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Author Topic: FallenMajesty's RP Ideas  (Read 532 times)

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Offline FallenMajestyTopic starter

FallenMajesty's RP Ideas
« on: January 18, 2009, 03:09:49 AM »
Well, as of right now, I have three

To Save the Amazons, A Gift Is Required:

The amazons find their island overrun by Ferals, those able to take aspects of animals. They soon overwhelm the Amazons, rendering them their slaves. One amazon, having had enough of being used by the Feral men, travels to the city of Penwraith, in which the fabled Gifted are trained. Each able to achieve supernatural things, it is the hope of this amazon that she would be able to get enough of them to save her homeland. Problem is, Penwraith doesn't let anybody in, save for those who are never willing to leave. She chances upon a Gifted man (thus identified by the robe he wears) sitting by a stream, and kidnaps him, hoping to save her homeland. Save for, the mage is fairly useless.... his gift that of bending water to his whim. Unable to return to Penwraith, it is her hope to save her homeland by getting the Gifted man to drive those Ferals out of her home. She is literally willing to do anything to convince him to save her people...

But water... what a useless gift. Yet, it would have to do.

Where There's A Will, There's A Way:

At the beginning of time itself, Lumiya and Kardis clashed... with mages on both sides devastating the realm. The female mages had sided with Kardis, the goddess of the Dark, and the male warriors with Lumiya, the god of Light. A concord was called, and Kodor, the Creator, changed the laws of the universe for the better, he hoped. The women mages were to be bound to the male warriors... the women might have the talent for magic, but only the men could summon it forth. Thus, the men able bond with the female mages were called the Will, and the females born with the talent for magic were called the Way. A young female Way was being prepared at the Academy to be bound to her Will... for only thus could the magic work. Yet, unfortunately, a chance arrow took out her Will, and she spontaneously materialized in what we would call the real world, in the lap of her new way, an 18 year old senior whose only distinction was being captain of the high school chess team.

Yet, she must convince him of his power, and train him, for the Academy believed her a renegade, and the Dark University, those Wills and Ways who became drunk on their own power, to use it over others, are coming after her because they believe she has discovered how to manifest magic on her own, without a Will. Can she convince him to believe in magic, and to save her, even if he needed her help to do so?

Finding the Night's True Pleasures:

A gentleman noble, having inherited a title and an estate, with no funds to keep it up, has turned to thievery in order to keep up appearances. He thinks his luck will finally change with the sudden inheritance of the brothel Night's Pleasure, but when he gets there he finds it poorly run, and full of women he wouldn't touch with a 30 ft stick. So, he closes it down, intent on finally turning a profit, and is adventuring around the world, in search of pleasure slaves, whores, women of loose morals... most anyone he figure could either enjoy working there or he could employ. I envision this taking him on all kinds of wacky adventures... but at the end, when he finally has a cadre of women large enough to make the Night's Pleasure profitable, will he be able to give them up to other men? Or will he care for them enough not to want to see other men despoil them?

Not even he knows that, but first... he needs to find said women.


Contact me via PMs or posts if interested... or over YIM, for that matter

Alterations or suggestions about improvements to said ideas are welcome. Also, if any ladies need a lord to RP any of their ideas (any at all) I'm always interested too.

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