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Author Topic: Dark Fairytale Series (Modern Fantasy, currently seeking Corp Sabotage scenario)  (Read 1599 times)

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Fairy tales are real. Or rather, the characters within them are, and have been living all around us for millennia. They can never truly die as long as their stories are told and their nursery rhymes sung. And in this day and age of the Internet, their immortality is all but assured. Still, they are a well-kept secret from the rest of humanity, hiding in plain sight. Not everybody handles immortality well, especially when their bodies are as frail as the next mortal. (While they don't age, they can still be killed, fall sick, and so on). They've forgotten more than most people have learned, they're risk-adverse and prone to bad habits.

Snow White is a crack whore. The Seven Dwarfs run their own little (geddit?) criminal empire. Prince Charming is a scoundrel who fucks and runs. The Jealous Queen runs her own Finance Corporation. Beauty and her Beast have a worldwide franchise of rose farms, and make quite the formidable business duo. The Huntsman is a loud drunkard and bully.

All this is invisible to your character. He's as clueless as the next man (or woman). He sees even things science cannot explain. Unknown to himself, your character is the offspring of a human and a particularly amorous fairy tale character. The little traces of magic in his blood enable him to see certain things, and he's inherited some traits from his father - some of which are a boon, others not so much.

This concept was lifted off Fable, the comic. Interested parties, please PM.

I'm looking for someone who can roleplay the skeptic turning slowly into a believer as the game progresses, while I set up the environment and the NPCs. Someone who can roleplay consistently and not write in a way that makes my eyes bleed. Though, enthusiasm makes up for a slew of flaws.  :D
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Re: Dark Fairytale Investigations (Modern Fantasy)
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2018, 04:25:40 AM »
Some stories have gotten off the ground. There are different settings, most of them in Colorado. Kinks and themes will vary based on the setting chosen.

Domain of the Queen
(Status: Ongoing)
City: Broomfield, Colorado
Time period: Year X (summer)
Setting: Corporate, Wolf of Wall Street vibe.
Kinks: Office sex, humiliation
Synopsis: The Blackglass Corporation is an investment firm set up by a mysterious CEO. The premises appears 20 storeys high, but when you are inside, it seems to go on higher than that. Within, staff members indulge in wild sex and various hijinks while earning boatloads of money. But there is a price to be paid for that existence, and a terrible secret.
Villains: The Vain Stepmother, The Witch

Legendary Investigations (Status: Stalled)
City: Denver, Colorado
Time period: Year X (summer)
Setting: Mystery, Sam Spade style
Kinks: Varied
Synopsis: The Seven Dwarfs run a tight criminal syndicate within the city. Fables and ordinary folk alike serve in indentured labor. Will you arrive at an understanding with the dwarves, or will they destroy you where you stand?
Villains: The Seven Dwarfs

Farmland Fantasy (Status: Available)
City: Lakewood, Colorado
Time period: Any
Setting: Countryside
Kinks: Outdoor sex
Synopsis: This is a farm, where animal Fables hide in plain sight. It is run by The Farmer In The Dell.
Villains: The Big Bad Wolf

Circus of Legends (Status: Ongoing)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Denver, Colorado.

Schweinherz Hospital was quiet. The ward was deathly silent but for the ragged breathing of the pale woman lying on the bed. Even in her state, she was ravishing. One could see why she had once been called "fairest in the land". Gia sat there, watching over her friend and colleague. She was a dusky-skinned woman of Arabic heritage, with large eyes, full lips and a luscious figure barely contained in a tiny bustier top and neon hotpants, and cowgirl boots. While her beauty paled in comparison to the woman lying on the bed, she was, in her own right, quite a looker. Her getup was but a natural consequence of her profession. When a girl serviced a seemingly endless string of men on her knees or on her back, tasteful clothes were a luxury.

The woman on the bed stirred, and reached out to take her hand. "Shhh, it's all right, get some rest," said Gia soothingly.

