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Started by The American Patriot, January 18, 2009, 04:05:45 AM

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The American Patriot

Hello everyone, As i have posted in the seeking groups RP... I have been wanting to do a Superhero RP for a while, and I've been reading through all of the Mutants and Masterminds books that I have on PDF (almost all of them in fact) and had been reading through the Golden Age sourcebook and saw one of the 'Villians' that i thought I would like to get a chance to play in a one-on-one RP as the Red Eagle... Especially since I've played the First incarnation of the Patriot as well as the third several times in the past. I would like a chance to play a 'villian' who had ever intention of being a hero of the German people, but got caught up into being used by the Nazi propaganda machine and ended up getting his life taken from him...

If any ladies would like a chance to play a female patriotic American or British meta-human to have an encounter with the first Red Eagle (and possibily try to get him to turn against his Nazi Masters) or even as a powerful female Nazi meta-human sent to keep him under control please let me know!

The Red Eagle I (Konrad Zolar)

Konrad Zolar is not one of the most famous of the Ubbersoldaten but many people in Europe know him for a book that is still banned in Germany called A Testament to the Skies. The book is one that is decried as an apologists work for the Nazis. Described by many as a work that was written in prison to exonerate a filthy murderer, and read mostly by rebellious teenagers and people hoping to get a vicarious thrill out of the memoirs of a madman, the work leaves most of them feeling unsatisfied. A few superheroes have read it and understand it. However, few of them want to be associated with its meaning. Fundamentally, it is a work about how a man with a desire to be a hero can have his entire life's work end up being a service to the cause of evil.

Konrad Zolar's father was a member of the Red Baron's flying circus and awed his son with tales of the man's flying prowess. Konrad was a great believer in outdated concepts like a revived Teutonic knighthood, chivalry, noble obligation, and the glories of the battlefield. They were his means of coping with the terrible economic depression of the times. Ultimately, he qualified for the small German air force of the time and ended up nearly dying on his time out. The origin was reprinted in some of the first German comic books where it was revealed that a mechanic had sabotaged his plane because Konrad had rescued a young barmaid from the man's drunken advances. That was when he ejected out of sheer desperation and as he thought 'God gave him wings.'

The Red Eagle had no political affiliations at the time and his early efforts as a flying man included rescuing a downed airplane, stopping several burglars that he could see with his tremendous sight, and single handedly stopping a riot by cowing the with the power of his capacity to fly. It was the SS that approached Konrad and talked to him a great deal about concepts that he really didn't understand that well. While not stupid like Karl Reinhart, Konrad was a man more versed in engines than economics. A younger Heidrich Himmler then approached him and started talking in a language that he understood. The idea that he would become a symbol. An ideal. A mythological incarnation that would inspire the world. A modern day knight fighting for right and justice.

Konrad Zolar recruited thousands of people for the Nazi party by virtue of appearing at rallies in all of his majestic glory. The uncut version of Triumph of the Will has him descending from the sky and waving to children in his Red Aviator's outfit with the German Iron Cross on it. An award that Konrad felt that he hadn't really deserved at the time, he also felt the cape was a hazard in the air. During the last years of the war, he'd forego the costume entirely out of a sense that matters were no longer fun and games. Many of his acts like causing rain on dying fields by manipulation of the clouds were co-opted by the Nazis as inspired by them.

Konrad Zolar was immediately deployed by the Third Reich to shoot down enemy planes, destroy anti aircraft positions, and conduct reconnaissance during the war. Oddly, he was kept out of the formation of the Ubbersoldaten in the first few months of its formation by the fact that he had a surprisingly poor discipline record. Konrad was routinely dressed down for his grandiose displays like going into Warsaw to pull out women and children in-between bombings. Ultimately, a soldier, he buried most of his concerns and always put his trust in his superiors. Konrad contributed the most to the genuine war effort as he was always on missions for the Luftwaffe when he wasn't directly involved in missions with the Super Soldiers. A rather shy man, he had little in the way of friends outside of the air force and no use to be provided with harlots like the other male members were. Thus he had very little social life.

The exception to this was Anna Segur a.k.a. <d>, a woman that he felt was one of the few that could truly understand him. Ironically, he never really could understand her. Karl lived a very sheltered life and it was Anna who showed him a great deal of the excesses and atrocities that were conducted during wartime, often by his own team mates. The missions to attack Allied territories were often the most troublesome since he didn't know why they weren't focusing on enemy war supplies than brainwashing super heroes or trying things like poison gas It was during the last years of the war that Karl realized that several of his superiors like Doctor Geistman, Wilhelm Kantor, and the Death's Head were insane. Karl decided, especially after flying through the Dresden bombings, to nevertheless fight on lest the people of his country suffer for his cowardice. Ultimately, American Eagle took down Konrad Zolar while he was delivering a dying airman's letter across enemy lines to his family in America of all places.

Konrad's trial during the Ubbersoldaten section of Nuremberg is one that is generally lumped with Karl Donitz for aggressive prosecution. He was found guilty of participating in unprovoked war against a variety of peaceful nations, attacks on targets that were non military in nature, and assisting in the targeting of non military targets. His SS membership and propaganda efforts didn't help his case. The prosecution remains one of the most frustrating given Karl had a look of honest incomprehension at half of what they were talking about. Nevertheless, he was sentenced to forty five years in prison with the belief that he was too dangerous a subject to be allowed to roam free. American fear of a Nazi super-soldier being released kept his sentence from being commuted and he died in prison at the age of seventy one.

Role-playing Hints: Confusion will mark a lot of encounters with Karl Zolar. He cannot understand the sheer revulsion and hatred that most American or European superheroes feel towards him. While they are at war, he assumes that there is an unspoken pact between soldiers and camaraderie that should transcend the feelings of conflict. This and his own sense of chivalry with challenges to duels or the acceptance of the word of captives to abide by conditions they agree too are things that cause him to be played like a fool. His idealism and cheer grow increasingly muted as the war goes on. He is also only dimly aware of Nazi politics beyond "military good" and "The German people are awesome." In the days before the war and the few moments that he feels untroubled by the problems of the conflict, he is a happy man with a incredible love of planes and automobiles. He likes to pretend to be a ladies man but his experience is largely limited to kissing and holding hands.
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