i would very much enjoy an rp please. ^^

Started by dready, January 18, 2009, 04:29:36 AM

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i'm just in the mood for a DnD (3.5 or 4.0 version) with someone (or a group of someones ^^) to run through some co-dm'd scenario. i tend to play a fighter, rouge, or cleric depending on who i'm playing with, being in that order of operation even though i can play a sorcerer or a monk but i tend to get killed off too easily for some reason. D: however, if anyone would like being paired with a cleric of balance (domains are healing and destruction, with a book-mace as the primary weapon) it would be greatly appreciated. ^^ oh, the trio that were set before are 3.5, the 4.0 list is rouge, cleric, fighter since i enjoy the changes in that prospect. :3

ask questions if you have them, cause clarity is better than mystery when information is important. [-| ]

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If/when you get approved, I believe there is a group of 4.0 D&D players forming.


sweet! i hope i get accepted soon to join 'em. :3