"How's... how's the baby?" croaked the pale beauty.

"The baby's fine. The delivery was successful. You passed out in the middle of it, though." smiled Gia as she mopped the perspiration from the girl's head with a sponge.

"Listen, Gia," hissed the girl with sudden urgency. "Don't let them get my baby. Take her, and get out of here. As far away as you can. Tell Dr Schweinherz to tell them it was stillborn."

"But..." Gia started to protest. This would bring a great deal of trouble upon her head. For someone already on the run and in hiding, what her friend wanted was wholly unwise.

"Please. You see what they do to me. That's what they'll do to her. They want her blood. It'll make them more powerful. Please. Please..."

Twenty-four hours later

The round swarthy man with the leering eyes and ridiculously curly mustache sat in an easy chair. Gia stood, the newborn in her arms. They were within the warm, safe confines of his little trailer. Outside, a storm raged. She was soaking wet, but thankfully, the baby was somewhat dry. She had not even had time to get out of the silly and colorful outfit, but considering she was in a circus encampment, she did not look too out of place.

"You are aware of what you ask, yes?" drawled the Ringmaster.

"Sanctuary," repeated Gia. "For me and my child."

"Your child, eh?" The Ringmaster raised a skeptical eyebrow as he looked from Gia's dusky skin to the baby's paleness.

"She... takes after her father." stammered Gia. "I can perform. I know the Arabic Sword Dance."

The Ringmaster smiled gently. "I'm sure you can. But I have something else in mind. You see, we don't have a lot of women in camp, and sometimes, men get... antsy. How much of a price are you willing to pay?"

Gia remained silent. The Ringmaster stood, a glint in his eye. "Put the baby down," he ordered. "Over there." Gia complied, leaving the infant on the cot he had indicated.

"Now, let's see if you know any other tricks." With a sudden violent wrenching movement, he tore her tiny bustier top off, leaving her breasts bare. Before she knew it, he had pushed her down on her knees and was undoing his breeches. He was already hard. By force of habit, she parted her lips...

Ten minutes later.

Gia knelt there, feeling the warm gooey mess trickling down her face and dripping off her chin and onto her breasts. That was where he had eventually chosen to deposit his seed, and when he had stuck himself back in her mouth for a clean-up, she had done so without hesitation.

"It appears we have a deal," grinned The Ringmaster.

"Thank you" began Gia, but was stopped by an upraised finger.

"Just one other thing," he remarked as he threw open the trailer door and pressed a button on the intercom. It had stopped raining a minute ago, and she saw the various forms of the circus performers gathering outside. A hunchback. A tall muscular fellow. Two slim wiry Chinese men. A wizened old fellow. A bookish looking man in a smart suit. They stood there, awaiting The Ringmaster's orders.

"This is the newest member of our troupe," he said, then Gia felt a pain in her scalp as she was grabbed by the hair. "Let's give her a warm welcome." A heavy boot landed in her rump as she was kicked out of the trailer and into the eagerly awaiting arms of the small crowd...

Sixteen years later...

City: Everywhere
Time period: Any
Setting: Travelling circus
Kinks: Sexual slavery
Synopsis: This seemingly ordinary circus hides more than a few secrets. Its members don't age. The animals can talk. And the magician's magic is real. The fables have banded together for mutual protection. Some are trying to keep a low profile. Some are hiding from their enemies. Will it be enough?
Villains: Baba Yaga

Devastating Charm (Status: Starting)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Denver, Colorado.

It was almost midnight. The moon was full, and offered a serene glow that almost made up for the lack of illumination from broken street lamps. A yellow open-top Cadillac was parked in the middle of the street, with its lights off.

Within the Cadillac, in the passenger's seat, a man sat, reclined and relaxed. In his lap, the head of a honey blonde bobbed up and down steadily. In the back seat lay a peach sweater and a D cup bra. The only sounds around were the rustling of leaves along the unswept street, the soft music coming from the car radio, and the wet sucking of the woman's lips around the man's erect member.

