Anything above, say, two paragraphs each post is fine by me! To be honest, I don't care if your post is shorter than mine, as long as the details are there for me to react to.
- In terms of the Length of the Roleplay itself, I want the story line to be thought out on at least a basic level before we start. I want to know the landmarks of the story; when it will begin, when to trigger the fight, and when to end on the happiest note possible! Ideally, it could be a roleplay that goes for a few months or more. So... an average amount of time?

Anyone who's interested can either comment down there or PM me! I'll be on for the next few days while I study etc, but by all means do not expect me to reply instantly.
Thank you for reading!
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