Shirley Atkinson had been driving home from a Church seminar in the neighboring state of Kansas. A devout, God-fearing woman who believed in random acts of kindness towards strangers, she had not hesitated to pick up this lost-looking boy, whose soulful eyes reminded her so much of that Hobbit in the Lord of the Rings movie, and give him a ride into town on her way back to her husband and kids. He had been so polite, so earnestly grateful, and such pleasant company. And then, at his suggestion, they had turned in to Trenton Street where he had remarked on the size of her breasts and how he would love to see them.

Normally, Shirley would have been outraged. But the weather was so perfect, the moment so magical. The song All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You by Heart, had been playing on the radio. She had found herself unbuttoning her sweater, right in the middle of the street, and, at his encouragement, removing her bra. The electric jolt of passion she had felt when he reached out to touch her bared breasts, had been unbelievable.

Then, when he unzipped and pushed her head down into his crotch, she had not hesitated. Indeed, she had gotten right into it as though it was the most natural thing in the world. This was unprecedented for Shirley. In all her years, she had tried doing this once with her husband, and had found the experience distasteful. He had never asked again. Now, she was eagerly sucking on this stranger's cock, relishing the feel of the throbbing flesh in her mouth...

City: Denver, Colorado
Setting: Urban
Time period: Year X (spring)
Kinks: Cuckoldry, domination, slavery
Synopsis: Your character is the half-human offspring of one of the most seductive fairy tale characters ever. He fucks his way through a whole swathe of women, taking his fill of them and leaving them behind.
Villains: Your character

Revenge of the Emperor (Status: Starting)
City: Aurora, Colorado
Time period: Year X (spring)
Setting: Urban
Kinks: Rough, NC, violence, Cuckoldry, incest (Oldboy style)
Synopsis: Your character is a family man who unknowing offended a particularly vindictive Fable in the past. He is now out to destroy your character - not kill him, but break him through attacking his family and subjecting them to all sorts of humiliation and degradation.
Villains: The Emperor

Deep Cover (Status: Available)
City: Denver, Colorado
Time period: Year X (summer)
Setting: Urban
Kinks: Rough, NC, violence
Synopsis: Your character is a cop who goes undercover, infiltrating one of the largest crime organizations in Denver. However, all is not as it seems. There are strange things afoot, and the more you uncover,  the more bizarre the truth is.
Villains: Georgie Porgie

The Path of Greatest Resistance (Status: Ongoing)
City: Broomfield, Colorado
Time period: Year X minus 1 (spring)
Setting: Urban
Kinks: Corruption, humiliation, slow degradation
Synopsis: Your character is an artist. She meets one of the most seductive Fables ever, who leads her down a dark path, removing her inhibitions one by one and luring her into increasingly greater acts of debasement and depravity.
Villains: Prince Charming

Stowaway (Status: Available)
City: Everywhere
Time period: Any
Setting: Ocean
Kinks: Sexual slavery, NC
Synopsis: Your character is an islander. She stows away on a ship in search of adventure. Unknown to her, the ship in question is a pirating vessel. Worse, there's something unusual about these men. They seem to have been around forever. Will she succumb to her fate as a pirate plaything, or rise from the ashes to become a feared legend in her own right?
Villains: Hook

Betrayed (Status: Available)
City: ?
Time period: Year X (summer)
Setting: Urban
Kinks: NC, Sexual Slavery
Synopsis: You are a thief, with a partner who is both brilliant and quick. He has been showing you the ropes, and together you form a great partnership - both on the job, and between the sheets. Sometimes he seems to know a lot more than he lets on, and has seen more than you could fathom. During a job, something goes wrong and he ditches you to save his skin. You are now at the mercy of a crew of savage-looking Arabs. Will you be able to escape... and exact your revenge?
Villains: The Forty Thieves

Boardroom Takeover (Status: Available)
City: ?
Time period: Year X (summer)
Setting: Urban
Kinks: NC, Sexual Slavery, violence, blackmail
Synopsis: Two traditional rivals - Tortoise and Hare - have been battling for millennia, and the war has gone corporate. You work for one of them, enjoying life in the fast lane, financial success and rapid promotion. But your troubles begin when somebody proposes a strategy that is both morally and ethically questionable. If word gets out, the firm is in trouble. You object, using all the political power at your disposal, and threaten to go public with the info. That night, you're paid a visit by some hoodlums...

Little do you know that the rot within the firm has started. Spies are everywhere, and now due to blackmail, you've been reduced to the status of glorified corporate sex slave...
Villains: Tortoise
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Re: Dark Fairytale Investigations (Modern Fantasy)
« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2018, 01:31:49 PM »
Somebody asked what constitutes "making my eyes bleed".

Honestly, I'm a lot less anal about proper grammar now than I was years back. I get that typos are inevitable. I get that people don't write perfect (or even good) English just because it is their first language. That said, here are some stinkers.

- when your posting and you can't use you're words properly.
- speaking without pausing oh god this is fucking annoying would it kill them to use a comma somewhere?
- confusion between past and present tense

Seriously, you don't have to be all flowery and poetic. Just write serviceable English. All the imagination in the world means nothing if people struggle to read what you wrote.

Also, here are some don'ts.

- don't introduce important NPCs nilly-willy. You are in charge of one character. Do that right. I run the NPCs and the environment. Don't make my job any harder than it needs to be.
- don't get into a silly power struggle for control over the environment. You get to control your character. If you want to control the environment, be the GM. That said, I'm open to suggestions and requests. This is not a competition.
- don't try to surprise me. I am the GM. I need to know everything.
- don't use OOC knowledge in your character's actions. Just because you know who King Cole is, doesn't mean your character does. You are not your character. I can't say this enough.
- don't get your panties in a bunch over some perceived slight. This is the internet. There is no value in feeling insulted when none was intended.
- don't be racist. You may think that knowing how to say 'sayonara' and use chopsticks scores you points with Asian chicks. You are free to think so, and you are free to make your character think so. I am an Asian chick, and I will treat that kind of stupidity with the scorn it deserves. (unless, of course, I am playing a particularly bimbotic Asian NPC)
- don't be a time waster. I'm not expecting a reply every hour or even every day... though I'll love you forever if you do. And I get that there's way more going on in your life than a smutty online RP. If you tell me life's been crazy and you'll try to post soon, I can wait. But if a month has gone by and I find you're posting everywhere but where you promised, I don't care how good your prose is. I'll dump you like a two-day old turd. I try to make myself worth your time, and expect the same courtesy.
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Re: Dark Fairytale Investigations (Modern Fantasy)
« Reply #3 on: February 16, 2018, 05:18:31 PM »
Do you mind if the detective is black?

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Re: Dark Fairytale Investigations (Modern Fantasy)
« Reply #4 on: February 16, 2018, 10:29:35 PM »
No. As long as it's not a black detective with a stereotypical twelve inch penis.

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Re: Dark Fairytale Investigations (Modern Fantasy)
« Reply #5 on: February 17, 2018, 11:25:36 PM »
What really happened
Fairy tales are just that - tales. They center around characters that still exist, but their endings have been romanticized into fluff, for the general public. Many fairy tale characters are not the noble, virtuous people they are depicted as in the stories.

Snow White and Rose Red
After rescuing Prince Charming from his curse, the prince stuck around long enough to relieve both sisters of their virginity, promising to make them both his princesses. He never returned.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Years later, Snow had grown into a beautiful woman. The jealous queen sent her out into the woods with the huntsman. The huntsman's orders were to rape and kill Snow. The former he did with glee; the latter, he decided it was far more profitable to sell her to the Seven. There, Snow endured years of sexual slavery till one day, the queen heard that she was still alive. She sent The Witch to Snow White with a poisoned apple. However, the apple's poison did not work as planned. Something in Snow's blood counteracted it, turning it into a potent drug that caused her to fall in a coma.

Prince Charming happened upon her again, and his magical kiss brought her back to life. However, true to form, he ran off after having sex with her.

To this day, Snow is still with the Seven. They have managed to synthesize the poison from the poisoned apple, and using Snow's blood, have recreated a potent and extremely addictive drug that affects Fables the same way cocaine does humans. The drug also has the effect of nullifying poisons and toxins. With this drug, the Seven have managed to carve out their own criminal empire.

Rose Red
The queen decided that Rose Red could not live either, and sent the girl out to look for her sister at their grandmother's cottage. The huntsman was given orders similar to the last ones.

Unknown to any of them, the Big Bad Wolf had eaten the grandmother. When Rose arrived, he was about to eat her as well when the huntsman arrived. After a short battle, the wolf fled. The huntsman demanded sex from Rose as payment, fully intending to kill her after the deed. However, as he lay sleeping, Rose escaped.

Now that he had failed to kill both sisters, the huntsman realized that it would be a matter of time before the queen found out, and fled as well.

The Little Mermaid
After Prince Charming screwed her, he dumped her (see a pattern there?). Heartbroken, she fled and jumped into the ocean, but before the Sea Witch could claim her, she was caught by pirates.

Hansel and Gretel
After their harrowing experience with The Witch, they became determined destroyers of evil witches everywhere. Due to trauma, Hansel remains a claustrophobe to this day, while Gretel is a pyromaniac. Neither of them touch sweets or pastries... ever.

Meanwhile, The Witch survived the oven, though she was weak and in great pain. She took a long time to recover, but when she did, she and the siblings continued their war.

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

The tale is accurate... up to a point. After Cassim's death, his household went over to his brother Ali Baba - including his cumdump slave girl Morgiana. Ali Baba and his son's appetites did not quite equal Cassim's, and Morgiana actually had an easier time serving two men instead of one.

The rest of the tale is true. Morgiana saved Ali Baba's house from being marked by the thieves... twice. The leader of the thieves, Hassan, decided to get the job done himself and committed the exterior of the house to memory. Then he had his forty thieves hide in oil jars, and posing as an oil merchant, got himself invited into Ali Baba's house. He stayed the night, and Morgiana was sent to his room to serve him. There, Hassan subdued Morgiana. His thieves slaughtered the rest of the household and burned the house down, making off with the loot and Morgiana.

Back in the cave, Morgiana was at the mercy of the forty-one men, and they did not hold back...

King Cole
Cole wasn't always a king. In fact, he started out as a tailor who made a fool out of a king by claiming to be able to make invisible clothes. After the king paraded naked in front of all his people, Cole took whatever he had conned out of the kng as payment, and fled to another kingdom, where he set up a proper shop this time. However, he soon got into trouble again... read the tale of The Valiant Little Tailor. This part is all true, and Cole became King Cole at the end of it.

However, the naked king had not forgotten, much less forgiven the insult. He hired The Witch for revenge.

On the day Cole's daughter Briar Rose was born...

Sleeping Beauty
... The Witch laid a curse on her. Quite creatively. On her eighteenth birthday, Briar Rose pricked her finger on the needle of one of her father's old spinning looms, and the curse took effect. She fell into a deep slumber. Cue Prince Charming and his curse-breaking kiss. No need to guess what happened next - our boy broke the curse, fucked the princess and ran. However, the princess was already pregnant when she awoke from her slumber. The father was none other than the Naked Emperor, who had made it a point to defile the sleeping princess daily during the curse. Sleeping Beauty gave birth to twins, and fearing further retribution, gave them away.

Their names were Hansel and Gretel.
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Re: Dark Fairytale Series (Modern Fantasy)
« Reply #6 on: November 16, 2018, 04:50:55 AM »
Added Boardroom Takeover.

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The Path of Greatest Resistance is no longer available.